Friday, May 15, 2009

The Church Grows Through The Blood Of Its Martyrs - 15 May 2009

A Tribute To Rev Lasaro’s Courage

While most of Fiji enjoyed the comforts of sleep last night, the respected and elderly Rev Manasa Lasaro was languishing like a common criminal in a cold, dark cell at the Totogo Police Station in Suva, carrying his cross for the stance the Methodist Church had consistently taken for justice, the rule of law, and an early return to democracy as a means to alleviate the hardship and poverty now so prevalent in Fiji.

 As a leader in the Church, Rev Lasaro stands out for his dedication to God, his outspokenness, decisive action and control which he had used for the good of so many individuals, families, the Church, community and the nation. True, while being carried away with the nationalistic sentiments of 1987, his actions, like those of so many others were dictated by the pressures of those moments.

 However, the consistent position of the Methodist Church since December 2006 gives Fiji hope that most have learnt from the mistake of supporting coups and the poverty and despotic tyrants they produce.

Under current circumstances, while some have preferred appeasement and downplayed their prophetic responsibilities in the face of oppression and tyranny, Rev Lasaro had shown that regardless of personal consequences, obedience to God’s calling has to be reflected with instincts that are consistent with God’s will.

 With his responsibility for building a Christian nation, Rev Lasaro has been forthright and truly prophetic in pointing out to the Bainimarama junta the need to comply with the rule of law, the April 09 ruling of the Appeals Court, and the importance of human dignity through the need to restore basic rights and freedoms.

That he is now personally paying the price for the stance of the Methodist Church is a rallying point for others who will soon make their stand for peace, democracy and freedom of worship, human rights, and the rule of law in our nation. It spells doom for dictators, tyrants and their henchmen who have driven the nation to ruin and hung on to save their own skins.

God bless you Rev Lasaro and to God be the glory!


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