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Military Paranoid over Bloggers & Anti Regime Blogs

By Basuraki Bainimarama
The personnels working in the Military Media Cell are being used to respond to critics of the IG on all websites and blogsites to show that the people of Fiji support the current status quo. These recently recruited junior military officers are being paid by tax payers money to heap praises for the IG and oppose all those who go against them by purporting that they are living aboard when in cyber. The latest count is 150 military personnels who are on a 24hour shift sitting infront of the computer. No wonder computers are being confisicated all over the place. Interestingly these Officers resort to watching online ponography when they get bored. What Chiko Mada!
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Australian and New Zealand investors in Fiji have been labelled naive by Fiji-born New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan. Mr Khan was previously accused of masterminding an assassination plot against Commodore Frank Bainimarama, but the charges were dropped. He says the changes being introduced by the regime in Fiji do not just affect Suva, but everyone in the whole country. Mr Khan believes that involves investors, including those developing resorts or running hotels: “The real test is, all these people, investors in the tourism industry, will come when they are one the rough end of the stick and there are no institutions for them to run to it will be based on somebody’s judgement. I think it is completely naive of them.” Mr Khan says the regime is destroying the fundamental and core institutions of Fiji.
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There are fears that the quality of the legal profession in Fiji will be damaged as a result of the move to transfer the issuing of practising certificates away from the Law Society. Under the Presidential decree new certificates have to be applied for in just over two week’s time. But Fiji-born New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan, says he believes many lawyers won’t apply out of principle. Mr Khan was accused of masterminding an assassination plot against Commodore Frank Bainimarama, but the charges were dropped. He says the licensing change could put a large number of high quality lawyers out of the system and degrade quality of the legal fraternity. “Lawyers who get licensed by the current regime will always be compromised in the manner which they represent and advocate on behalf of their clients in the courts and we’ve got some nasty scenarios coming out; if a lawyer is defending a case against the regime and is licensed by the regime, is he really able to criticise the regime in a court of law?” Mr Khan says the delays in hearings after the sacking of the judiciary and the slowdown in the economy have also left many legal firms struggling.
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Frank Bainimarama and Teleni’s arms manufacturing dream emerging
May 26, 2009
The manufacture of lethal weapons, as well as chemical, biological and radioactive propelled missiles are the order of the day in Fiji with all necessary licenses and permits awaiting hush hush approval by Frank and Teletubby. Where in the world raw materials are to be sourced from and to whom the manufactured arsenal would be sold to is anyone’s guess, even in defiance with International conventions ratified by Fiji. The key problem with this so called foreign investment is that all resources will be imported including the human element and we will be giving them a tax free factory holiday. Stay tuned for more as we expose the desperation of a tin pot commander and his teletubby partner in crime whose action will crate a new dimension to the concept of security and foreign relations in the Pacific. This is the price of allowing a rouge failed state to endure…
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Fijians are scared to be seen looking at the internet in case they are thought to be reading anti-government blog sites, says a blogger in the Pacific nation. Yet internet blogs have become a popular source of information in Fiji after the interim government imposed media censorship laws on the country’s mainstream media outlets. The blogger – who insists on anonymity – told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program that it is not just bloggers themselves who are careful about being identified by the government, but blog readers as well. He says feedback from readers indicates that many people in Fiji are worried about simply being observed at a computer accessing the internet. “One of the comments that’s interesting is that some has said to me, ‘keep it short, we’re going in to read your blog in particular during work times and we can’t be seen to be surfing the net.” The reader had continued: “We wan’t to get information in the quickest way possible, in an easy way to digest.” The blogger says people who read the blogs should be cautious after some lawyers were outed as anti-government bloggers and were taken in for questioning last week. “(The government) are certainly, I think, very interested in who is doing what and where the information is coming from and certainly what their sources are.
“And we saw that with the two lawyers, they have been targeted and their material have been confiscated that there is cause that there is something to be able to do our work,” Australian internet security specialist, Patrick Gray, says while it is possible for governments to track people online there are some ways Fijians can safely browse the internet. Mr Gray says there are some software tools on the internet which might help blog readers in Fiji avoid detection.
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Dear RFN a few more members are coming forth and want to be heard:
Member 1,Major and above, our NCOs have BRAIN WASHED and instructed the boys to turn their guns on whoever gives the order to shoot innocent civilians within squads when the time comes. Instruction ” vagoleya ga vei koya e solia mai na ota… kua tale ni qai raica na yaloka ni matana se na tabana, tabaka ga.. na gasau e na qai cakacaka taki koya” To the Methodist Church you are the only hope for the future generations, we have had enough EVIL in our MIDST.
Dictators will never honour their word.
An example that they teach at Military College
” O HITLER kei STALIN they signed a non-aggression pact(contract) before the beginning of WORLD WAR II. A few moons later 21,000,000 Soviets perished and 9 ,000,000 Germans perished.” These are dictators , they don’t honour their words and they don’t care about other people and BLOOD on their hands.
Sa gauna me cakacaka taki na noda vabauta qo me vakataki NOA.
Its time to live our FAITH. O kemami na sotia ga vatamata, oi kemuni na sotia ni noda Kalou qaqa.
SA NODA GAUNA NA TAMATA YALODODONU. Me da ia ga vei JIOVA na vavinavinaka.
Sa nona gauna qo. Member 2,major and above, we would like to apologise to Mr Ballu Khan,Baleidrodroka, Siva,and everyone else that were falsely alleged to assainate IG and military personnel. As real military men and women of Fiji our heart goes out to your families for those dark moments.
1. We will make things right that we were suppose to do in 2007, we weren’t brave enough to stop it. But we ARE READY NOW.
2. After investigations to this sick concocted plot within the military, our apparatus have found out that it was basically TALL POPPY SYNDROME. The military plotters randomly picked successful individuals and people that pose a threat to the military.
And executed the LIE.
Their reasoning are: a) A Litmus test for the loyalty of the troops. b) A Litmus test for the readiness of the military for such incidents. c) A Litmus test to the Public , if they were going to react positively or negatively. Especially when the Qaranivalu being accused as well. d) Was their going to be an uprising? e) And to observe the RIPPLE EFFECT. The plan failed miserably because the PUBLIC and the COURTS could see through the LIE.
To the wrongfully accused YOU ARE TRULY UNSUNG HEROS. We will make good on our undertaking in 1,
(member 3 , in the Military Council),the biggest mistake the military did was neutralise the GCC, this cause of action was brought forward by the Muslim Clique and others(OPPORTUNISTS).
Bainimarama is so shallow, this advise will actually weaken the Military and make the military extinct.
Without the GCC the military is without a spine. No matter what Fijians will always follow our chiefs. THE RFMF IS 99% taukei.
The boys keep telling us stories of ‘ keimami sa dau madua na lako i nakoro, se vei ira na wekai kemami, baleta sa dau duatani na nodra raici keimami mai na sotia.”
or ” O cei o kemuni mo ni vosa vacavaca taka na Bose Levu Vakaturaga.” or
” O cei o iko moni vesuki ira na i TALATALA na talai ni KALOU, o iko vaka o sega ni kai VITI mo susugi mai na LOTU. Se mo kila na nomui vola tabu.”
A taukei is always a taukei, na vosa vaqo e dau lauti keimami na Sotia.IN SHORT NO GCC , NO RFMF.
As the Bible states ” Chiefs are ORDAINED by GOD”
Kena balebale na ka kece e kaya tiko o VOREQE & CO is from the devil.
Me da yavala na tamata lotu vakarisito.
Ni da dei na i taukei o ya me dei tiko na 3 legged stool (LOTU,VANUA,MATANITU).
E ra na qai rawa ni qaravi vinaka yani na vo ni kawa tamata.
Ia me liu tikoga na LOTU.
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The regional law association, LAWASIA says its up to the conscience of lawyers to decide whether they take up appointments under the interim government in Fiji.
Fiji’s Chief Justice Anthony Gates who was one of four judges reappointed to the high court on Friday says lawyers are needed to help restored the country and its institutions to normality.
Dr Gordon Hughes, a former president of LAWASIA who visited Fiji on an observer mission two years ago says the statement highlights the dilemma facing lawyers. Dr Hughes says societies can’t function without judges but lawyers are concerned that by accepting judicial appointments they are legitimising the military-led regime in Fiji. He says LAWASIA has left that decision up to individual lawyers. “The position of LAWASIA and also the Law Council of Australia has been a little bit different. They essentially leave it to the individual as a matter of conscience but they encourage the individual before they accept an appointment to give considerations to both sides of the argument.”
Dr Gordon Hughes, a former president of LAWASIA.
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Hi from New Zealand
May 25, 2009
I found your blog through a link from the pacific media centre in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been watching what’s going on in Fiji with a lot of interest over the last few months, trying to work out what the right thing to do is for our family, which has long had a winter holiday on the cards.What I want to know, and haven’t been able to find out through the media as they’re generally (I guess!) trying to look at the bigger picture, is what do the REAL PEOPLE OF FIJI think. For a country whose mainstay is tourism, in times such as these is it better for tourists to keep coming or does that inadvertently support the illegal regime? Or is it better to come because at least that’s bread and butter on the table for the many families that depend on tourism income? You are probably inundated with people contacting you at the moment. If you have a spare minute some time I’d really appreciate your view. Fiji looks like a beautiful country with beautiful people. We’re keen to come as planned but want to be sure our actions aren’t in any way supporting a nut-case regime. All the best, keep up the blogging, thank goodness for the internet.
RFN says – http://fijitoday.wordpress.com has the answer for you in one of their blog post titled ”WARNING TO ALL TOURISTS OR INVESTORS!”
The constitution has gone.
You have no basic Human Rights.
Being critical of the Regime is grounds for arrest.
New laws can be promulgated at any time at the whim of the President.
Arbitrary arrests and detention are now normal.
It is illegal to meet in groups of more than three people.
Judges can only rule if the Regime agree and there is a backlog of several months.
Trade Union officers are fired.
The Law Society is now disbanded and lawyers will be reluctant to be involved in cases against the Regime as they can be deregistered.
All senior appointments are Regime lackeys.
The Regime is not recognised as legal so is not able to be sued in the future.
The Regime is not recognised as legal and any agreements signd by them will be worthless unless agreed to by an elected Government.
Another devaluation is just around the corner.
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Law Society sounds alarm over Fiji judiciary move
May 25, 2009
The Fiji regime’s decision to take over issuing practising certificates for lawyers in Fiji is “very disturbing” and could undermine the rule of law there, says the New Zealand Law Society. The move was a very serious attack on the independence of the legal profession in Fiji, it said, as the Fiji government on Friday decreed that the Chief Registrar of the Court, a government employee, would take over issuing practising certificates from the Fiji Law Society. All existing certificates will expire by the end of June and lawyers will have to seek renewal from the registrar before then. Fiji government authorities raided the Fiji Law Society’s offices and removed files on Saturday night. Society president Dorsami Naidu told Radio New Zealand the new chief registrar, Ana Rokomokoti, and men in plain clothes demanded entry to the society’s Suva offices. They took confidential files relating to complaints against law society members, and the chief registrar told staff a decree had been issued effectively deregulating the society. The decree removed independence for lawyers, Mr Naidu said. The move follows the military regime’s move to reappoint judges last Friday, six weeks after firing them all. Those reinstated included two High Court justices who previously ruled that the military’s 2006 coup was legal.
New Zealand Law Society president John Marshall QC said an independent legal profession was a vital element of the rule of law. “The legal profession represents individuals in claims against the State and defends them in criminal cases brought by the State. “Lawyers must be independent of State interference to be able to represent clients freely and fearlessly,” he said.
In New Zealand, the Law Society issues practising certificates to lawyers and the Fiji Law Society had done the same for the last 12 years, Mr Marshall said. The New Zealand Law Society would watch the Fiji situation very closely and would be extremely concerned if there was any suggestion that lawyers who opposed the regime, or who act for clients who bring cases against it, were being refused practising certificates, he said. It was also concerning wide ranging changes regulation of Fiji’s legal profession had been made without consultation but simply the issuing of the decree.
Auckland queen’s counsel Peter Williams said the raid showed the regime wanted complete control, which was “not unusual for dictatorships”. Mr Williams said the government “did not want the independence of a law”. “They don’t want their activities to be reviewed, or to be in any way questioned,” he said. Fiji’s interim attorney general Aiyaz Sayed-Khayum said reforms to the society would improve transparency. Law societies in Fiji, Australia and New Zealand have urged lawyers in the three countries not to take up judicial postings to serve the regime.
Australian and New Zealand citizens often serve as judges in Fiji, which lacks enough homegrown senior lawyers.
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spokesperson for the regional law association, LAWASIA says the interim government in Fiji will find it difficult to convince people that it won’t interfere with the licensing of lawyers. A decree has been issued stripping the Fiji Law Society of its power to issuing practicing certificates, following a raid on its offices. Dr Gordon Hughes, a past president of LAWASIA who visited Fiji on an observer mission two years ago, says this is not radical as government-appointed bodies are responsible for this in some other countries including Australia. But he says past interference with the legal system in Fiji leads people to doubt whether the new issuing body, the Chief Registrar will be completely independent. “Now that concern may or may not be well founded but its understandable that some people will form the view that the government will simply direct the relevant authority to remove the practicing certificate of someone who for political reasons they don’t approve of.” A spokesperson for LAWASIA, Dr Gordon Hughes
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Victor Lal to Anthony Gates : “You have sold your judicial soul to Hitler’s devil in Fiji”
May 25, 2009
Permit me (although you don’t deserve such a request for permission) to remind you of the essential case for the Rule of Law, as I understand it, by quoting a voice from a now vanished civilisation, but one which has bequeathed to mankind an intellectual and spiritual legacy that is immortal. For, inherent in the accents of that voice, is a dread warning of the consequences of disregard of the Rule of Law: “The Rule of Law”, wrote Aristotle, “is preferable to that of any individual…He who bids the law rule may be deemed to bid God and reason alone rule, but he who bids a man rule adds an element of the beast: for desire is as a wild beast, and passion perverts the minds of rulers, even when they are the best of men. The law is reason unaffected by desire.”
The abrogation of the rule of law means despotism…No point is better established in political science than the proposition that civil liberty depends on the rule of law, and the abrogation of the rule of law would mean the end of civil liberty as we have know it. In your acceptance speech you claimed that it would be a mistake to let the judiciary decay; that you and others had made a mistake previously in refusing to budge after the second coup of 1987. “All of us were dismissed. Though we felt we held the moral high ground, the ordinary people of Fiji were left abandoned. It took the continuing Chief Justice Sir Timoci Tuivaga many years to restore the numbers and many years more to catch up on backlogs and resources. The departure of the judges then can only be described as disastrous. We would have done better to have continued to serve and to play a crucial role in curbing excesses and in bringing the country and its institutions back to normality.”
You said by staying on this time and with more people coming on board to serve, “from such efforts will emerge a truly independent judiciary and in time a closer approximation to the rule of law than we have had in 20 years or more”. You are wrong, Tony! In previous coups, the judges were dismissed because they refused to give into the coupists. You and your treasonists fellow judges now back on the Bench quietly disappeared, only waiting to be called back – whether you conspired in the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution and in the suspension of the judiciary following the Fiji High Court ruling against your judgment, only time and “spies” inside the judiciary, will tell us.
King James 11, so the British House of Commons resolved on 28 January 1689, had been guilty of two main offences before he “withdrew himself out of the kingdom” and “abdicated the government”. One was “having endeavoured to subvert the constitution of the kingdom, by breaking the original contract between king and people”; the second was “by the advice of Jesuits and other wicked persons, having violated the fundamental laws”. The King was not alone. In 1681, Lord Chief Justice Scroggs was impeached, and the charge against him ran, that he had “traitorously and wickedly endeavoured to subvert the fundamental laws and the established religion and government of this kingdom: and instead therefore to introduce popery and an arbitrary and tyrannical government against the law”. Even Oliver Cromwell, whom you had evoked in your judgment in Qarase v Bainimarama was, though a tyrant and usurper, a constitutionalist at heart. You, on the other hand, so it seems to me, are no longer a constitutionalist or a respecter of law; for how else could you have acquiesced in ignoring the Fiji Court of Appeal ruling which went against you. What a great pity that you have forgotten the immortal lines from the Magna Carta, Clause 40: “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay right or justice. In the end you sold your judicial soul to the Hitler’s Devil in Fiji – yes, to Adolf Sayed Khaiyum and his master Frankstein Bhainimarama.
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Nazhat Shameem to illegal oath taker Adolf Sayed Khaiyum
May 25, 2009
I am considering your offer to return to the Fiji High Court. Before I throw my judicial HAT, I am wondering how I will justify my role as partner in crime for taking illegal judicial oath with other treasonists. Have you seen my ruling in State v Seniloli – Judgment [2004] FJHC 534; HAC0028.2003S (5 August 2004). Here I am directing to you my words regarding Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure, whom I jailed for six years (you know I was once his boss in the DPP’s office) and later the Fiji Law Society barred him from practising as a lawyer. Read what I told the presiding jury:“The 2nd accused does not deny taking the engagement in the nature of the oath, but he says firstly, that the oath was not a serious one and therefore he had no intention of taking the post of Attorney-General in the Speight Government, and secondly that he was compelled to take the oath.
How serious the oath-taking ceremony was is a matter of fact for you. You have seen the video footage of the ceremony, and have read the written oaths. You will also have noted that in his caution statement the 2nd accused said nothing about the ceremony being a pantomime or a show for the cameras. Nor did he say he was forced or compelled to take the oath. You have heard his unsworn statement. It is for you to decide whether the 2nd accused took the engagement of Attorney-General in the nature of an oath, or whether he was only pretending to do so for the cameras. You may also consider the 2nd accused’s speech on the 19th of May, when he sat beside Speight and said that he was pleased with the change in government and asked everyone to co-operate with him as Minister for Home Affairs to bring stability in the nation. Mr. Singh suggested to you that he must have made this speech under compulsion by George Speight, but of course the 2nd accused did not mention this in his sworn statement. He also raises the defence of compulsion.
The questions for you are:1) Was there a threat, or threats of grievous bodily harm, or death, made to him by any of the people involved in the takeover at the time of the taking of the oath?2) Was the 2nd accused in fact compelled to take the oath as a result of these threats?3) Would a reasonable person in the 2nd accused’s shoes have succumbed to the pressure?4) Did he have any opportunity to avoid the situation or escape?
In considering these questions you are entitled to take into account the arms in Parliament, the demeanour of the 2nd accused as you saw it on video, the contents of his caution interview, and his unsworn statement in Court. You may also take into account the evidence of several Parliamentarians such as Mr. Leo Smith, Mr. Tuisowaqa and Ratu Cokanauto who managed to avoid taking part in the ceremony either by outright refusal or by deception. Could the 2nd accused have done the same? Could he have left the Complex pretending that he would return? If you consider that he had an opportunity or opportunities to remove himself from Parliament thus avoiding the swearing-in, then the defence of duress is not available to him. It is for the 2nd accused to prove to you that it is more likely than not that he was compelled to take the oath. In relation to the words “purporting to bind him to commit treason” I must direct you again that the formation of an illegal government to replace a lawfully elected one, held by force in custody is treason. So that if the oath the 2nd accused swore appears or purports to bind him to act as Attorney-General to illegally replace the lawful Attorney-General in the government held by arms in custody, then the oath would appear to bind the accused to commit treason, whether or not he intended to commit treason. These are matters for you.”
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The three blind mice wanna blind Fijians ….. again!
May 25, 2009
Anthony Gates, Devendra Pathik and John Byrnes are Fiji’s three blind mice who wanted to blind every Fiji citizen with their thwarted high court judgment over-ruled by Fiji’s Appeals Court in favor of the democratically appointed SDL government and its leader Qarase. Now that all three are back under the illegal new order, it kinda just confirms what everyone suspected all along – that they colluded on a pre-determined high court ruling on that Qarase vs Frank & Co’s case. The character of a man is on full display during times of conflict; a time when the real you is on stage, fully exposed for everyone to see. That show time is all but over for Gates, Pathik and Brynes. They have clearly revealed who they really are by swearing oath and giving their full allegiance to an illegal order – one that has trashed and torn into bits the very essence of what these men espouse to be – guardians of the 1997 constitution and Fiji’s supreme law. But slowly and unashamedly, they have made the choice to do away with the moral of their professional life and in its place, to remain loyal and to uphold a coupmaker and a lawbreaker’s new order.
Will they be successful in blinding the Fijians?
We don’t think so!
We think Fiji is on the last segment of the show now with the wigged big kahunas giving away their allegiance to Frank & Co. before the fat lady sings!
Who and when is the fat lady gonna sing?
We won’t tell!
Let Frank & Co. keep guessing.
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The meaning of treason as pontified by rotten minded Anthony Gates
May 25, 2009
In my summing up in the case of The State v Villiame Savu (Cr Action HAC010.02S, Fiji High Court, 11 December 2002), I said the following: “It is now my duty to sum up the case to you. We have differing roles in this trial. I have to direct you on the law and you must accept these directions. You are to decide on the facts…misprision of treason “The Accused is charged in the information with one charge or count, and that is misprision of treason, which is an offence in our Penal Code. The first element that the prosecution must prove to you beyond reasonable doubt is “that George Speight and others intended to commit treason”. You must be satisfied that they intended to overthrow the established Government unlawfully and by force. “Treason in this sense could include forcible resistance to the authority of the government of the day in some public or general respect. Persons would be guilty of such an offence if by an armed force, however small, they sought to usurp the government in matters of a public or general nature.
“To plan to takeover Parliament by force and to throw out the Prime Minister and cabinet of the day would clearly be treasonous intents. Even if you felt the intention was merely by force to prevent the government from the free exercise of its lawful powers, such intent would be treasonous. Meeting to plan to overthrow is by itself a sufficient instance of treason, a sufficient overt act, to constitute treason.
“You are not concerned (the jury) with motive here, or politics, or “the cause”. You are here to give your opinion, bearing in mind my directions on the law, on whether the law has been broken and on whether the Accused has committed the offence of misprision of treason.”
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Justice John Brynes’ return to his previous judicial post raises the disturbing question whether the recently appointed judges had secretly conspired with their illegal appointing Nazi officer Adolf Sayed Khaiyum in the abrogation of the constitution and the suspension of the judiciary.
In other words, was their suspension or purported dismissal a mere charade, a tactic to ignore the Fiji Court of Appeal ruling which went in favour of the deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.
So far, we have seen the return of Gates, Pathik and Goundar. Will Nazhat Shameem, Thomas Hickie and Joceylne Scutt be making their ghostly appearances and join their treasonous judicial colleagues, and in the process “letting the law down”. The re-appointment of Gates, Pathik, Goundar and Bryne, or their treasonous acceptance of the judicial posts, raise some very disturbing questions for the meaning and place of law in the country. How will they react if their future rulings are ignored by those appearing before them – what right do these treasonous judges have to enforce their judgments when they themselves have ignored the ruling of the superior court – the Fiji Court of Appeal which overturned the judgment of Gates, Pathik and Brynes in Qararse versus Bainimarama?
Where will these judges get their precedent cases from now onwards to make legal rulings – for how can they ignore rulings of the higher court and yet sit down to hear cases in their own courts. What guarantee will be there that these bunch of treasonous judges will not become a law unto themselves – what is the purpose of having higher courts like the Fiji Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, if the very judges (Gates, Pathik and Bryne of the Fiji Court of Appeal) not accept the overturning of their own judgment against Bainimarama. It is most puerile and sickening to hear Gates justifying his re-appointment. Yes, it is one thing for the Nazi judicial officer Khaiyum to abrogate the Constitution and to suspend the judiciary, it is quite another for the judges to return to the Bench at the whim and order of Adolf Sayed Khaiyum, to be purveyors of treason.
The rule of law and the respect for the judiciary will NEVER be the same in Fiji, and IT SHOULD Never BE! Who would want to hear or come near the treasonous judicial lepers – the rapists of the 1997 Constitution and the judicial order in the country. The rule of law is now dead and buried. Forget about getting legal justice from these illegal justices in the future – they are nothing but a shame and lackeys of unconstitutionality in Fiji. It is time a brave and patriotic military officer stepped forward and ended the nightmare and abyss Fiji is facing – he will be lorded as a patriot for taking out the treasonists.
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Reply to reporters without borders
May 25, 2009
Hi,My name is Clothilde Le coz and I am the head of the Internet freedom desk fro Reporters Without Borders, an NGO defending press freedom and free speech.I read that 3 lawyers have been arrested during the week end, possibly because they read or contribute to your blog Raw Fiji News.Do you confirm Richard Naidu, Jon Apted and tevita Fa are 3 contributors to the Raw Fiji News ? Do you have any idea how to contact them ?All the best and thank you for your help, Clothilde
RFN says – The green goons intelligentsia might wanna answer this! Pssssst….. Leweni, you there? Have you found out who we are yet?…… Yes?…….No?….. Keep guessing bro and keep checking where the sun don’t shine!
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How Adolf Sayed Khaiyum is manipulating Frank Bainimarama to win the big prize
May 25, 2009
You don’t need to be a genius to understand that our dictator, the ill-educated and psychologically challenged Frank Bainimarama, cannot think strategically. A heavy drinker, braggart and delusional misfit, who is subject to sudden paranoia-driven mood changes, Frank is more boy than man. In truth, he’s not fit to run a market stall let alone an entire country. But his fear of justice in regard to his role in the 2000 coup made him so desperate that he pulled the December 2006 coup. This is where so-called caretaker attorney-general, Adolf Sayed-Khaiyum, comes in. But unlike Frank, he has a full education and has been expertly trained to think and plan strategically. Moreover, he knows the dictator’s shortcomings only too well. And we can now see only too clearly how he is cynically and consistently playing on the dictator’s frailties for his own ends.
Adolf is an Australian-qualified lawyer with additional credentials from the University of Hong Kong. He’s a well educated man. He’s far better educated than the idiot dictator, and he knows it. After two years of hard work, Adolf has finally become the dictator’s “eminence grise”, which translates as the power behind the throne. It was Adolf who convinced the dictator to abrogate the Constitution and it was Adolf who is now masterminding the setting up of our new, bogus judiciary, including the systematic dismantling of the last vestiges of our remaining legal checks and balances, namely the Fiji Law Society. A grateful dictator, who is on record as having revealed to fellow Pacific leaders that he has no knowledge whatsoever of the specific provisions of our Constitution, has given Adolf carte blanche. That’s because the strategic moves by Adolf make Frank feel good. Deep down in his dim brain Frank understands that Adolf can put a lot of distance between him and the sure justice that awaits him. But Frank is living in a fool’s paradise. He doesn’t understand that Adolf, the highly trained lawyer, has an agenda of his own, and that agenda does not include Frank. Rather, it’s all about Adolf. He is out to replace Frank, and in a nation with no Constitution and a compliant judiciary to boot, it will be a cake walk for the ambitious and strategically-thinking lawyer. With all legal levers of power at his fingertips, Adolf Sayed-Khaiyum is poised for his next major move, which will be to make Frank history and himself dictator.
Just wait and see! fijidemocracynow2009
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Fiji teaching institutions lose volunteers as pension reforms bite
May 25, 2009
One of Fiji’s teachers training institutions says the interim government’s removal of nearly 1,000 teachers from schools around the country is affecting both graduates and student teachers. The regime implemented the policy at the end of April, forcing public servants to retire at 55 instead of 60 in an effort to reduce the numbers of civil servants by ten percent. The Deputy Principal of the teachers training institution Fulton College, Losena Oli, says some of the graduates who had been teaching as volunteers at local mission schools have been recruited by the Government. “The Mission should seriously look into this because right now in Fiji with the devaluation and all that, life is not easy. And they should be paid accordingly rather than giving them just a sort of allowance and all that. It’s a good amount of money they get off in the government schools.” Losena Oli says she hopes the mission schools will begin paying staff in order to make up for the shortfall in teachers.
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Fiji Law Society says an attack on it by the junta is twisting the truth
May 25, 2009
The President of the Fiji Law Society says the country’s Attorney General is twisting the truth by suggesting the country’s lawyers are not properly scrutinised. Following a raid on the society offices on Saturday, a decree is to be issued stating licenses for lawyers will now be up to the military Government and new legal professional standards are to be introduced. The law society’s president, Dorsami Naidu, says the Attorney general is wrong to suggest complaints are not investigated fairly. “I think he is trying to twist it around. If there is a complaint against any of us I dont, or the law Society, does not look at it. We have senior members of the Bar going to the initial stages of the complaint. I don’t, or the Law Society does not look at it. We have senior members of the Bar going through the initial stages of the complaint. We don’t, you know, people personally involved don’t look at it.” Dorsami Naidu says the stripping of the law society’s powers is because it has not followed the orders of Fiji’s military regime.

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