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NZ Maori Party Misguided about Fiji's Illegal Regime

Is the Maori Party so thick as coup coup Frank?
May 5, 2009

What misunderstanding can there be that the Maori Party thinks it can help resolve?
How can anyone misunderstand coup coup Frank?
1. He executed a military coup - committed high treason
2. Abrogated the constitution - commited high treason
3. Appointed his own cronies/military officers with no qualifications to executive positions in place of highly experienced qualified indigenous executives - corruption comes to mind.
4. Responsible for killing quite a number of civilians and military personnel - murder?
5. Pays murderous brother-in-law Francis Kean full pay while in prison (only a few months) and appoints him (a criminal) as Navy Commander - corrupt?
6. Pays himself from taxpayers monies a huge amount as unpaid leave pay. Why did it take him so long to claim this pay? - corrupt?
7. Wining and dining with businessman Hamid in Nadi - accussed Qarase of doing it and considered a corrupt practice - how times have changed Frank?
8. Saves John Sami from being charged for theft - corrupt?
9. Protects thieves who stole from the Regimental fund - corrupt?
10. Coup coup Frank wnats one man one vote because he believes that his Indian mates will get a fairer deal - we all know Frank is thick - but this beats it - indigenous population will be 2/3 very soon - will always rule Fiji!
11. Frank is the only coward - using senile Iloilo to hide behind.
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The Māori Party is the only political party where the Treaty of Waitangi underpins its actions through kaupapa tuku iho. The Māori Party is calling for open and informed debate for constitutional change.
Our priorities are:
Constitutional Commission• Establish a Constitutional Commission to begin a constitutional review aimed at, among other things, drafting arrangements that give effect to the Treaty of Waitangi (What about our own Deed of Cession, Turia and Sharples?).
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Treaty of Waitangi• Appoint, as an Officer of Parliament, a Parliamentary Commissioner for the Treaty to proactively promote the Treaty’s commitment to partnership.
The ‘Ratou’ Policy People who have more knowledge of their history are much more likely to benefit from our increasingly diverse nation.
* Primary and secondary schools will be required to teach heritage studies, which will include a history of the Pacific, in line with the aspirations of Pacific people.
ImmigrationAs we do better internationally, Aotearoa is better able to attract and retain highly-skilled and talented people. To compete globally it is important that new citizens share our understanding of history.• All new citizens to complete a course in the history of Aotearoa and the Pacific as part of receiving citizenship (Did Scutt, Hickie, Brynes, Pryde take a test in i-taukei Fijian history?).
Local Government and Resource Management ActsTo ensure that local governments acknowledge the authority of mana whenua we propose to amend the Local Government and Resource Management Acts to:
* Require robust and accountable work practices by local government and regional authorities when working with mana whenua; to establish effective strategies for engaging Maori communities and advancing Maori representation, eg STV, a Maori constituency (So why support change to the Electoral System?).
Diversity and representationAs provided in the Treaty, tangata whenua should have an equitable say in the decisions which affect them (What about the Great Council of Chiefs?).
We will ensure better outcomes by increasing the pool of experienced directors and by requiring Maori representation on Crown Company Boards, State Owned Enterprises, Crown Entities, Crown Research Institutes and District Health BoardsMāori Seats (What about the destruction of the NLTB, Fijian Holdings, etc etc etc)In spite of their inauspicious and indeed undemocratic beginnings tangata whenua now regard the Māori seats as the only guarantee of at least a minimal degree of representation. The Electoral Act 1993, and its predecessor, the Māori Representation Act, 1867, have recognised a separate polity for tangata whenua in the form of a separate Maori electoral roll (So why are you supporting Khaiyum’s Common Roll in Fiji?).
In 2008, a major disparity between the Māori and general electoral systems remains. The exclusion of the system of Māori representation from the entrenched provisions of the 1956 Electoral Act, is described by Professor Ranginui Walker as “perhaps the most discriminatory measure of all in the application of the law to Mäori representation”.
We promote the entrenchment of section 45 of the Electoral Act. [Section 35, which defines the General seats, is currently entrenched but section 45, which defines the Maori seats, does not currently provide for entrenchment].
Our priorities are:
Improving performanceTo support the work of Parliament to hold the Executive to account, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Treaty will be required to:
* Build an evidence base on iwi, hapu, marae and Maori development.* Monitor state sector progress and contribution to improving the status of tangata whenua.
Māori Electoral ParticipationRepresentation in a democracy is not only a basic human right, it also enables our nation to move forward together. The Māori seats will stay until such time Maori freely choose, via a mana-whenua referendum or constitutional review, to get rid of them.
* We will introduce a Private Members Bill to entrench section 45 of the Electoral Act* We will initiate a Māori Electoral Participation project, including:
- All people to be automatically entered on to the General Roll at 18 years of age; or the Maori roll if Māori (with an option to transfer to the General Roll);
- Ensure electoral rolls also have constituents identified on the basis of their iwi and hapu. This will assist tribal development planning and maintenance of identity.
- Extend the provision in the Census to identify tribally to the electoral roll, where tribal affiliation is also stated.
- Review Maori Electoral Option, particularly restraints around timing.
Māori Electoral Districts• Amend section 45 of the Electoral Act to be consistent with section 35 of that Act, meaning that no Māori electoral district shall be situated partially in the North Island and partially in the South Island
Treaty Settlements
Te Tiriti o Waitangi is also the starting point for the process of reconciliation between iwi, hapu and the Crown.* Implement recommendations of Rating Review: Establish a basis for valuing Maori land for rating purposes with strategies that recognise the cultural context of Maori land, the objectives of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 and the inappropriateness of valuations for rating purposes being based on the ‘market value’ of Maori land.
RFN says to you two traitors to Fijians - stay where u are - we will NOT SURRENDER our inherent rights to Frankstein and Adolf Khaiyum. Like you, Fijians will fight for their rights in their own land - Adolf Khaiyum should take citizenship test in Fijian - if he fails, he should return to Australia where he hold Permanent Residency!!! Of course, the Aussies will not want to have him.
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The agony of the people of Fiji, to a large extent, can be laid at the door of Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Michael Somare (and a few others) who constantly talked of dealing with the anti-democracy gangsters and gun-haw-haw coupsters in the so-called Pacific Way.
The Maori Party’s Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples should go to Papua New Guinea and have a word with Somare, who will give them a better picture of the psychological state of the present goons in Fiji.
He thought he was dealing with brotherly and sisterly Pacific Islanders, only to find out that they were devils in disguise, feasting on their own people.
If Somare had taken a tough stance with Australia and New Zealand, the gangsters might have thought twice before tearing up the 1997 Constitution, dismissing the Judiciary (which also had been propping them up), not to mention being thrown out of the Pacific Islands Forum.
Turia and Sharples must be told that Frankstein, at the insistence of Khaiyum and others, had been against the Qoliqoli Bill and for the i-taukei to be masters in their own land.
Whenever a taukei Fijian stands up for the rights of his or her people, he is slammed as a racist. Echoes of what Turia and Sharples have faced in New Zealand – that the two Maoaris are dangerous and racists.
Like the Qoliqoli Bill, Turia and Sharples put the Foreshore and Seabed Bills before the NZ Labour Party’s wider policies. Helen Clark sacked Turia from her ministerial posts, with Clark saying Turia had shown “an astonishing lack of perspective”.
Turia only joined the John Key government on the condition that guaranteed Maori seats will not be abolished without the consent of Maoris – something totally opposite happening in Fiji – the gangsters on the rampage, destroying Fijian culture, identity, power, land etc, etc, etc , with the help of a group of conniving and cunning Indo-Fijians.
I say to Turia and Sharples that like the present gangsters in Fiji, you two do not represent the vast majority of the Maori.
Remember 2000, the same Franskstein did not want to see the Maori when they travelled to Fiji to give their support to George Seight.
Now, when it suits him, Frankstein and Khaiyum have invited you two down to coup coupland.
We may recall Speight’s words: “Er, you might notice behind me I have some Maori brothers of mine who have come from afar, the Land of the Long White Cloud, to come and express their support for the cause and just to visit with me and to say, you know, George we think what you’re doing for your people is the right thing.”
The nonsense coming out of a few members of the Maori Party reminds me of the worlds of lawyer and Maori activist Anthony Sinclair, who not only supported but he delivered a broadside at former regional leaders like Prime Minister John Howard: “I think the comments by the Prime Minister at the moment, Howard, are nothing short of racist, inflammatory, and he’s got enough problems on his own doorstep, and he should keep his thoughts and his vision in trying to settle the issues of Aboriginal people before he starts making comments out on the Pacific.”
The people of Fiji have no intention to be helped by the likes of Turia and Sharples – please go to Michael Somare, who will give you a pen portrait of the profile of the gangsters – who had even taken him for a ride since the 2006 coup.
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Auzy Fijians slam the maori party co-heads
May 5, 2009
We can report that Fijians living in Auzzieland have slammed the Maori party co-heads for theirshallow remarks on matters concerning Fiji being under siege by tyrant Frank and his cohorts.
In their message sent by their president, Usaia Peter Waqatairewa, they said “that Bainimarama through his Fiji Indian advisers have over the last two years systematically worked on downgrading the power and influence of Fijian Land, Administration and Business institutions such as the Native Land Trust Board, the Fijian Affairs Board ad Fijian Holdings Limited.” They added ”that the Taukei have been enjoying privileges of land ownership for over a hundred years that the Maoris’ can only dream of but this has never been so severely threatened until the last two years.”
The maori party were requested to “google search on this and other topics and also consult members of the Great Council of Chiefs, the three paramount chiefs or the Methodist Church.” The message ended by saying that “ the long and short of it all is that what they are doing, once the Maori People learn the truth about Fiji, could result in their loosing their position in the party.”
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Naive maori party calls off Fiji visit suggestion
May 5, 2009
The Maori Party has dropped a plan to visit Fiji to talk to coup leader Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, Prime Minister John Key says.
Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia had spoken of “misunderstandings” about what the military government was trying to achieve.
She raised the idea of sending a Maori delegation to Fiji and said co-leader Pita Sharples had advocated the idea.
But Mr Key said yesterday that Dr Sharples had decided it would be best for New Zealand if he did not go.

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daya nand #1 12:19 pm May 05 2009

What are we to understand by the Maori Party’s bold intention to visit Fiji and then very quickly back down? The damage has been done with their disagreement of the NZ Government.But it is not the Pacific way to be cowards and not stand for the truth!Their visit was not to support the coup but to find facts for themselves. So what made them change their minds? It is like inflating a balloon and then pricking it! How are we expected to trust them? God bless Fiji.
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No honour among thieves
May 5, 2009
By fijidemocracynow2009
We have yet to see the full fallout from Adolf Sayed-Khaiyum’s dumb advice to the dictator to abrogate the Constitution rather than suspend it.
The sands under Frank are shifting at an ever increasing and more dangerous rate. Dangerous for Frank, that is, and therefore even more dangerous for Adolf.
Because Frank knows all too well that he can get onto much firmer ground on a number of fronts simply by dumping Adolf.
First, removing Adolf would immediately lift Frank’s stocks with the RFMF and with the military council in particular.
Adolf First got up the nose of the Military Council when he was protecting his mate, Chodopu$$, when the Fiji Times named him as owner of ill-gotten millions in offshore accounts.
The Military Council wanted Chodopu$$ to step aside while the charges were investigated, but Adolf overruled the Council and overnight orchestrated a transparently fraudulent “inquiry” that exonerated his mate.
But military distaste for Adolf extends well beyond the Military Council. More importantly, it’s on the record that Adolf doesn’t hold the military in high regard either.
Back in 2002, while doing a post-graduate degree in Hong Kong, this is what Adolf Sayed-Khaiyum wrote in his thesis, which addressed the George Speight coup in 2000:
“A rescue of the prime minister and cabinet by Fiji Military Forces, which prides itself in its military prowess, was an obvious and relatively easy task. However this was not to be. The ineptitude, inertia and reluctance displayed by the military in the first few weeks of the crisis allowed the kidnappers a free hand.”
Now Adolf, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say about our noble men in uniform, was it?
The second factor that does not bode well for the cocky Adolf is his attitude towards indigenous Fijians and their cultural tradition.
In 2002 Adolf documented his thoughts on Fiji’s cultural heritage with the following carefully chosen words: “The Chiefly system must go. Cultural autonomy must have a sunset clause.”
Given that the FMF is almost exclusively Fijian, it’s unlikely anyone in the military would be sorry to see Adolf Sayed-Khaiyum subjected to his own sunset clause, effective ASAP.
In fact, a lot of people would be delighted to see Adolf stripped of the wide-ranging powers that he has accumulated and routinely abused since being named interim attorney-general more than two years ago.
There’s never been any honour among thieves and there certainly isn’t among this lot.

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