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Trump Up Corruption Cases are a Disgrace

Daniel Whippy and Kapadia used as scapegoats
May 10, 2009
Reports are emerging that business executives and former board members of Radio Fiji, Daniel Whippy and Kapadia, were set up to give some form of legitimicacy to Aiyaz Khaiyum’s tainted magistracy. Sources report that a new FICAC corruption case involving high-profile individuals was needed to kick-start court cases at Frank and Aiyaz’s new order magistrates court. Daniel Whippy and Kapadia were chosen as ready to be screwed scapegoats with information compiled by Aiyaz and his Radio Fiji CEO bro, Riyaz Khaiyum. These sources say there was an immediate need to instil some form of credibility to the illegal magistrates court and that hauling in accused well known people was a good way of telling Fiji and the world that they meant business.
It is understood that the two accused were surprised when approached and taken to FICAC office for interrogation knowing full well that they had always acted on the collective board resolutions of FBC, one of which was a board resolution endorsing the seeking of financing from Westpac. Daniel Whippy and Kapadia were part of the Radio Fiji board who recruited Riyaz Kahiyum as its CEO. Riyaz’s appointment was denounced by many as nepotism and questioned chairman Daniel Whippy led- board with some even suspecting that they were coersed by Frank and Aiyaz to turn Radio Fiji into their junta radio station which it is today. Many believed that Daniel Whippy was warming up to Frank & Co.too much , hence his announcement of Riyaz’s appointment to be CEO of Radio Fiji, but now that he has been kicked on his ass by the two brothers Aiyaz and Riyaz, Daniel is beginning to realise that being friendly to madness always ends up with bag loads of humiliating deceit.
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The truth about the Natadola Project
May 10, 2009
This is a copy of a confidential document obtained by RFN’s sources.
The decision to invest in Natadola was made with proper independent due diligence by the United Nations in 1973, valuation by Jones Lang LaSalle and Colliers, market study by HVS International, financial forecast by APRIL, review of forecasts by InterContinental Hotels and Four Seasons, review of forecast by KPMG and accounting support by Delloitte and legal advice and support by Howards for NLH, and NBRL, Jamnadas & Associates for APRIL. Initial valuation in November 2003 by John Lang La Salle was $5.5 miliion before financial studies and based on unimproved capital value of 230 hectares with a plan for a 120 room Four Seasons Luxury Resort, 300 room InterCon Hotel, golf course, 600 residential lots, retail centre, cultural centre.

Third valuation by Colliers on 13.2.04 was $11.6 million before financial studies. Fourth valuation by APRIL in 2004 was $70 million based on present value of discounted cash flow by 15%. Fifth valuation by APA based on market value of $200,000 per acre in 2007 was $284 million including golf course for $25 million. FIL bought 51% of NLH for $10.2 million in July 2004 based on an agreed valuation of $40 million. The balance was to be paid as a “special dividend” of 15% of gross sale provided the price exceeds $350,000 for lots along the beach and $500,000 for lots with a view over Natadola Bay.
April agreed in 2005 to remove the special dividend and replace it it with a success fee of 7.5% of land sales above the targets. Management fee in DMA was based on 3.5% of project cost to be reviewed regularly on an ‘open book’ basis until the project is completed. The open book approach allows FIL and NLH to take over functions that can be handled professionally by them allowing APRIL to manage the project on site. Special dividend of $39.15 million implies land sales of $261 million and average lot price of $384,160. Allowing development costs of $35 million for $25,000 per acre; interest of 10% on borrowing of $35 million to finance development costs over 5 years and $20 million land cost, gross profit will be $149.5 million which in 10 years bring an annual return on equity of $14.95 million on capital of $20 million or return on equity of 74.5%. Return on loan for development would be between 7.5% to 10%.
APRIL will pay tax on any special dividend or excess fee from land sales as they are not covered under the SLIP tax benefits. Only FNPF will now enjoy the SLIP benefits because the hotels and golf course only will enjoy the tax benefits. Current operating environment is not likely to achieve the target land sales price so the special dividend or success fee may not apply at all or apply only to some lot sales.
InterCon Hotel and Golf Course at present is fully owned by FIL although there was a resolution in the NLH Board that NLH contribute the land for $10 million subject to valuation. It means that APRIL only benefit from the financing of NLH to develop the land for $35 million and not from the quoted $343 million quoted by Felix Anthony in his press statement on 5 October 2007. NBRL should pay for the land for the hotel to NLH subject to valuation. The value of the lots depends on the completion dates of the InterCon Hotel and the golf course because clients will buy residential lots to also enjoy the hotel facilities, golf course, shopping and cultural centre and mariner.
The NLH Board has agreed in principle that for every lot sales after the golf course if completed, $25,000 will be paid to the Golf Course entity. For 600 lots therefore, $15 million would be receivable over the selling period of say 5-7 years and will reduce construction costs of the golf course now estimated at $45 million with Vijay Singh’s signature to $30 million. The hotels will also contribute $3 million each to the golf course (3-5 sites) hence will bring $9 million to $15 million towards the golf course reducing net construction costs further to around $15 – $21 million.
The FNPF will enjoy tax free revenue from FIL until 2009 when the tax-free status of FIL expires. KPMG has done some work on restructuring FIL to allow the tax benefits to continue. The likely scenario is that all FIL assets are to be transferred directly to FNPF to continue to enjoy tax free status on its revenue. The Natadola Project is a gold mine for FNPF members in the long run. The critical issue is to complete the hotels and golf course to the best quality to last the next 40 years before any major renovations. That was why the previous NBRL Board appointed a construction manager apart from the project manager to ensure quality completion avoiding future maintenance costs and ensuring achieving target room rates. The loan to NLH for development costs will be repaid in 7 years and the loan for the hotel and golf course will be repaid in 18 years, allowing a 3 year construction period. FIL will receive dividends until it decided to sell the hotel at a future date if it wishes. FIL can sell shares in NLH or NBRL in future but it will mean losing its tax free status.
To be continued …..
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Mrs Chaudhry might be Mahendra Chaudhry’s best hope
May 10, 2009
By a blogger
Seems Chaudhry bashers are at it again and may have elevated him to extreme notoriety as public enemy number one eclipsing Fiji’s Dictator. MC has denied many accusations including the allegations of secrete meetings with members of the National Alliance, certain Military Officers, academics and money gurus since June 2006. We still think it may me too harsh to demonise MC as pathetically satanic. Just that we still pay tribute to the dedication of Born-again Christian Mrs Chaudhry who may still be a catalyst of hope yet in the Chaudhry household for redemption should full confession be made this side of the grave.
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Fiji needs Australia, NZ and the rest of the world to remain a civilized state
May 10, 2009
The call made by Frank Bainimarama to exclude Australia and New Zealand from the Pacific Forum is to be expected from a fearful tyrant. Frank no doubt has the gun power to keep his Fijian people quiet but he can’t rely on his plentiful seashells to trade with the rest of the world.
Frank is Fiji’s biggest thief. He has not only stolen unashamedly from the public coffers but he has wrecked whatever little hope there is to go around in that now pitiful island. Fiji’s reserves is said to have dropped to an equivalent of one month imports under Frank’s watch and with another devaluation expected soon, the Fiji dollar will become worthless, making seashells and whalestooth more worthy in Frank’s tinpot juntawood. Frank might have a valid issue in as far as trade imbalance between Fiji and the two countries Australia and New Zealand goes. They certainly have to find ways of buying more from Fiji to balance off the much greater volume of exports they ship to the more sophisticated Fiji dwellers.
But Frank can not expect Fiji to be able to stand on its own two wobbly feet without the rest of the world unless of course he is thinking of decreeing people to revert back to subsistence way of living to give credence to his seashell and whalestooth currency. Far out – what a quantum leap back to cannibalism days, all in the name of racial tolerance and all that motherhood statement crap by Frank & Co.!! Will Fiji be able to survive without Australia, NZ and the rest of the world?
Of course it can and expect to meet converted cannibals there the next time you step foot in Fiji.
It sure is going back to its dark ages by the looks of what Frank & Co have in mind for their militarized island.
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Meli Saukuru a disgrace to law abiding natives
May 10, 2009
One of the greatest good brought about by Frank’s illegal coup of 2006 is the revelation of where exactly many of Fiji’s so-called wanabee politicians and leaders hearts lie. The character of many have finally being revealed with some not bending to the long-suffering, humiliation, death in the family, torture, wholesale termination from their executive jobs, and inhumane intimidating tactics inflicted on them by Frank and Co. for being seen as loyal to the 1997 constitution which is the rule of law, and to the democratically elected SDL government. For others like SDL politician Meli Saukuru, they have obvioulsy given up the fight for the truth, preferring instead to now throw themselves into Frank & Cos stinking slimy gravy train to hell. Meli Saukuru is definitely not a leader material.
He is a stupid fool blind follower who is quite happy to go along with the flow, even if the flow is going uphill defying gravity and all other rules of law and order. Meli Saukuru is the same man who dragged his wife along to the Nadi international airport to throw a garland over their SDL leader Qarase’s head and his wife Mrs Qarase, when they returned from their Australian trip not so long ago. Mr & Mrs Saukuru were obviously delighted to be aired on TV publicly flaunting their support for their leader Qarase. With Meli Saukuru’s latest show and tell, it is therefore safe to conclude that those garlands were indeed garlands of death, similar to the kiss given by that traitor Judeaus . So where has Meli Saukuru’s loyalty gone to? Down the toilet it seems!
Well, Meli Saukuru’s decision to show his support to his treasonous chief Iloilo says alot about the man. He is typically one of those confused twisted sods who think that Fiji’s history can be re-written with blood ink – blood shed by many of the those who have suffered and died in the hands of the military regime topped up with the purported abrogation of the 1997 constitution.
And it is the same blood atonement that will come back to haunt and destroy them. Meli Saukuru has no place in the law abiding Fiji and shame on you Meli Saukuru!
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The dishonorable Mahendra Pal Chaudhry
May 10, 2009
By fijidemocracynow2009
The dishonorable Mahendra Pal Chaudhry
The clear message to emerge from Mahendra Pal Chaudhry’s disgraceful treatment of his younger brother, Ravindra, is that the elder Chaudhry is a truly dishonorable man. We’ve long known that Chaudhry is a thief whose Sydney bank accounts are filled with misappropriated funds. Now we know, by word and deed, that he’s also a pathological liar. Let’s go back to the time his brother, Ravindra, re-surfaced in Fiji and Chaudhry, then interim Minister for Finance, categorically stated that Ravindra was not related to him in any way. He actually alleged that the media had named Ravindra as his brother as part of a smear campaign to damage his public image.
But after Ravindra suicided family pressure forced Chaudhry to fess up. He even organized for Ravindra’s funeral cortege to travel from his Suva Bay home to the crematorium. Of course, Chaudhry was again thinking about his public image. Well, it’s too late for that. It’s now carved in stone that Chaudhry is a thief and a liar who dishonored his own flesh and blood. Even in a Fiji coming to grips with the awful reality of a military dictatorship, the question of Mahendra Pal Chaudhry having any future role in public life should not be ignored. He needs to be told, again and again, until he understands: dishonorable people like him and Frank’s company are a curse to Fiji.
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APRIL court case against FNPF military board will not see the light of day
May 9, 2009
Our sources reveal that plans are underway by that lawbreaker, Adolf Khaiyum, to kill the APRIL court case against FNPF military board for good. They say it will be decreed in such a way similar to that prohibiting anyone from challenging Frank’s coup and its operations pre and post December 2006. The junta party at that FNPF owned Natadola Resort last night had to be scaled down after they were told that minute details of the Natadola Resort project revealing the scandalous nature of the usurpation of the project from its initial developers, APRIL, is surfacing on this blog. We will be posting up more facts behind the Natadola Resort project soon!
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The doomed Natadola Resort truth FNPF member owners should know – Part 2
May 9, 2009
The Natadola has been shot in the chest by Felix Anthony in the name of saving costs and removing a project manager his friends can’t work with. The concern now is that he is a good friend of the contractor and new project manager. And he has appointed one of his friends to the NBRL Board and is bullying the FNPF investment management team who appear to be submitting in order to be promoted. Overall, in the name of removing corruption, the FNPF Board is opening itself to corruption which was never there by inviting tenders for everything they want to buy or sell, including contracts. Corruption is in the person, not the procedure. You can put in place a system but if the decision maker is corrupt, he will find a way. He will reveal himself by his own admission in public.
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Outcome Statement Project XIX “Courage Under Fire” 6th -8th May 2009, Apia, Samoa
In 2008, a group of media volunteers set up the Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF) as an internet-based “media freedom” monitoring group. Volunteers expressed concerns at a lack of response to clear cut incidents of media freedom threats. More than 40 delegates from 12 Pacific nations closed the inaugural meeting of PFF with a call to action for governments and media workers in the region.
Delegates note the inaugural meeting moved from Suva, Fiji to Apia, Samoa due to actions by the interim regime. The PFF meeting issued this unanimous communiqué: In sessions over the last three days, we have strengthened our knowledge of the right of all Pacific people to enjoy freedoms of speech, and access to a free media. We delegates heard first hand reports of attacks on media freedom and individual journalists, and applaud “courage under fire” shown by journalists sharing their stories with us.
We agree that :
Increased attacks on media freedom in a number of Pacific Island countries pose a growing threat to the quality and diversity of regional journalism and to the public’s right to know.
PFF calls on Pacific governments to :
Act on long overlooked regional and international agreements supporting media freedom and public access to information, such as the Rarotonga Media Declaration of 1990 and Article XIX of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Participants agreed to :
-Formalise the PFF as a registered organisation with the mission to monitor and expose threats to media freedoms, and boost media capacity.
-Report outcomes from the meeting to the online PFF community for final consultation, amendment and improvement.
-Build relationships with the umbrella organisation, the Pacific Islands News Association, at its upcoming biennial general conference in Port Vila, Vanuatu, late July 2009.
Other priority outcomes:
-Launch a media monitoring project to establish a detailed database of threats against media freedoms.
-Initiate constructively critical awareness programmes supporting media freedoms in areas of high priority like Fiji, West Papua and some small island states including Tuvalu.
-We support the view that imposition of media restrictions in Fiji is a regional crisis which has to be resisted if our region is to have lasting stability.
-We reiterate our position that the PACNEWS service should be moved out of Fiji to maintain its independence
-We strongly urge Pacific governments and media colleagues alike to accept open debate, criticism and public feedback as the lifeblood of democracy, which must be embraced in order to give all Pacific citizens a voice.
PFF also commits to :
-Conduct systematic monitoring of threats and attacks on media freedoms and the safety of journalists.
-Stepping up engagement with governments and agencies.
-Promote Insurance and other personal and professional securities for journalists.
-Pursue the equity and security of women in the media in the Pacific as outlined in Section J on Women In the Media from the Beijing Platform for Action and its Pacific application.
-Working with regional media resources engaged on similar objectives such as International Federation of Journalists, USP Journalism Programme, AUT Pacific Media Centre, SPC Regional Media Centre, and the National University of Samoa, Media & Journalism Department.
PFF is very happy to have held its inaugural meeting in Samoa, where the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) was registered in 1976. We end this communiqué by expressing our commitment to media freedom in the Pacific as a cornerstone of achieving human rights for all.
Delegates at the Apia meeting applaud and thank UNESCO for stepping up and addressing the urgent media regionalism and unity gaps and issues the Pacific faces.
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The sorry tale of Ravindra Chaudhry : A Crime against Humanity by Mahendra Chaudhry and others!
May 9, 2009
The leader of the Fiji Labour Party and the so-called champion of Indo-Fijian rights, Mahendra Chaudhry, gave $50,000 to his daughter, bought a house in a leafy suburb of Sydney, shopped at domestic and international airport lounges in Australia and New Zealand – all from the $2million that he was given by the Government of India to be passed onto the Indo-Fijians after the 2000 coup but which he had hidden in a secret Sydney bank account. And yet when I exposed the greatest robbery of the century, he ensured that the Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter was deported out of Fiji, with the tacit connivance of Adolf Sayed Khaiyum and Shaista Shameem.
One protected the thief by exonerating the $2million swindler through a dubious tax inquiry and the other – through the Fiji Inhuman Rights Commission, with the claim that it was time Hunter was sent out of Fiji because we were violating Chaudhry’s human right – the right to steal. Now, that the sorry tale of Chaudhry’s brother Ravindra Chaudhry has finally emerged, I wonder if Khaiyum, Shameem, and Mahendra Chaudhry and others, could be charged with cruelty and neglect of Ravindra Chaudhry. Was Shaista Shameem aware that the $2million thief was lying when he denied knowing Ravindra or that they were blood brothers? Did she conspire in denying the late Ravindra his human right – the right to live in dignity? Adolf Sayed Khaiyum and Shaista Shameem have been claiming since 2006 coup that Indo-Fijians have been victims of racism in Fiji because of affirmative action policies and that the electoral system was racially oriented.
What is a greater crime of humanity – one race allegedly denying another race the right to equality or a leader of the so-called persecuted race – the Indo-Fijians – disowning his own blood brother right up to the bitter and tragic end? In his 2004 Diwali address, Mahendra Chaudhry was waxing lyrical: “We celebrate Diwali today because it is embedded in our Hindu culture. The tradition of Diwali is an integral part of our society, our norms, our religious beliefs and values. It is part of our identity as Hindus and the Festival of Lights is today a celebration of the beauty of our culture, our Hindu values. Take for instance the Ramayan, which along with the Mahabharat is classed among the world’s greatest epics, if not the greatest. What makes it so great? The Ramayan is not just the story of Ram and Sita, or the story of Ram’s banishment to the forest. The Ramayan embodies the Hindu culture and its values. Shri Ramchandra is the ideal being, Sita the ideal woman, Dasharath the ideal father and Bharat and Lakshman, the ideal brothers. Every episode in the Ramayan, every little incident has a lesson, a moral for us human beings.
That is why the Ramayan is regarded as our scriptures and is recited at every Hindu home and village. In the story of Lord Rama, sage Valmiki the seer and poet who wrote the Ramayan, embodied the teachings of the Vedas and the Upanishads. The story of the Ramayan dates back some 3000-4000 years before Christ – it is at least 6000 years old today, if not older. Yet, it has as much relevance to our daily lives today as it did thousands of years ago – the Ramayan like the Mahabharat and the Bhagwat Gita is ageless, immortal. Even in this age of technology and space missions, we still draw succour and strength from it.”
It seems, when it came to his own brother, Mahendra Chaudhry forgot the teachings of the Hindu scriptures – but who can blame Chaudhry, he forgot to tell his own people – Khaiyum and Shameem’s people that he was hiding $2million in Australia – the so-called neo-colonial empire in the South Pacific. Please, STOP talking about the electoral system and racism Khaiyum – get hold of Chaudhry for neglect and lies – and hopefully we will join you and Shaista Shameem to the charge sheet when we bring you to justice. May Ravindra Chaudhry’s soul rest in peace!!!!!!! We will never forgot you – those who neglected you will ROT IN HELL, as the Hindu scriptures tell us.
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The doomed Natadola Resort truth its FNPF member owners should know – Part 1
May 8, 2009
The following is a confidential letter to the editor that was never allowed to be published.
We will report it in parts and we urge Fiji National Provident Fund members, who are shareholders of the Natadola Resort, to please take note of the facts to show you how corrupt the current junta appointed FNPF Board and CEO are. These revelations will also show you how your retirement money has been mismanaged by Pramesh Chand,Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai, Taioto Waqa, James Dutta and Howard Politini.

Felix Anthony is lying with his “improper due dilegence” claim
It appears that the new FNPF Board is shooting itself in a release by Felix Anthony on 5 October 2007 on the Natadola Project. First, he claims that the investment in Natadola was made by FNPF without proper independent due diligence. How independent does he expect due diligence to be when FNPF engaged three valuers (John Lang La Salle, Colliers, APAC), HVS International for market study, Four Seasons and Intercontinental Hotels and IMG for financial review, KPMG and Delloitte for accounting support, Howards and Jamnadas for legal support in the process of recommending and implementing the decisions to invest in Natadola.
Second, the special dividend is receivable only of lots are sold above $350,000 for lots near the beachfront and $500,000 for lots with a view of the Natadola Bay as an incentive to APRIL to sell internationally at a good price. These targets were archievable with the Vijay Singh Championship golfcourse completed before lots are sold but things have changed since 5 December 2006.

Further, APRIL had agreed in 2005 to remove the special dividend and replace it with a success fee of 7.5%. This dividend may not even apply now as lot sales target will be difficult to achieve because Vijay Singh has been terminated from his contract for the golf course.
Lastly, removing the project manager and construction manager allows the contractor to manipulate the contract to his advantage, reducing cost and compromising quality finish which will directly affect target room rate hence future revenue and future maintenance costs. By trying to save on necessary costs such as an independent construction manager. NBRL is risking loosing the true value of the 5-star InterContinental Hotel and Championship Golf Course.
To be continued …….
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Tevita Momoedonu a disgrace
May 8, 2009
By Sa Yala Eke
1. Tevita Momoedonu does not deserve to be on the news , this is the same miserable ambassador to Japan who was having with his Indian and Fijian mistress in taxpayer owned properties and using the phones , faxes , internet and taxpayer owned communication devices to facilitate his wandering.
2. The same Momoedonu who was the reason for termination of a few NLTB staff due to his paying them commissions for them to release unauthorized excess funds of his tokatoka to him for pampering his mistressess and
3. The breaking up of Ba Holdings, that ended in violence in Lautoka at the Rogorogovuda house.
4. All the failed schemes that he used up the money for his tribesmen.
5. Being married to Kolora and his defacto school teacher that he has had 5 kids out of wedlock.
6. The true Discipline Forces (SA YALA EKE) group don’t respect people like him,Remember your own people despise you since they received our pamphelts with open hearts.And the whole Fijian race.
7. Stop calling Iloilovatu a paramount chief, his domain consist of only five villages- viseisei,lauwaki,namara,lomaloma and saru. They don’t even make up 1% of the Fijian population. DAVID PRINCESS WRONG (Tevita Momoedonu) BONAFIDE CON-MAN
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Did Rev(?) Yabaki have a copy of Satanic Frank Bainimarama’s coup plan?
May 8, 2009
We may recall that in November 2006 the fearless but professional and legally and constitutionally appointed Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes had ordered a raid on the now illegitimate President’s Office, provoking condemnation from to be treasonist Frank Bainimarama. Police were looking for minutes of the dictator’s meeting with the senile Pressie Ratu Josefa Iloilo before the dictator left for New Zealand for that famous meeting with Laisenia Qarase. Following the raid, the military ordered all its territorial troops and naval reserves, numbering over 3,000, to report into camp and posted guards at Government House to prevent anyone going to the President’s Office.
The dictator said the raid was the biggest insult on Fiji and its people and told the country’s Australian police commissioner Hughes, to pack up and leave. Hughes replied that the police had a court warrant to search President Iloilo’s office. RFN’s moles inside the military HQ and police HQ have asked us to ask whether any different consideration and decision would have been made if a disclosure of documents seized from the President’s Office during the police raid before the coup, with the aim of charging the dictator with murder and treason. According to police officers close to the officers who took part in the raid claim, Hughes got reliable and credible information that (Rev) ? Akuila Yabaki had a copy of the coup plan that was sent to him from the President’s Office.
That prompted the Police to secure a search warrant from the Court and searched the office of the President. They found and took away a copy of the dictator’s coup plan that had Rt Iloilo’s signature’s and endorsement with “OK go ahead”. Our reliable source claim that the original copies of the information and evidence are securely kept away somewhere by the Police. So, Reverend Yabaki – put your hands up and come out clean – please explain to the people of Fiji, what motivated you to support the dictator, the Peoples Charter and all other illegalities until the abrogation of the Constitution and the release of the recent murderers? If you are really a MAN OF GOD tell us about the coup plan.
Remember the words in Revelation: “I know where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is; and you hold fast My name, and did not deny My faith even in the days of Antipas, My witness, My faithful one, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells.”
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The underlying message of censorship
May 8, 2009
By fijidemocracynow2009
The dictator says censorship is necessary for his regime to push ahead with reforms without the hindrance of media opposition. That is a big lie. The dictator has no intention of relinquishing power, which is exactly what he would have to do if there were to be reforms that eventually led to elections. The truth is that the comprehensive censorship of our media is designed to cover up Frank Bainimarama’s criminality. The information blackout is supposed to prevent us and the rest of the world from watching the dictator consolidate his one-man rule for the long term. He doesn’t want journalists reporting the ongoing intimidation of the regime’s critics or questioning actions such as the release of the convicted killers of Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga.
No, he wants a clean shot at turning Fiji into Bainimaramaland. But, thanks to Fiji’s Freedom Bloggers his movements are being closely monitored and faithfully reported. So censorship is NOT working!
We know that under the circumstances it’s the smallest of compensations, but it does give one heart to know that Frank must be increasingly upset by his failure to get away with it.
Nothing personal Frank, but we hope you cry your eyes out.
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The illegal treasonist Khaiyum and his manta on electoral system
May 8, 2009
In cocktail circles he was described as Blunder Boy of the Satanic regime – Blunder Boy because of the many ill-conceived decisions he had made which were legally flawed – so the final abrogation of the 1997 Constitution was another of his great blundering acts. The arrogance of the man, written on his face and now spewed out from his vile mouth, makes one puke, especially when he is once again, like that comrade in crime Shaista Shameem (whom Khaiyum did a final “Jinnah” on her by stripping her pet dog Fiji Inhuman Rights Commission) questioning why “Fiji is still being pushed to have elections under an un democratic system”.
Hi, moron, it is your view and that of a few others, who are now trying to desperately justify the illegal seizure of power. As I challenged you very recently – why don’t you be escorted in a convoy of army trucks to the Government House, and obtain a decree bringing in the electoral system of YOUR CHOICE – you illegal thug – and let the people of Fiji decide who they want to be ruled under post-2006 coup. No, you will bark like those hungry stray dogs about the electoral system without issuing a decree for a new electoral system, because you know that once there is a new government – you will be sent straight to Naboro to join George Speight and others for your treasonous acts.
You are also trying to emasculate the Fiji Law Society because you know that under any democratic legal order you will not be able to work as a lawyer in Fiji or any Commonwealth country, except in Hong Kong, under the protection of the Chinese cuddly bear. If the electoral system was undemocratic, why don’t you strip your crook former Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry of his pension as former Prime Minister – for after all, he came to power in the 1999 general elections under the same electoral system. Stop playing the RACE card – you are a disgrace to the Indo-Fijian race. Your days are limited, and you know it – remember Saddam Hussain – who couldn’t hide any longer in that infamous fox hole. Go, make our day – get a decree for the electoral system of your choice from the President, and let the people decide! No wonder from being Blunder Boy you are now described as Adolf Sayed Khaiyum.

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