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Regime Casting About for Legitimacy

Someme free advice for usurper Frank Bainimarama
May 13, 2009
By fijidemocracynow2009
It seems that every time our military dictator or his sidekick, Adolf Sayed-Khaiyum, speak to the international media, all they do is dump big time on Australia and New Zealand. Stop right there you pair of clowns! Who started this? Your silly diatribes only remind people that it was YOUR coup and YOUR abrogation of the Constitution. All you are doing is sending a clear signal that while you know there’s a big problem, you think you can make people believe it’s the result one else’s actions. Well, people are not that stupid.
In the real world people know only too well that it’s YOUR problem and that YOU caused it. Trying to shove the blame onto Australia and New Zealand is disingenuous and just makes you look desperate and, well, just plain stupid. So here’s some free advice: if you really want to understand where the problem is , don’t look backwards. Stop being anal and instead look forward. Then you will see problems that will scare the pants off you. For example:
Problem number one: Our economy is collapsing.
No one is investing because you’ve created a lawless state. That’s why remittances are drying up and tourist and sugar revenues are steadily going down. And they’ll get worse. In the case of sugar, the cancellation of the generous EU sugar package is a death sentence for that industry.
Problem number two: How do you reverse a collapsing economy?
Well, you two clowns wouldn’t have a clue but we’ll give you a couple of tips, just in case you have the good sense to listen.
First, reverse the abrogation of the Constitution, call off the PER and tell our Ambassadors and High Commissioners to let the world know that you are ready to re-engage with the region and the wider world to chart a realistic roadmap to elections.
Second, get on with it.
Problem number three: What if we ignore this advice?
Well, Frank, there’s only one course of action open to you. You and Adolf better start building a bunker, because you are going to need one. Before too long you’ll be faced with empty government coffers that will rob you of any remaining wiggle room to leverage your respective positions. Then you’ll be in big trouble. How will you provide even the most basic essential services? How will you pay the RFMF? And how will you explain, to a disgruntled army and a starving and potentially explosive Fiji, that you have no means to solve the crisis? As we said, the really big problems lie ahead. And because you have installed this dictatorship, it’s up to you to find a way to solve them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
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Economist Satish Chand has nominated the use by date of the Military Dictatorship. It will be on or before 15 September 2011. He arrived at this date because this is when US$150 million in bonds have to be repaid. After the 20 percent devaluation this means the government will have to find $320.5 million. If we have another devaluation, this amount will climb higher. Now that the economy has shrunk and looks like shrinking further this is not going to be possible. The Government just won’t have the $320 million (or more) needed. So Dr Chand is right. Some time between now and then the regime is going to run out of money and the economy is going to grind to a halt. At that point Dr Chand says the regime will be completely out of apologists.
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Rumour machines in Fiji are already spinning like crazy again according to our well placed sources. There are talks that Fiji’s largest christian denomination, the Methodist Church, will take to the streets soon in a peaceful resistance prayer march against the forces they say is driving Frank & Co. nuts. The exact day and time is still sketchy but sources say the methodist church are not afraid of Frank & Co.’s strongman anymore. Rumour has it too that Manasa Lasaro was expecting to be detained for a while as a prisoner of Frank’s coup and that his detention will only serve to give the Methodist Church community another valid reason why they should take to the streets with or without a permit. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that Frank & Co. have started hauling religious heads into their QEB torture chambers in what is now perceived by many in Fiji as a counter-productive intimidation tactic to force them to submit to the new illegal order.
Frank & Co. will have to watch how they handle the Methodist Church very carefully.
They could very well be the cloaked spark their majority followers are waiting for to start a no-holds bar confrontation with the forces behind Frank & Co..
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The eyes of the world are on one man this coming June, the President of the United States Barack Obama as he travels down to Egypt with the sole attempt to address the whole Muslim world.Media agencies, politicians, royalties, clerics, business tycoons, activists, and whole families will converge into Cairo to listen to plans, fears and hopes of the American people. Persons like myself will watch it unfold through the mediaThis speech depending on how powerful it is, will judge whether the Taliban, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, and the Mujaheddin can lay down anger with the christian world and be rest assured that the USA comes with more than an Olive Branch, that the gesture come with financial, aid and skilled assistance. It also may mean that the Israeli government will make necessary steps create a process of dialogue and respect the many freedoms of those who are ordained as ‘th chosen people’. That finally they have a President that in front of them able to ask for forgiveness for the great wrongs his predecessors have committed. His is a speech that will revolutionize the way we see and treat Muslims in our own society. Peace in the Middle East depends on this speech. And this is a peace that will extend way beyond the confines of the Arab world; this is a peace that will prosper the world over.This is an act by a responsible President who see’s where he stands and what he can do to sustain ‘just change’.Thank you Obama
Peter Waqavonovono
Posted by rawfijinews
mmm….may be it is now time to take ALL the Church leaders to the camp…not for training; God forbid, but to be consulted by the Dictator. Apostles among them to offer sound doctrine and discipline, now that Fiji may be tainted with our own form of warped doctrine. Prophets among them to give direction liberally without any fear of the butt of the gun.. Pastors look into the Dictators eyes and nurture him back to reality and offer a shoulder for the Dictator to lean and cry on. Evangelists to re-present simply and clearly the Gospel that transformed us from cannibalism , and Teachers among them to express the deeper meanings of the socio economic post modern era we face and signs of the times…before it is too late!!..or are church leaders ‘rere ko pita tiko”.
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It appears that FNPF is no longer able to work with Mr Saliot, APRIL or COTEBA. Therefore, in our opinion the best option for FNPF is to recuperate the funds it has invested to date and reinvest them in an authorized manner.
This could be done in a number of ways:
-Either party could buy the other’s shares;
-A third party could buy out HPPL; or
-A third party financier could buy out FIL and FNPF.
-It is best that these options are explored now before the acrimony between the main parties deteriorates further. Public fighting between the parties and squabbling over payments would in our view only give the wrong signals to any potential buyer. They may view this as a fire sale.
However, a lot of work would need to be done once FNPF decides which option it will pursue. This would include:
-Tidying up securities;
-Rectifying share structures;
-Obtaining appraisals of work done;
-Giving notices;
-Drawing up new contracts;
-Dealing with the Development Manager, Construction Manager; and the main Contractor;
-Obtaining consents and approvals;
-Packaging the sale;
-Attending the sale and completing all corporate formalities; and
-Preparing Discharges and Indemnities.
-Given the gravity of this matter, we suggest a decision be made by your Board and written instructions then be provided to us.
-Devanesh Sharma and the writer are happy to meet with you and your Board to carry out a presentation of the issues discussed in this opinion.
Please contact the writer if you have queries in this matter.
Yours faithfully
(Signed by Pramesh Sharma of R Patel & Co.)
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At the outset we were of the view that the appointment of APRIL as the Development Manager was not an arms length transaction since APRIL, HPPL and NLHL have common directors/shareholders. However, clause 8.1(b) of the Shareholders Agreement between NLHL; FIL and Natadola Marine Resort states: “ The Minority Shareholder (APRIL) has agreed to participate in the project on the assumption (among others) that it or entities associated with it will have overall responsibility for promoting, developing and managing the Project.” Therefore, APRIL was legally appointed as the Development Manager.
Appointment of COTEBA
We understand that tenders were called for the role of the Construction Manager, and the NBRL Board considered two other proposals in addition to that submitted by COTEBA. That the NBRL Board awarded the contract to COTEBA since it was the least expensive. That while APRIL and COTEBA may have worked together in the past, Mr Saliot does not appear to have any financial interest in COTEBA. We have asked Mr Vodonaivalu to request the forensic auditors to verify this.
Viability of the Project
The Project may only be a successful venture if it is operated by an international hotel operator. And that will only happen if the operator’s specifications and standards are complied with. While APRIL was the Development Manager, the Intercontinental Hotels, a five star hotel chain operator was interested in operating the completed Project.
Three issues arise there:
-Who is liaising with the proposed international resort operator at present?
-Is NPFL able to deliver a five star resort upto the standard required by the international resort operator?; and
-Who will manage the residential subdivision lots and other projects?
The Project has generated a lot of interest since Vijay Singh is involved. Mr Singh has threatened to pull out of the Project if APRIL and Mr Saliot are removed.
Notice to the Interim Attorney-General
We also attach a letter dated 3 April 2007 to the Interim Attorney-General from Jamnadas & Associates on behalf of COTEBA pointing out FNPF and NBRL’s alleged breach of contract, and the possible influence of APRIL and COTEBA on the European Union.
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Methodist church top notch hauled to QEB
May 12, 2009
We’ve received information that Rev Manasa Lasaro, ex-president of the Methodist Church and now one of its strongest mouthpiece against Frank & Co, was hauled up to QEB earlier this morning and is still being interrogated right now.Word is that Lasaro was taken in as more rumours of a planned uprising emerges.
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Some one told me that Bainimarama said he wished that the RFMF was still the Royal Fijian Military Forces. He must be meaning that Rabuka did the wrong thing to have the coup of 1987 and make Fiji a republic. He said a lot of things that we just say he doesn’t know what he’s saying but this time he’s gone too far. He was in the RFMF in 1987. If he didn’t agree to the coup he should have resigned. Instead he stayed on and accepted promotions that came from the armed forces growing bigger under Rabuka. If he wanted to stay loyal to the Queen who he swore allegiance to he should have done that. Bainimarama hasw no honour. He is a traitor to his constitution, his church and his Vanua. Most of all he is a traitor to the RFMF. The good name that waws established fro the RFMF in the Solomon Islands Malaya and the middle east have been tarnished by the traitor.
Many of us has been able to find jobs in the security industry because of the good Fijian military reputation. I’m afraid this is not going to last now that we have a Military Dictator. He is making us into a joke internationally. When people in Australia and New Zealand see him on TV they laugh at they way he speaks and pictures of him in his uniform covered with medals he has not earned.
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History tells us the dictator’s days are numbered
May 12, 2009
By fijidemocracynow2009
We have no doubt, Frank Bainimarama, that you’re ecstatic that you have gained absolute power over Fiji. Puoring over the list of civil servant retirees, planning another overseas trip, listening to a silenced media or casting a loving glance at your new Order of Fiji, must impart a warm inner glow. Well Frank, enjoy it while you can, because it won’t last long. You might think you have succeeded but you’re living in a fool’s paradise. Yes, we know it’s your paradise. But then again, you consistently prove that you are the fool. The simple fact is that, by seizing power over Fiji and imposing iron-fisted control, you have left yourself exposed to realities that you could never have fully imagined.
It’s not just the reality of managing a sprawling archipelago, the reality of satisfying the needs of diverse ethnic groupings, the reality of overseeing economic disaster or the reality of dealing with a sophisticated world, all of which are beyond you. The ultimate reality you have to face is history. You’re a vain, arrogant tin-pot dictator, and history tells us that vain, arrogant tin-pot dictators come with an early expiry date. OK, so you’re too dumb to understand that reality, which is why you won’t understand that it’s the same reality that gives us the heart and determination to see you off. Frank, not long to go!
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Warning to Prospective Justice of the Fijian Judiciary
May 12, 2009
Your prospective Judicial appointment to be made pursuant to the Administration of Justice Decree 2009 and the requisite swearing by you of an unlawful Oath of Allegiance to a self appointed President and Commander in Chief, in full knowledge of; our Court of Appeal ruling on the illegality of Frank Bainimarama’s prime ministerial appointment by the same President beyond his powers; the purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution and the Bill of Rights enshrined in chapter 4 of same; and the continuation of all other laws shall lead to your prosecution, conviction and imprisonment pursuant the Public Order Act, the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code of Fiji.
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The military regime in Fiji must immediately stop the harassment and intimidation of journalists and salvage any credibility it can by lifting censorship sanctions aimed at making Fiji’s media the information arm of the military, says the Pacific Freedom Forum. “We note the recent safe release from custody after 48 hours in detention for our media colleagues Dionisia Tabureguci and Shelvin Chand, but we must accept the reality that under the current regime, more journalists will continue to be taken into custody on any pretext,” says Susuve Laumaea of Papua New Guinea. Laumaea and American Samoa’s Monica Miller co-chair the PFF, an online network of journalists and supporters, and regional media watchdog. “The PFF will not relent from crying foul over this continued harassment and intimidation of journalists in Fiji until we see the restoration of media freedom in Fiji, which may now only be possible when the current regime is out of the picture. If the military with all their guns and soldiers is so confident it speaks for the people, it should leave the media alone and just as confidently set up its own publishing outlets and use them to peddle what it deems fit to be said,” says the PFF chair. Commenting on the original report which had led to Taburegeci, a former Islands Business journalist, and Chand being taken into custody as ‘political prisoners’ for two days, Laumaea said it was a “a very sad day for the Pacific when eight soldiers and a policeman, holding positions of public trust, convicted of manslaughter – and therefore criminals – are freed, while scribes charged with ensuring that justice is seen to be done are treated as “suspects”. “The blatant abuse of human rights and the rule of law, especially in jailing journalists without charge for so called interviews, must be put on the priority list for renewed condemnation by Pacific nations and organisations,” says PFF co-chair Monica Miller.
“There are many facts which make this situation so ridiculous it ceases to be funny,” says the PFF co-chair, “but the main fact is this — Fiji’s treatment of its journalists who are on the front line of human rights abuse, are showing up the ‘guilty silence’ from some regional leaders and organisations, and pose an indictment on the so called vision of the ‘Pacific Plan’.” “Many of the leaders we are making a plea to have in fact been interviewed by Dionisia during her media coverage at regional meetings,” says Miller. “We have said this in the past, and we are saying it again. We are repeating our call on pacific leaders and organisations to break the silence over abuses of media workers and NGO activists in Fiji, and, in whatever language and engagement they work in, remind them of the commitments and rules they work under.” “The censorship and intimidation of Fiji’s journalists brings shame to Fiji’s regime, but theongoing silence from regional organisations that have had contact with Fijian media as part of their own advocacy work is a regional disgrace.” ENDS A Pacific Freedom Forum petition for a Free and Prosperous Fiji is planned to form part of the call for Pacific leaders to speak out on media and NGO freedoms under military rule. It can be signed at
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Frank scared to expel Australian High Commissioner
May 12, 2009
Many expected a swift retaliation from Frank Bainimarama after his junta was suspended by the Pacific Forum in early May. It is almost mid May and James Batley, the Australian High Commissioner to Fiji is still enjoying his Fijian grog session with some of his local mates.
So why isn’t Frank giving James his yellow card like he did with two New Zealand High Commissioners? Insiders say Frank and his main men, Aiyaz Khaiyum and Colonel Aziz Mohammed, are not wanting to create another diplomatic incident just yet which may scare away the bottom of the barrel judges that Aiyaz has lined up for announcement soon. We hear that some overseas judges have bitten into Aiyaz’s bait, and it is important for them that these low grade wigged kahunas don’t fall off the hook again with the expected tsunami waves if James is expelled from Fiji – all that will take place once the judges are sworn in by Iloilo and sworn at by the general public.
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Japan says no to Fiji regime leaders
May 12, 2009
Posted at 01:28 on 12 May, 2009 UTC
Japan’s Ambassador to Fiji, Yutaka Yoshisawa, has confirmed that Fiji will not be represented at the political level at the Pacific Alliance Leaders’ Meeting in Hokkaido next week. He says Japan decided not to invite Commodore Frank Bainimarama or members of his Cabinet to the PALM meeting, because of what he referred to as the recent developments surrounding Fiji. Earlier this month the Pacific Islands Forum, which is organising the PALM meeting in conjunction with Japan, suspended Fiji over its refusal to hold elections this year. Mr Yoshisawa says he still hopes that Fiji will send lower ranked officials. “Fiji is a very important country in the Pacific region, and as PALM Five is the forum for introductions between Japan and the Pacific countries or the PF [Pacific Islands Forum] countries, we very much hope that Fiji will be able to come at a non -political level.”
Mr Yoshisawa says they are waiting for Fiji to decide whether it will send anyone.
News Content © Radio New Zealand InternationalPO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand
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Frank’s constituency exposed
May 12, 2009
By corruptionfighter99
In January this year the RFMF recruited another 500 soldiers. This was Frank’s opportunity to put into practice some of the rhetoric written for him by Adolf Sayed-Khaiyurn and others. This was his opportunity to show the world that he’s serious about ending racial politics in Fiji. But no, he didn’t do it. What happened instead was that all the relatives of the people who are already in the army were given the first preference for enlisting. This is Frank’s constituency in the only electoral system he recognizes – ELECTION BY THE GUN. When are the fools who thinks he means what he says about electoral reform and ending racial politics going to wake up from their dream.
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It is unclear why FNPF; FIL or NBRL wish to have the Native Lease cancelled on the grounds it is defective. If the Lease to NLHL is cancelled then NLTB is free to reissue it to whichever party it wishes since there is no mortgage currently registered in favour of FNPF or FIL. We understand FNPF or FIL has registered caveats over the land. Further, we understand no Formal Titlehas been issued for the Native Land since it has yet to be surveyed, and a title issued and registered, and we therefore query how a caveat has been registered against it? It is likely that the caveats have been registered against the Crown Lease land. Further, none of these defects are serious enough to annul the NLHL’s Lease, and if necessary can be rectified.
The question arises, what type of security FNPF will have if NLHL is struck off the Companies Register or the Native Lease cancelled? Legally, everything must be done to protect NLHL since this company owns the major asset, being the Project Land. The fact that the Native Lease contains more land than was originally envisaged is of benefit to NLHL and hence of benefit to HPPL; FIL and FNPF.
The Securities
FNPF; FIL and NLHL agreed on the securities to be registered to secure the loan advanced by FNPF, however they remain unregistered. We have requested Mr Vodonaivalu to liaise with Howards & Co to explain why registration has not taken place. Howards & Co should also provide the list of securities to be given in favour of FNPF.
The Loan Arrangement
A prudent question to be considered by the current FNPF Board is whether the FNPF is authorized under its statute to enter into such a scheme? On a cursory reading of the FNPF Act it appears that this is not an investment authorized or envisaged by the FNPF Act, and perhaps that is why the FIL was established. FNPF could face a class action by its members if it discovered that the investment in this Project by the Board was not properly authorized. (RFN says – OMG!!!!!)
As mentioned at paragraph 14 herein, we have not perused the Loan Offer and therefore are not aware how FNPF is to be repaid. Given that FNPF through FIL is a shareholder in NLHL, it is unlikely to receive regular mortgage repayments. Rather, it may be that it will receive dividends through FIL when the Project is operational and starts to make profits, which is still some years away. Alternatively, FNPF could receive its funds back in the event the Project is sold for the appropriate amount. Conduct of past directors and officers involved in approving the loan arrangement needs to be investigated, and if necessary those at fault need to be held accountable. This includes entering or approving Contracts which did not adequately protect FNPF’s interests; and authorizing draw downs when no proper securities were registered or in place.
We understand that so far $79 million has been released yet no security has been registered to secure that amount.
Unjustified Payments
Ernest & Young, Forensic Auditors from Australia, have been engaged to audit all payments made to the Contractors including APRIL and COTEBA. It would be prudent to wait for the Audit Report before accusations of financial mismanagement are made.
To be continued …..
Posted by rawfijinews
Having perused the letters written by APRIL and having met with their solicitors, it would appear that APRIL’s main grievance is the appointment of HLK Jacob. In this regard APRIL submit as follows:
That HLK Jacob from the outset had a conflict of interest in that it was part of a group that made a bid for the design of the Project. That HLK Jacob’s bid was rejected and it sent the attached email dates 2 November 2004, to express its appointment,
In view of the fact that in the past HLK Jacob has been closely associated with NPFL and has acted as its engineers on a number of projects (including current projects) it is feared that HLK Jacob will rubber stamp and approve all the variations submitted by NPFL rather than independently scrutinizing them as COTEBA and APRIL were doing. As a result, the total costs of the Project will increase and this is to be borne by FNPF. That NPFL and HLK Jacob will now work together to ensure: HLK Jacob will approve all of the variations submitted by NPFL;and
HLK Jacob will cover up for NPFL’s poor workmanship and incompetence. That NPFL is not competent to deliver a five star hotel and resort. APRIL submit that COTEBA was independently putting NPFL under severe scrutiny, and a plot was hatched to remove and replace it with NPFL’s own agenda HLK Jacob.
The question arises, what HLK Jacob as the Interim Project Manager, is being paid in relation to what APRIL and COTEBA were being paid? If it is a similar amount then why are payments to APRIL and COTEBA being questioned? Can HLK Jacobs independently carry out both the functions of Development and Construction Managers?
We understand Costplan Services Pty Ltd has been engaged to verify HLK Jacob’s findings. We think this is both prudent and necessary since it is important that NBRL and FNPF do not fall into the trap that APRIL says that it has. FNPF, through FIL, is a 51% shareholder in this Project, and it cannot ignore the concerns of the other 49% shareholder, HPPL through its associated company APRIL. We think Costplan Services Pty Ltd should also investigate APRIL’s concerns outlined in paragraph 42 herein. We have been advised that HLK Jacob was appointed by FNPF pursuant to the Loan Letter. We have yet to sight this document to verify whether HLK Jacob’s appointment is valid

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