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Fiji Judiciary Still in Limbo

Fiji still without a judiciary
May 4, 2009
Another Monday comes and goes in that rogue state, yet there is still no announcement on a chief justice or judges.
We can report that Aiyaz and Christopher Pryde have scored a perfect HD, not high distinction, but “having difficulty”, in scouting for top judges to give them credibility and legitimacy.
They have looked to their scrapper to chafe whatever thick slime is stuck on the bottom of their treasonous crook-pot.
Sources say Ba lawyer Sahu Khan is now the number one CJ contender.
He comes from the same Sahu Khan family who have blood ties to the Shameem sisters whose mother is also a Sahu Khan.
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Fiji’s economy at its worst ever
May 4, 2009
Frank Bainimarama’s coup of 2006 to save his neck from being thrown to jail has proven to be the most deadliest and costliest coup since Fiji’s first coup of 1987.
Fiji’s economy is tinkering on a possible collapse.
Rumours of a further devaluation some time this week to bolster its embarrasing 1.8 months import equivalent just comes to show the bad bad financial status Fiji is in - thanks to Frank & Co.
Pundits in Fiji and abroad predict that things will only get worse.
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Fiji excluded from trade talks
May 4, 2009
NZPA Monday May 4 …:05pm
Fiji will not take part in talks to set up a Pacific free trade area while it is suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum, a spokeswoman for Trade Minister Tim Groser confirmed today.
Fiji has not been invited to informal talks in Auckland this weekend called to discuss ways to progress a Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (Pacer).
Trade ministers from the forum’s 15 other member states were invited to the Auckland meeting, although not all of them will be able to attend.
Pacer has been on the agenda for more than a decade, with the aim of helping island nations develop their economies.
New Zealand and Australia are keen to set it up but they are looking for an arrangement which benefits the small economies rather than their own.
“The general thinking is that the final product needs to be tilted in favour of the Pacific, one source said.
Foreign Minister Murray McCully spoke on Friday about the trade imbalance between New Zealand and the islands.
“Our billion-dollar export trade into the Pacific has been reciprocated by imports from Pacific nations so miserly that they should be a source of national embarrassment,” he said.
New Zealand research and education network Arena yesterday suggested the Pacer talks be put on ice.
“If Fiji is excluded, what purpose do the negotiations have when one of the two largest economies in the Pacific, alongside Papua New Guinea, is not at the table,” said Arena spokeswoman Jane Kelsey.
The region’s major powers wanted to announce the start of a formal process of consultations leading to negotiations at the forum summit meeting in Cairns in August, she said.
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Tumeke blog says …..
May 4, 2009
Fiji and the return of Winston Peters?

Key holds back Fiji trip blessingThe Maori Party has flown into controversy over plans to lead a delegation to negotiate with Fiji coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama. The prime minister distanced the Government from the move yesterday, but said he would not stop Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples going to Fiji. “New Zealand is a free country. Any individual, including leaders of the Maori Party, are free to travel to Fiji and speak to Commodore Bainimarama … but the Government will continue to hold its negotiations through the forum of Pacific leaders,” John Key said yesterday.
Hmmm, our total budget for Aid (which the evil Lord of the Sith, Murray McCully has just politicized – interesting he never seems to ever get a bad rap from the Political Pages of the Listener) is about $400 million, China spent $350 million alone on Fiji. If Bainimarama feels he has been totally isolated by the rest of the Pacific he will go to China and China will see it as an opportunity to expand – would we want a Chinese sponsored dictatorship in our backyard? Perhaps a better way would be to seek dialogue before Fiji sinks beneath the waves of Chinese influence, what about a special delegation with Dr Pita Sharples, the Maori King AND Winston Peters – for some reason Winston and Voreqe get along personally very well and that relationship could be the key to bringing Fiji back from the brink, obviously it would be a bold diplomatic move by Key, but it depends how much we want a solution in Fiji.
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Another devaluation rumour circulating
May 4, 2009
The rumour that corrupt Sada Reddy of Reserve Bank tried to quash last week is still rearing its ugly head.
Talks of further devaluation is rife again with some saying that Sada is eyeing a further 20-30% devaluation.
But sources say concerns have been raised within RBF that the planned devaluation amount is too cruel for the common man.
They said that a counter argument to soften the planned 20-30% devauation to just 10% has been suggested.
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Ex-Fisheries Permanent Secretary to PNG
May 4, 2009
Neumai, now the ex-permanent secretary for fisheries will be Fiji’s next ambassador to Papua New Guinea.
He is married to parliamentarian Ofa.
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Alfred Tuatoko’s statement draws military attention
May 4, 2009
Ex-military man, Alfred Tuatoko and his family are under close surveillance by Frank & Co.
Insiders say Tuatoko was also taken in for questioning after his statement surfaced on the internet on our anti-coup sister and brother blog
According to Tuatoko’s statement, Frank Bainimarama’s plan to overthrow the Qarasse SDL/FLP multi-party was relayed by Frank to his senior military officers on December 16, 2003.
Tuatoko’s statement has again confirmed that the lame excuses put forth by Frank, Aiyaz like the clean-up corruption campaign, the electoral reform etc are all but a lie.
They are simply cover-ups for Frank’s treasonous intent in December 2003 confirming that Frank’s coup was a move by him to avoid his impending life-term jail sentence.
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Frank & Cos top men interrogate Amani Bale & others
May 4, 2009
Insiders say the top echelon of Frank’s gestapo were at QEB today.
They say it was peculiar to have all of Frank’s henchmen at QEB.
They usually turn up together if there was a special parade or military event.
They report that Teleni, Naupoto and Naivalurua also drove into QEB earlier today and were in the same room where Amani Bale and his group were taken in for interrogation.
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Amani Bale & others taken to QEB
May 4, 2009
Our insiders report that lawyer Amani Bale and some other civilians were taken in to QEB today.
Amani Bale joined Frank & Co. at the beginning of the 2006 coup and was involved in interrogating senior members of Fiji Inland Revenue & Customs Authority resulting in the termination of its chief, Tevita Banuve.
Amani Bale then left the military forces and set up his own private practice.
These insiders are still trying to establish why Amani Bale & Co. were hauled to QEB earlier today.
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Warning to Adolf Sayed Khaiyum : The Pacific Spirit will outlive you!
May 4, 2009
By fijidemocracynow2009
Warning to Adolf the liar: the “Pacific Spirit” will outlive you!
When Adolf Sayed-Khaiyum says that Fiji’s suspension from the Paciific Islands Forum will be “a test of the Pacific Spirit” he’s only demonstrating that he’s a congenital liar.
So what’s new? We’ve always known he cannot tell the truth.
No, the real significance of this latest pronouncement lies in the way it proves that Adolf is as delusional as the dictator.
When he invokes the “Pacific Spirit” you would think Adolf invented the term. But every fair-minded person in Fiji fully understands exactly what constitutes the Pacific Spirit.
And they know from their own bitter experience that the Pacific Spirit has already been well and truly tested by the actions of Frank Bainimarama.
Backed by corrupt racists such as Adolf, Bainimarama used force of arms to overthrow a democratically elected government to impose his (and Adolfs) will over us, the people of Fiji.
Some test! That reprehensible action was totally counter to the decency, dialogue and racial tolerance that is the true Pacific Spirit, which is why our friends and neighbours knew they had no alternative but to suspend our Forum membership.
So get real and listen up Adolf: The Pacific Spirit is alive and well. And understand that you and the dictator will never extinguish that spirit in our beloved Fiji, no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you keep telling your transparent lies.
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Civilians hauled to QEB this morning
May 4, 2009
There are reports from our insiders within that some civilians were hauled up to the QEB this morning.
Who and what for?
We haven’t been told just yet!
Our insiders say it could be related to the Fijian vernacular leaflet that is reported to have been distributed Fiji wide by some nationalists.
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Is Australia capable of providing peacekeeping in Fiji and the Pacific?
May 4, 2009
Article from: The Australian
AUSTRALIA will struggle to lead military operations in the South Pacific, according to analysts who argue the defence white paper has overlooked the crucial role of the army in stabilisation and peacekeeping missions.
Defence experts claim the white paper, which asserts an Australian “leadership role within the South Pacific”, underrates the value of “boots on the ground” and focuses too heavily on the navy and airforce.
The head of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University, Hugh White, said the white paper showed indications of “sloppy drafting”.
“The document does not show they have carefully examined whether the land forces we now have can achieve the strategic objectives they’ve set out,” Professor White told The Australian yesterday.
“I think they’ve switched their attention so strongly to the maritime stuff that they’ve overlooked the adequacy of the land forces.
“What happens if Fiji goes pear-shaped? What happens if there is widespread violence in the PNG highlands? What happens if East Timor goes pear-shaped? Eight battalions doesn’t cut it.”
Alan Dupont, director of the Centre for International Security Studies at Sydney University, said most potential operations in the South Pacific would be “manpower-intensive”.
“Your submarines are not that much use in those situations, where we need to take a leadership role,” Professor Dupont said.
“There’ll be all these messy type situations, everything from humanitarian intervention to peacekeeping.”
Professor Dupont said there was a “very strong case” for the development of another infantry battalion.
“If you cut back on those numbers in the surface fleet, it frees up a lot of capital for things we use all the time, which is essentially ground-based forces,” he said.
“I don’t have a problem with acquiring a Collins-class submarine follow-on. But I do have a question mark over whether we need 12.” Professor Dupont said there was a fundamental imbalance in defence spending.
“I think there should be some reweighting of the defence budget in the future,” he said. “There is no substitute for boots on the ground.
“If you go back, since the early 1990s, in virtually every one of the operations which we have been involved in, it is essentially the ground forces that are doing most of the work. And yet they’re getting the least amount of money.”
But the former chief of operations of the multinational force in Iraq, retired Australian army general Jim Molan, offered a counter view.
“I would love army to have more resources,” he said. “But I’d say that army should not be too disappointed. It was navy and airforce that needed the increase.”
General Molan said it was the “overall incoherence” of the white paper that stakeholders should be concerned with.
“The paper promises everything to everyone,” he said. “There is no connection between the strategic guidance and any of the numbers. Absolutely none.”
The executive director of the Australia Defence Association, Neil James, said the white paper was “good overall” but lacked clarity on the replacement of the ageing armoured personnel carrier fleet.
He flagged the urgent need to replace them with infantry fighting vehicles, which he described as essential to modern armies.
He also said there was no explicit reference to a heavy armoured capability, essential for land forces in conventional warfare scenarios.
“There’s one word missing from the paper that you never see: that’s ‘tank’,” Mr James said. “And tanks save lives.”,,25423972-2702,00.html
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Iloilo’s wife, Kavu, doesn’t wanna resign to village
May 3, 2009
There are strong rumours that the people of Vuda will be approaching Iloilo this week to take him back to his village of Vuda in the western part of Fiji.
But his corrupt wife, Kavu, is not giving in to the idea of retiring in Vuda.
Sources say she is not ready to leave the Nasese white house and will fight tooth and nail to maintain her illegitimate first deceitful lady role.
This is the woman that many say was and still is having an extra-curricular activity with Rupeni Nacewa, the guy who is signing off on behalf of Iloilo as pretend head of state.
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Fiji judges termination letter signed by Rupeni Nacewa
May 3, 2009
Our sources say that all judges serving in Fiji’s judiciary were handed their termination letter signed not by Iloilo but by his Permanent Secretary, Rupeni Nacewa.
The revelation has raised many questions as to why Iloilo, the man who purportedly abrogated the 1997 constitution, did not sign the termination letters, eventhough he was the appointing authority and was there in Fiji all this time.
But other sources say that Iloilo has been conveniently pushed aside soon after his announcement on Easter Friday.
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Fiji blames Australia, NZ for suspension
May 3, 2009
May 4, 2009 - 7:09AM
Fiji’s military government is blaming New Zealand and Australia for its suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum.
Fiji was suspended at midnight on Friday because it ignored a forum deadline to set a date for elections this year.
Self-appointed prime minister Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama says there will be no elections before 2014 because changes to the electoral system have to be put in place.
The suspension deadline was agreed by the forum last year but Fiji’s Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said on Monday New Zealand and Australia were behind it.
“We have had a fairly dogmatic position taken and unfortunately that dogmatic position seems to be only pronounced by Australian and New Zealand prime ministers and foreign ministers,” he said on Radio New Zealand.
“None of the other forum leaders are speaking out. We have very good and wonderful bilateral relationships with our Pacific brothers and sisters.”
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said “constructive dialogue” was needed between Fiji and the forum to solve the problems.
“At the end of the day… Australia and New Zealand are the superpowers compared with all the others,” he said.
“We are small and vulnerable economies, that is reality.”
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said he had not doubted the forum would hold to its commitment to suspend Fiji.
“The forum has, and New Zealand continues, to be more than willing to work with Frank Bainimarama if he wishes to restore democracy in Fiji,” he told NZPA.
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Fiji should not be home to Forum Secretariat : Bishop
May 3, 2009
The secretariat of a key regional forum should be moved from Fiji in protest at the government’s refusal to hold elections, opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop says.
Fiji has been suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum.
Ms Bishop said it was “untenable” for the Forum’s secretariat to remain in Fiji’s capital Suva.
“The military leadership in Fiji has no regard for fundamental principles of democracy and freedom, having suspended the Constitution, dismissed the independent judiciary and suppressing the media,” Ms Bishop said on Sunday.
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