Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rev Lasaro Frightens Illegal Regime in Fiji

May 13, 2009 by Free Fiji
After receipt of information yesterday that the military top brass were intending to detain Rev Lasaro, the network of the Church was galvanized in preparation for a common and united response towards popular peaceful demonstration and activities against the Bainimarama junta’s stance against personal liberty of the freedom from detention and degrading treatment, freedom of expression and the freedom of religion. Right throughout the night, mobiles and landlines rang hot while church officials, members of the congregation and divisional superintendents offered their support for Rev Lasaro while discussing strategies to be employed in the case of his detention.
Civilians were mounted at Rev Lasaro’s residence at Nawanawa, while Church members were deployed on ‘standby’ duties to inform the world and the church community throughout Fiji should the military squad arrive to detain him. This morning, the Bainimarama junta can breathe a collective sigh of relief that their military goons did not arrive to detain Rev Lasaro. To do so would have started a chain of events which in the end, Bainimarama and his illegal regime would have found difficult to handle – peaceful, yet firmly based on godly principles that cannot be compromised.
Instead, some officers of the Police special branch, who now appear to be operating much like Hitler’s SS regiment, arrived. They related that Bainimarama was of the view that the high principles which Rev Lasaro and the high officials of the Church had agreed to with their counterpart churches in the Pacific, which formed the bulk of the material circulated for consideration and endorsement by the divisional meetings, were ‘inflammatory.’ Since when has insistence on justice and the rule of law become inflammatory? Of course, it has been so in the course of human history when dictators and oppressive rulers resort to breaking the law and lying to the people for their own survival.
That is exactly what Fiji is up against. So Bainimarama take note; although it may be a breach of your illegal government’s public emergency regulations, the Church’s duty is to stand up for God’s justice: We are not afraid, Christ and the many Church martyrs have shown us just how bitter that cup can be!

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