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Democracy will be Restored in Fiji- Mark the Word

Sai's Comment
  • Shopping with my wife at our suburb supermarket today, I was stopped by a tall slim European man, who recognised me and wished me well about the situation in Fiji! I was caught totally off guard by the incident but somehow, felt greatly uplifted by the encouragement that the end is near for my beloved Fiji and its people. The man indicated knowing about my blogging about Fiji and appeared to be well aware of the situation there. I took from this heartening, though fleeting exchange, that what we all are fighting, praying and hoping for in Fiji, which is the return of democratic and legal government, will surely return and soon.
  • So please hang in there and do whatever we can to oust the current illegal regime from its illegitimate and ruinous reign over our beloved Fiji. The people are suffering, the economy is bleeding, and our cherished dream for Fiji, shattered. It has to stop! Yes it will all come to an end, be it a bloody one for the current usurpers, dictators and tyrants.
The time I am spending in Fiji right now has saddened me greatly. I am comforted, though about the fact that truth will always prevail! As is the case with a dictatorial group, it is only a matter of time when one member of the group will feel the urge to usurp power from the current head of the dictatorial group. We saw that in early months of this takeover with the likes of Driti and Ului trying to establish their authority and making the head wobble in concern. But as is also the case with dictatorial groups, none of them have the balls to usurp authority outright because their nature is one of a backstabbing approach. They just don’t have the balls. Driti and Ului has been proven wanting! They had the perfect opportunities in the past but lost the courage to take over and return democracy to the people.
However, the most interesting one of the lot is Tele-Tubby Teleni! He is obviously seeking a power beyond their dictatorial group. As we have all seen, he is using the Name of God, The Lord Jesus Christ as the base of his authority and power to let the nation of Fiji know that he is blessed from above. Sadly, we have not seen him to preach that revelation to Frank, his current higher power! I suppose he has not got the signal yet from whomever he is relying on…lol!
A significant point to mention is that the more and more he peaches in the Name of the Almighty, the fruits of his laborious campaign are revealing a different fruit. It is the nature of the Word. The light is reflected back on to them and they are exposed in a totally different light. Anybody can preach the Word – but they don’t have the power to align the word to support their beliefs as according to themselves. The Word will always expose them for what they are.
The funny thing (and not surprising, I might add) is to see their converts using his own tactics back at Teleni. Converts, including his brother, Atu see this as a quick way to prosperity that comes through by taking it by force. People in their cult are using that connection to get whatever they want….jobs, promotions, money, food, housing etc, etc! They are simply enjoying this sense of prosperity and freedom to do anything they want. The irony though – is that the people in dictatorial power are the ones who are most living in fear. It is their own fear that drives them to do anything possible to minimize this paranoia.
So who really is maximizing this power? It is the ones who are beckoning to their every call, who are the most dangerous. As long as the dictators continue to be seen as being in control, the converts and the people who are pro-regime will be the ones enjoying this sense of freedom to do whatever they want and to whomever they want – even at the expense of family, friendships, religious beliefs and basic sense of principles and morality. And they, I might further add will be the first lot who will backstab their current leadership to jump onto the next bandwagon of freedom fighters! It is therefore important that when democracy (and it will be – soon and very soon), is restored fully, the people who must go are all those who are helping make this regime engine run – the CEOs, Chairpersons of Bodies, All appointed individuals, in courts, in corporate companies, etc, etc. They must go at first break!! Their use of the doctrine of necessity does not count as their reason for supporting the current regime.
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Why FNPF members pension fund is not safe
June 19, 2009
In April last year KPMG, the independent auditors of the Fiji National Provident Fund, signed off on the annual financial statement for the FNPF.
It’s now almost July but we haven’t seen the 2008 Annual Report. All we’ve heard is that there’ll probably be a reduction in the percentage of pension from 15 percent to 12 percent (or less, we don’t really know).
In their first year of running the FNPF, the hijackers managed to cut the profits of the fund substantially. Remember the hijackers took over the board in December 2006, one of the first actions of the coup plotters.
The coup devastated the economy so badly that profit in the 2007 financial year plunged from $240.4 million in 2006 to 138.08 million.
One of the biggest earners for the FNPF in the past has been ATH through it telephone operations. By opening up the market for Digicel, this will be slashed. It may be a good move to make, but it would be better if it was done by a democratically elected government with the economy humming along well, instead being on its knees.
But the biggest threat to the future of all our savings can be seen in the asset base of the FNPF. Over half of the assets owned by the fund are loans to the Government. This may not be a bad thing if the government is elected and accountable. But it’s a disaster if the government is taken over by a corrupt dictator.
The big question is: has the Illegal Regime been making all of the payments it should be making to the FNPF. With the tame coup appointed board in place we have no way of knowing the truth.
One final worry, if all this is not enough. Last year’s report did appear, but even it was qualified. The auditors did not have and could not get from FNPF audited accounts for the Natadola Project. We can all remember that the Natadola Project was taken over by a company friendly to illegalboard member Felix Anthony.
The illegal regime has taken from us our prosperity, such as it was in 2006, but also seems intent on stealing our future security as well.
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News from our sources in the Ministry of Finance at Ro Lalabalavu House is that LTA Boss Etuate Koroi has been given the bum job of filling the empty illegal regime’s coffers by increasing LTA revenues through all types of traffic fines slapped on Fiji’s motorists and their vehicles. These ‘fines’ are desperately needed to pay for government workers. 800 motorists were fined last weekend with LTA officers stationed all over the country, hiding in bushes, up mango trees, around sharp turns and under road culverts. Every “breech” of the traffic laws under the sun is being used to ensnare unsuspecting motorists and wheel barrow (Bara) boys in Suva market alike. Even one Sigatoka farmer using his bullocks and gasita crossing the upper Sigatoka Valley road was fined for endangering oncoming traffic. The inside brief from LTA is that all officers on duty have been tasked a quota of 80 fines per day or else get demoted or chucked out on their bum. So people IF YOU ARE ENSNARED BY THIS LATEST SHAME BY THE ILLEGAL Regime OF THUGS DO NOT PAY YOUR TRAFFIC FINES!! EVEN BETTER DON’T PAY TAXES!! AND LET THEM STEW THE CROOKS!! Crosseyed
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People of Iran showing Fijians how it should be done!
June 19, 2009
The World Stage “NOT since the dying days of the Shah of Iran’s regime 30 years ago has Iran witnessed street protest on the scale that has occurred in recent days. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians have risked the wrath of the authorities to protest against a ballot they say was rigged to return hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power. The evidence for believing so is compelling. Now, with the streets in ferment, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has ordered a partial recount of the vote. The recount looks suspiciously like a stalling tactic to allow security forces to round up protest leaders and stifle dissent. But whatever the outcome may be, the cat is out of the bag. Contrary to what Iran’s ruling theocracy would like the rest of the world to believe, and possibly believed itself, it does not enjoy the universal support of Iran’s 70 million inhabitants.” The Dominion Post, New Zealand If Iran’s 70 million inhabitants can do something about the future of their country, the passionate inhabitants of what was once a great nation can do the same and show the world they care. Fiji 4 All
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Fiji’s dictator says its China ties challenged by Australia and NZ
June 18, 2009
Picture – Frank with Chinese Vice President
The leader of Fiji’s military-led Government, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, claims Australia and New Zealand have asked China to reconsider its aid and funding support for Fiji.
The website Fiji Village reports Commodore Bainimarama as saying he’s aware of a number of approaches made by Australia and New Zealand over the past few months to ensure the Fiji economy is crippled.
But Commodore Bainimarama says his regime will not be deterred from its plans for electoral reform.
Fiji Village reports the Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Islands Affairs, Duncan Kerr, as saying China has been approached but saying Beijing’s aid to the Pacific is welcomed.
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Fiji human trafficking haven
June 18, 2009
A new United States State Department report says Fiji and Papua New Guinea have huge problems with human trafficking.
The report says both governments have taken no steps to protect victims of human trafficking or prosecute offenders for forced labour and prostitution.
The ninth annual report examines the face of modern-day slavery in 175 countries.
A US embassy spokesperson in New Zealand, Mark Wenig, says the report will try to encourage countries with poor records to fight the problem.
“They’ll be named in the report and then the US will work with these countries individually to try and get them to recognise the problem and to take action. I don’t recall any specific sanctions or anything that might not be existing already.”
Mark Wenig says a trafficking victim doesn’t need to be transported from one location to another to be categorised as such.
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FNPF finally admits what bloggers were saying all along!
June 18, 2009
We say – Good to see Pramesh Chand telling the truth …. at last!!
THE rate of pensions paid out by the Fiji National Provident Fund could be reduced from its current level of 15 per cent per annum.
FNPF chairman Parmesh Chand confirmed a review of the pension scheme would begin soon to ensure it remained viable and sustainable.
Mr Chand said discrepancies between pension income and pension payments continued to increase, rising from $4.5million in 2003 to $20.4 in 2008.
“To continue to sustain current pensioners, the board will continue to explore investment options and draw from its existing resources,” he said.
Mr Chand said the FNPF had hired Mercer (Australia) as consultants to review the pension scheme, with the report expected to be complete in two months.
“One of the major challenges that the board has to undertake is this pension reform to ensure that the rates offered are actuarially sound,” Mr Chand said.
The Mercer recommendation will be sent to the FNPF board, which will hold nationwide consultations with all stakeholders.
Mr Chand said actuarial reviews conducted by the International Labour Organisation in 1997 and 2006 recommended a reduction.
In 1999, the FNPF regressively reduced this by 1 per cent every year from 25 per cent to 15 per cent last year.
Mr Chand said a similar assessment by the World Bank in 2008 suggested the 15 per cent rate was still not sustainable and would need to be reduced further.
“Without a pension reform, members will experience an eroding pension scheme.”
Mr Chand said a majority of pensioners had outlived their pension, with some earning more than three times their balance on retirement.
“This is unfair and inequitable. We cannot allow this trend to continue, as the Fund is not only for those pensioners already enjoying benefits but for future generations as well,” he said.
Mr Chand said the review would highlight reform options the Fund could take to be sustainable, making the pension scheme a stand-alone component of the Fund.
He said the Fund’s reforms included internal reforms to minimise risks and exposure.
“The board has ordered cost-savings measures for the Fund and its employees,” Mr Chand said.
Chief executive Aisake Taito said the measures include: no overseas travel except for essential business, further review of staff benefits, utility watch – aimed at reducing telephone, water & electricity and procurement process review.
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New Methodist cult
June 18, 2009
The use of the name “New Methodist cult” may have a lot of substance rather than a wild guess. Perhaps the most fascinating part is the employment of a full Christilogical mindset to cover up the practises of cultism. We must understand that the devil knows the word of too well. And he is as the bible says to be the father of all lies.
So when one analyses that current practice will no doubt find something very disturbing in this so called Christian denomination movement. Pastors are ordained through their secular achievements and not their calling as a normal practise, to be identified with ministrial calling. Prominent rugby players like Delasau is being ordained Pastor. Rumours the even Francis Kean is also one of the lastest recruits. Are they capable leading a soul adequately well to the Kingdom of God through the proper biblical principles is another issue to consider. Maybe because of their heavy pay pack that is provisioned to the Bank Account of their autocratic leader at a rate of 10% of gross earnings – Delasau did mention some figure of $50,000 through his testimony.
All their children are Pastors. All their wives are pastors. Even he has a sister who is a pastor while the husband is attending and a lay preacher with the Methodist Church.There is something very perculiar. And that is they are now going back to the cult movement that emerged from their Namuka island – “daunisai” to which Teleni & brothers are strongly tied too. The rise of the Daunisai Movement was cut short ny the Late Ratu Mara who ceased the services of local island shipping to the island. The self-ordained lady who usually possessed with the ancestral spirit daunisai was thrown down to the gullies after a dumb young man from Komo island – commonly known as “galu mai Komo” impregnate the highly respected lady.
Will history repeat itself here? Will the New methodist stalwarts follow the same fate? Remember Atu Vulaono, as the Church Secretary, staged a coup from Rev Paula Tekei when he was the President of their breakaway faction from the Methodist Church.For the definition of cultism, we now have to see the fruition of other signs such as the worship of the Pastors rather than God; the operations of the Jezebel spirits which is now prominent in the Church (all men who slaves to their wives fits in well and attracted to this church); practice of sexual imorality and human sacrifices.
I campaign against this movement because of its improper preaching principles. The Gospel is of Jesus Christ who enables our returning to God as we anticipate the Kingdom of God. But this guys are preaching condemnation to unbeilievers, criticizing other Churches and blowing their own trunphets as the righteous of God – and no other.
People, wake up and see for yourselves the true Christian Values as exhorted in the Bible. Do not be deluded to the False Prophet. Christ brings freedom and not bondage. Teleni imposes this to the Police force – they do it against their will. Is that what Christ wants? Check mate!
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Fiji’s young and the elderly suffer most
June 18, 2009
Fiji’s young and old are the main victims of the ongoing economic disaster that is otherwise known as the Bainimarama dictatorship.
In any society the most vulnerable are at either end of the age spectrum. It’s the young and the old that are the first to suffer when times are bad and our beloved nation is no exception.
So it’s no surprise that our young people and those of us who rely on our pension to put food on the table have emerged as the first major victims of the dictator’s economic mismanagement.
First, let’s deal with the young. Specifically, we are talking about all Fiji youth up to the age of 18.
As revealed on this blogsite by blogger Seini74, massive staff and funding cuts have left our schools unable to cope, particularly with fundamental necessities, such as providing sufficient food for boarding students.
To make matters worse, the so-called Minister for Education, Filipe Bole, is abolishing examinations.
This state of affairs is nothing less than a disaster for our children and for their prospects to succeed in life. Many will be forced to drop out of school because their parents cannot afford the fees.
Even Blind Freddie can see that the cause of this education crisis is the dictatorship’s mismanagement and lack of sensible policy-making and administration.
As the dictator has demonstrated, his budget priorities extend no further than the RFMF.
One can only wonder how much has been squandered by military spending and what that money would have achieved for our education system and the children entrusted to it.
Now, let’s look at the regime-generated disaster that is threatening the elderly of Fiji.
After it borrowed heavily from national pension fund (FNPF) the military regime announced that pension annuities would drop from 15 per cent per annum to 11 per cent, another sure sign that our dictator was well on the way to destroying the economy.
Such a big reduction only serves to consign thousands of people who are already finding it tough to a much greater degree of grinding poverty.
Now Fiji’s Council of Social Services is putting together a submission to urgently ask the dictator to allow pensions to rise by at least 20 per cent.
So, will the dictator give the one-finger salute to our pensioners as he did to the Methodist Church? Or will he do his other trick, and tell a few lies to calm things down?
Either way, you can be sure that our pensioners will just have to grin and bear the increased poverty that our dictator is forcing on to them.
For the young and the old around our nation, the social disaster that comes hand-in-hand with an economic collapse is already biting deep.
Worse still, our bone-headed dictator probably doesn’t even understand this simple fact and, if he did, would he care?
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Beijing to hire army of internet censors ( giving Fiji’s dictator Frank Bainimarama an idea)
June 18, 2009
By Kathrin Hille in Beijing and Richard Waters in San Francisco
Published: June 17 2009 18:03 Last updated: June 17 2009 18:03
The city of Beijing is planning to hire thousands of internet censors in a fresh sign of the authorities’ attempts to tighten their grip on cyberspace.
The city will seek to employ at least 10,000 “internet volunteers” before the end of this year to monitor “harmful” websites and content, said an official at the municipal authority’s information office.
Chinese local governments and Communist party branches often pay web commentators to influence online opinion. But it is unusual for officials to admit the practice and the big recruitment drive gives a rare view of the resources China uses to try to control the internet.
The move comes amid an outcry over the national government’s attempt to ensure that every new personal computer sold in China is equipped with web filtering software.
The ministry of industry and information technology notified computer makers last month that they would be required from July 1 to include Green Dam/Youth Escort – a programme developed under commission by the government – with every new PC.
Information technology industry organisations have appealed to China to drop the initiative. Testing by independent software engineers has found that besides protecting children from pornographic content, Green Dam is also capable of filtering and blocking political content, and carries serious security risks for those who install it.
Beijing’s policy has also created legal worries among foreign PC makers.
Solid Oak, a Californian software company that sells Cybersitter, a programme allowing parents to block pornographic and violent content when their children use the internet, says Green Dam infringes its intellectual property rights.
It says it sent “cease and desist” letters to Hewlett-Packard and Dell on Monday, warning them they would face damages claims if they installed Green Dam.
Brian Milburn, Solid Oak chief executive, said Chinese groups opposed to Beijing’s move had offered assistance in taking legal action in the country. “If our code is being used to censor a country, we stand up to things like that,” he said. His company was considering whether such action was feasible.
“If we can’t stop [HP and Dell from shipping], I guess the only way to resolve this would be an interim licensing agreement,” he said.
International concerns over Beijing’s move have been matched by an outcry among Chinese internet users. After initially reporting criticism of Green Dam, the state media have toned down coverage following an appeal by propaganda officials to concentrate on “positive” reporting.
Bloggers have taken a creative approach in their mockery of the censors. They have created “Green Dam Girl”, a woman drawn in the style of Japanese porn manga, wearing a police cap emblazoned with a crab, a pun on the Chinese word for “harmonious”, the government’s euphemism for a society without unrest, controversy or opposition.
Additional reporting by Kerry Ma
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Teleni recruits New Methodist Church youths
June 18, 2009
Teleni is confident in sacking officers and builds his new find police elite from the New Methodist Youths who are now enjoying engagement in the force for being allegience for their part as youth dance group and camp boys….what a shame…matanitu ga nei Ta….
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Australia supports journalism studies at Fiji Institute of Technology
June 18, 2009
Australia is providing F$150,000 to the Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT) to enable it to expand its teaching services and to improve the learning environment for students attending its School of Journalism.
AusAID Counsellor James Sweeting and Institute Director Dr Ganesh Chand today signed an agreement for the assistance in Suva.
This assistance will enable the Institute’s School of Journalism to provide greater practical training in television and radio.
The Institute will buy equipment including computers, a transmitter and transmission equipment and recruit short-term trainers to teach areas such as multi-media journalism and new technologies.
The Institute’s media studies program has 35 students.
It began in 2003 with a Certificate in Journalism and now offers a Diploma in Journalism. Sixteen of the 35 students are studying in the diploma program.
This assistance to FIT is consistent with Australia’s wider contribution to efforts in the Pacific to enhance citizens’ access to information through the media, civic education in schools and civil society organisations.
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Fiji chief back in court over plot to kill dictator Frank Bainimarama
June 18, 2009
Picture – Ratu Inoke Takiveikata and his wife, sister to ex-Land Force Commander, Ratu Jone Baledrokadroka
A Fiji high chief, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata, has been back in the High Court in Suva over charges related to two separate attempts to kill Fiji’s military leader.
Fijilive reports that the chief and seven others are alleged to have conspired to assassinate Commodore Frank Bainimarama and several of his interim ministers in November 2007.
Justice Daniel Goundar has moved the case to August the 3rd to rule on the submissions presented by the state prosecutor Navinesh Nand regarding the witnesses in the impending trial.
In the second matter, regarding his retrial for the mutiny conviction that was quashed by Justice Anthony Gates, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata’s lawyer, Akuila Naco, made submissions that the charges should be dropped.
Ratu Inoke was jailed in June 2007 for mutiny and later released after the Fiji Court of Appeal set aside his convictions and ordered a re-trial.
Ratu Inoke Takiveikata was linked to former members of the military who mutinied in November 2000 in a bid to remove the commander.
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Coup apologist Francis Narayan loses $160,000 junta consultancy fee
June 18, 2009
Francis Narayan loses plush salary
The Chairman of Fiji Islands Trade & Investment Bureau, New Zealand citizen Francis Narayan has lost the $160,000 salary he was receiving annually for being employed as a consultant for Fiji National Provident Fund.
Our sources say Narayan was working only three days a week as FNPF Consultant but his input was negligible and he did not spend a full working day at FNPF for the three days in a week that he was supposed to be employed.
Sources also say Narayan’s professional relationship with FTIB Chief Executive Annie Rodgers is extremely strained because of his dictatorial attitude.
As a result Narayan is now operating as FTIB Chairman from an office in Marela House and not Civic Towers which is the headquarters of FTIB.
But sources say Narayan may find himself back in the driver’s seat and reclaim his FNPF consultancy soon because of his friendship with the regime’s interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama.
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In RAW FIJI NEWS yesterday a blogger referred to a Prophecy on Fiji a by a Pastor Steve Penny.
From the outset let us agree that we do not need or have to be reminded by a Prophet, Priest or Pundit or Pastor that Commodore Frank Bainimarama is a man of sedition. His seditious action contravened the letter and spirit of the Holy Bible and Fiji Constitution pre and post December 2006.
Many of us have either read or heard of this Prophecy. To us lay people; non Revs, Priests or Pastors, prophecies according to dictionary are prediction. And “divine prediction” should be had in the context of the Church, temple, mosque or other religious environment.
One thing I know though that me dad is a good and an accurate “prophet”, his predictions of the stinging belt on me bum should I misbehave is always fulfilled, may be divine, but it sure hurts and helps keep me outa jail.
Seriously, proclamations of prophecies by modern day men of the cloth are neither new nor biblically out of order. In the southern tip of Kadavu, some 50 years ago a prophetic utterance by a Methodist Minister was taken lightly by a certain village. The frightening consequence is the total destruction and inhalation of the whole village by a “freak” tsunami, destroying all on its path, save the village church and the lone house the Turaga i Talatala was welcomed into. My source is, first hand, from my personal conversation with a son of the particular Talatala. He used to live in Nasinu.
Spirituality aside lets look at the Prophecy as a…prediction…prediction of events to come. When I warn my son that it was going to rain, first question he shoots back, in his eagerness to go to the beach, is….when?
Let’s look then into the Ps Penny’s 1,907 words prophecy and take a chronological map; a time line of his exact words, and not based on our own fluid guess work on how we perceive at our convenience and interest.
Shall we? Let’s all agree that one year is twelve months, a month with an average of 30 x 24 hours day, not based on some mystic month or seasonal crop or breeding season. Ok, agreed!
Now …Prophecy declared on Monday 3rd November 1997 , clearly states..” literally within five years”..ok, five (5) years ends on the, 3rd November, 2002.
From 3rd November 1997 to 3rd November, 2002 Ps. Penny predictions include unprecedented spiritual revival .. “But a number of things will happen during that time. One will be that a man of sedition, a man of scheming will rise up in your political arena…”
…let’s see, within those five (5) years shall we ask..was it Mr Naitini G Speight’s seditious acts the Labour elected Government, was it Mr Sitiveni Rabuka or Mr Isikia Savua alleged seditious acts against the late President Sir KKT Mara?
He further predicts…”the church will literally flock together in huge prayer concerts, great prayer gatherings and will break the power of that thing.” Then that discounts Mr. Speight as some major Pentecostal Churches and even former Methodist Church Presidents were having honky dory parties at Parliament House with Mr. Speight and gang.
Then….”Within maybe 2-3 years, just in the next few years,” this severally means and still means within the (first) five years we’re talking about. .. “one of your sporting teams, I don’t know which one, but one of your sporting teams will gain great prominence. They will win a great event beyond what they were expected”Should it be the Fiji Seven teams..mmm.. it can not be. Purely because in Apil/March 1997 (eight (8) months BEFORE the prophecy Fiji won the Hong Kong . Though Fiji won again in 1998 and 1999, we can not fairly say the win was …..”beyond what they were expected to win” It can not be Vijay Singh’s Golf victory either as the prophecy says “sporting teams “ not individual!. Unless, of course, another sporting celebration I may not know of.
So the reference is to the same five (5) year period, NOT another extra five (5) year period
But say, hypothetically, he meant another five years , so the prophecy period extend to November 3rd 2007, now he predicts in “”middle of their celebrations, something happened in the nation and the joy turned to mourning”. …A sevens celebration was in March 2005, Bainimarama’s Coup was not until December 2006. Not only well outside the first five (5) years but just did not figure to be celebrating that long for sevens victory.
Aha..he then said..” There’s a tremendous awakening starting to happen amongst the people of this nation, out of religion, out of Hinduism, out of culture, an awakening concerning the things of the Spirit of God. You watch that continue in the next few years in this nation”We shall leave the spirituality barometer to the experts, but us lay people wanna ask was there a real spiritual “awakening” up till November 2007 where in drove, non Christians, “Hinduism” and all converted?…or was it a period when our extreme nationalist views frightened many kaidia from even entering our Churches, Parishes etc.In all, the timeline in the prophecy is “crisscrossing’, not necessarily traffic in our air space as predicted.Let me bore you no further. May I suggest we re-quantify this 1,907 words Prophecy again. This time around, let’s wear our biblical magnifying glass, common sense hat and literal critique this document WITHOUT any prejudices and WITHOUT any emotional hype that may blind us and tempt us “build a tent” and altar on this “Monday 3rd 1997” document.To conclude, some alarming claims and statement that may need revisiting.1. Claims of the move of God “…like you’ve never seen before..” Please not that “Transformation” DVD.2. “blood on the streets”. Though prophesied, the onus still is on our lap to be or not to be. Just that King of Nineveh (John 3:6) was humble and smart enough to act and avoid death and destruction of his people as prophesied or predicted! Smart King that!!We would have thought that should this Prophecy be important to Ps Steve Penny it may take prominence in his Church web site and personal blog. Searched both and NOT even the word Fiji appear on both site.A 1,907 words prophecy on a Monday…we may then ask where or what occasion was this proclaimed and who were in attendance? So important to our History, that may be the Leaders of our Nation, Church, and Vanua were part of the occasion, I do not know. All we know is not every one who claims “ thus saith the Lord” are really hearing from the lord. I am NOT advocating Ps Penny, who successfully run 4 thriving churches on the SunCoast of Queensland does not ever hear from God.
With all due respect, we then may ask the Prophetic gifting or Prophetic Office Ps. Steve Penny operates under, has he prophesied else where, and if so, were they tested to be accurate. As test of any Ministry are the fruits that abides.
His web site is void of any Prophetic material.
Or are we over glorifying this piece of document to judge, determine our Spiritual future and future of our beloved nation.
In a Church service in my second village, Colo-i-suva many moons ago, one of my Tauvu preacher rose to preach. We were all in silence with bible in hand ready to open to his text for the day..his shouts penetrates the cold silence (“ noda lesoni e sega ni tiko ena volatabu vou, sega talega ni tiko ena volatabu makawa, sa tiko ena Volagauna ni siga lotulevu”)
My Tauvu Meli (RIP) is now with the Lord.
Let’s dust of the the old Bible and base our economic, political and social assumptions on the Good Book once more, shall we?..before we RIP.
Semi Meo
Reporter: Jeff Waters
PETER CAVE: Fiji’s military junta say they wrested control of the country to ensure stability, but they appear to have done the opposite to the island nation’s wobbly economy.
The situation is so dire that one senior economist from the Asia Development Bank is warning of an economic implosion.
As the rest of the South Pacific continues to buck the international trend by recording growth in the midst of this financial crisis, the region’s largest country and largest economy, is flagging. As Jeff Waters reports from Nandi.
JEFF WATERS: At a big tourism industry fair on Denarau Island near Nandi, the industry has been reflecting on exactly why visitor numbers are down about 30 per cent this year.
It’s a big deal for a country heavily reliant on the tourist dollar. The global financial crisis and recent flooding are being blamed but there’s also an elephant in the room.
Military leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama, who now runs the country with totalitarian grip, visited the tourism exchange but declined an invitation to be interviewed.
The event’s organiser David Voss acknowledges that the coups have had an effect on his industry.
DAVID VOSS: We’ve had some very adverse publicity in New Zealand, Australia. They’re saying it’s not safe here, there’s army people on street corners. We’ve never had the army on the streets. And you’ve got to overcome all these situations but it’s looking good for the future.
JEFF WATERS: It’s true the streets of the cities and towns appear calm. There are no roadblocks, no troops with guns.
But the media is heavily censored, the legal system is in crisis and even some church meetings have been banned.
And then there’s the parlous state of the economy. The Asia Development Bank’s Pacific economist, Craig Sugden, says Fiji is going bucking the South Pacific trend by going backwards fast.
CRAIG SUGDEN: The momentum is lost and the coups in 2000, 2006, have added to this lack of momentum on economic reform and the economy is well below the growth rate that it should be achieving. So there is the potential for a downward spiral.
JEFF WATERS: Fiji’s military government says it’s addressing the crisis by doing things like devaluing the dollar and establishing investment incentives.
But Craig Sugden says it’s not enough to save the poor. Thirty per cent of Fiji now lives below the poverty line.
CRAIG SUGDEN: There are an awful lot of poor people in Fiji. Poverty rates are rising and not having that money come in, and with targeted programs on the poor, is leaving a big gap in the system. And we’re very concerned that the current situation, the impact of the current situation, is falling too much on the poor and this trend of rising poverty will in fact become worse.
PETER CAVE: The Asia Development Bank’s Craig Sugden ending that report from Jeff Waters, who’s just back from Fiji.
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Fiji retirement fund members should oppose regime move, says academic
June 17, 2009
An academic says Fiji’s retirement fund members need to oppose the interim government’s move to slash pension entitlements and charge withdrawal fees.
Dr Ropate Qalo of USP’s School of Social Sciences says Fiji’s National Provident Fund has suffered from poor management, a lack of accountability and poor investment decisions.
Dr Qalo says the government’s borrowing of further money from the Fund has seen entitlements slashed with pension annuity dropping from 15 percent to around 11 percent.
And with inflation, the rising cost of living and the recession, he says the real return to many pensioners is poor.
“We’re all concerned. There’s been writing in the newspaper. There’s a debate going on. See people find it hard to save. And the only savings they have is this superannuation this fund. And for education, for building houses, and those kind of things, the Fund feels that is necessary for investment they can give the fund to members. And then they’ve now started charging for every application like that.”
Dr Ropate Qalo
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Without Fiji, Auzy and NZ can fast track PACER
June 17, 2009
Fiji’s absence from Pacific trade talks in Samoa will help New Zealand and Australia fast track changes to the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relationship.
That’s what University of Auckland law professor, Dr Jane Kelsey, has told NGOs gathered in Apia ahead of this week’s meeting of Trade Ministers.
The Ministers are expected to bring forward negotiations on what has become known as PACER-Plus, but Dr Kelsey says, with Fiji excluded as a result of its suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum, any decision reached on trade agreement will have no legal foundation.
She also says Fiji has been one of the most rigorous in calling for caution, research and consultation before going forward with PACER-Plus.
“And there exclusion appears to be likely to have the effect of allowing Australia and New Zealand to fast track the process with much less resistance than would occur otherwise.”
Dr Jane Kelsey
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Bank of Baroda backs out from funding FHL oil deal
June 17, 2009
New revelations have emerged that Sereana Qoro, Fijian Holdings Limited CEO, was unsuccessful in securing financing from India’s Bank of Baroda during her recent trip to India.
Sources close to the bank say the much touted $190million BP South West Pacific planned acquistion by FHL was seen as a non- bankable proposition with Bank of Baroda now washing its hands off FHL’s plea to give them money.
Like all other business ventures they’ve touched such as FNPF, Fiji Investment Corporation, Fiji Sugar Corporation, Air Pacific etc, etc, these military appointed CEOs and Board of Directors have contributed to the slow but sure collapse of these once successful corporations.
In a recent statement released by FHL chairman Isoa Kaloumaira, he announced that a further FJ$5million was paid to BP Oil to extend their settlement date bringing FHL’s year todate non-refundable deposit to BP Oil to FJ$25million.
Insiders report that the additional FJ$5million non-refundable deposit was paid from the share sale proceeds FHL received after they liquidated their lucrative blue chip stocks in the brewery company, Fosters Limited.

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