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Vore Ready to Be Ousted

More from the bold anonymous bloggers
April 27, 2009

The Fijian vernacular message that was distributed throughout Fiji was made by members of the discipline services who believe in INTEGRITY,HONESTY AND HONOUR. We want to stop this MADNESS. please let them know that we are all RFMF people under voreqe,mara , driti and co. Also we are all experienced senior officers of the Police force under teleni. Also senior and junior Navy officers under Kean. Let them know that we mean business. They should restore the 1997 constitution, or they shall perish.take the former option.

We want to restore lost HONOUR ,INTEGRITY and HONESTY in the UNIFORM. SA YALA EKE.

Eda vakanadakuya oqo e dua na Siga Ni Mate e rarawataki ka butobuto taudua ena keda I vola tukutuku na lewe I Viti, vakabibi o keda na Kawa I Taukei.Oqo ena nona sa mai basuraka ko Joseva Iloilovatu na yavudei ni vakavulewa (1997 Constitution) ka yavutu ni noda bula na lewe I Viti, vakabibi na veika e taqomaka kivei keda na Kawa I Taukei. E sega ni tiko ena vosa vakaviti na vosa me ganiti Iloilovatu, ia eda masuti ira ga na vanua o Vuda mera la’ki kauti koya lesu ki delaniyavu. E tiko mai dakuna ko Bainimarama, tamata vuli vakavo, dau caca veiwekani, ka dau buturaki keda sobu tiko na Kawa I Taukei. E vica tiko na Turaga ni Valu lecaika era tovaki Bainimarama tiko, e rau wili talega kina ko Ganilau kei Nailatikau. Ko Iloilovatu, ena vakarusai Viti. Era na bula gogo na bisinisi, sega na cakacaka, malumalumu na I lavo, sega na kakana, kasura na veiqaravi vakamatanitu, ka na takali yani na vei wekani. Ia, ena vakatau kivei keda kece sara, meda solia na noda I gu, ka vorata na matanitu nei Iloilovatu. Me da yalovata ka kaya vata kece oqo:
1. SA YALA EKE na neimami vei vosoti voli mai; sa oti na vei talanoa kei Bainimarama, se na vakarogoca na ka e kaya. Keimami na kovea lesu na vei liutaki ena gaunisala cava ga e votu mai kivei keimami. Keimami na masu vua na neimami Kalou, ka ia na yavavala, ena vala vata kei kemami ko Koya.
2. SA YALA EKE na vei waraki, keimami na sega ni waraka e dua tale me mai valataka na neimami dodonu; keimami na tekivutaka sara ga na Kawa I Taukei. Kevaka era veivuke mai na duikaikai se na vei matanitu tani, keimami na ciqomi ira, ke sega, keimami na ia ga vakataki keimami na Kawa I Taukei.
3. SA YALA EKE na neimami namaki ira na vei liutaki mera mai liutaki keimami ena yavala oqo, sa I keimami sara ga vakayadudua keimami bole ka duavata ena veika kece e dodonu me vakayacori. Ena tekivu yani e Suva , lakovata kei na tayabe ni kudru kei na sogo gaunisala ena veikoro, sogo rara ni waqavuka, sogo wavu ni kelekele ni waqa e Viti raraba. Ena paralase ko Viti me yacova ni keimami sa rawata na neimami I naki, oya me vakatikori tale na 1997 CONSTITUTION. Ni sa yaco na neimami I naki, ena kauta mai na vei lomani, tadola tale na veiwekani kei ira na vei matanitu e vuravura, ka totolo sara na veisau me sautu na neimami vanua.
4. SA YALA EKE na rere; keimami kawa ni tamata yalo qaqa, keimami sega ni rerevaka na vale ni vei vesu, na mavoa, se na mate. Ko ira na sotia kei ira na ovisa era neimami gone ka keimami kila nira sega ni vinakata mera vakamavoataka e dua na wekadra.. Ia, ke sa mani yaco na mavoa, keimami na sega ga ni soro. Keimami kaya kivei ira na neimami kawa: ‘For your tomorrow we gave our today.’
5. SA YALA EKE na beci keimami vakataki keimami, ka sa kena gauna oqo me keimami vakayagataka kina na kaukauwa levu e tiko kivei keimami yadudua. E vica na vei wekani era na keimami meca, ia, ena qai vakamaduataki ira ga na kedra I tukutuku rogorogo ca ena bula tu ena vei taba gauna kece sara mai muri, me vakataki Jutasa Isikarioti. Na neimami I bole oqo, ‘SA YALA EKE.’
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Indigenous Fijians ready to face Frank head on
April 27, 2009
We are receiving reports from our sources in Fiji that dooms day is nigh for Frank.
While details are still sketchy, we’re told that the peoples power resistance against Frank is beginning to gain momentum following the detainment of some hard-core nationalist like Duvuloco.
Is the fat lady slowly finding her way to the stage to sing her thundering tune?
We think so!
But not until the big kahuna wigged ones are crowned by Aiyaz, Frank and Iloilo.
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Aiyaz Khaiyum’s English QC furious with betrayal
April 27, 2009
We have been reliably informed by those close to the English QC who argued for the President in the Court of Appeal against deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase that the QC is very angry with the abrogation of the Constitution.
He has informed the British Solitictor-General of the developments in Fiji since the Appeal Court decision.
So the legal airhead Adolf Sayed Khaiyum should get ready for international bashing and ostracism - even his former lapdog Shaista will be of no help to the goons
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Hell will break loose in Fiji!
April 27, 2009
Frank and Aiyaz’s new legal order is really the law of the jungle - reworded!
Frank is arbitarily taking in civilians to further intimidate and to instil fear into Fijian peoples hearts and minds.
And sources from there say it will get worse within the next few days as peoples collective anger begin to boil over into what they say will be a catastrophic explosion.
Frank’s intimidation tactics nor his gun power will be able to stop what these sources say is brewing hot.
And Frank knows it’s coming.
He can feel the angry heat from afar!
Hell will break loose in Fiji - there is no doubt about it!
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Will Frank take in Chaudhry like Duvuloco?
April 27, 2009
Mahendra Chaudhry is a bold, seasoned politician who knows when to say what.
His public denounciation of Frank’s attempt to kill the 1997 constitution is timely.
And to come from a man who was once a key member of Frank & Cos regime and its interim minister for money will most definitely create waves within team Frank’s inner circle.
Mahendra Chaudhry has defied Fiji’s marshall law rules demanding all its citizen to zip up, be still and refrain from showing any opposition to Frank and Aiyaz’s new fictitous order.
Will Frank take Chaudhry to task just like he’s done to the accused Duvuloco’s gang?
We hope not!
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Why Frank Bainimarama chickened out from being a man
April 27, 2009
Remember that “Be a Man” crusade organised by Teleni’s bro?
It was to have featured Frank Bainimarama and his murderer bro-in-law Francis Kean.
They were required to be a man and spill it all, professing their sins and to tell their side of the story why they should be called a man.
Well, Francis Kean made it to the stage but not Frank.
So what exactly happened to strongman Frank?
Word is that he chickened out completely after we posted that “Be a Man” crusade notice on this blog.
He was told members of the local and international media will be there so the sorry sod just couldn’t face up to testify his girly doings made possible with his pink handbag pistol.
We say, Francis Kean is a man.
And Frank?
He’s a bloody full-on poofta moonlighting as a coupster!
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Warnings of unrest amid Fiji crackdown - TVNZ
April 27, 2009
There are warnings of civil unrest in Fiji amid a climate of censorship and intimidation of people who dare to challenge the unelected government.
The Pacific nation is effectively under martial law after Frank Bainimarama dumped the constitution and the judiciary and delayed elections for five years.
Fiji’s political crisis doesn’t make local headlines in fact it is not in the paper at all.
There is no space for speaking up and people have to be prepared for the consequences.
Following comments he has made Dorsami Naidu of the Fiji Law Society says he has been contacted by the military “asking me to come to the camp and they haven’t given me any reasons so I refuse to go.”
Unsanctioned comments can cost people two years of their freedom and while intimidation hasn’t stopped Naidu, many others are too scared to speak up.
Under the military rule in Fiji it is illegal to hold a meeting. If it involves the media or the conversation is about politics people have to apply for a permit.
To avoid censorship, ONE News broke the rules and met with Fijians in private.
One woman wished to remain anonymous due to feared repercussions of speaking up.
“I do have fear, I do have anxiety about what they will do to me. I do not believe to be silent is the way out of it,” she says.
She supports a speedy return to democracy.
“The president has clearly committed treason in our view,” she says.
And talking of Bainimarama: “We think he is arrogant, we think he is power hungry. In our view he is very dangerous.”
The chance to voice her true opinion brought her to tears. She said she feels suffocated and oppressed and believes the only place the current regime is driving her country, is down.
She fears more civil strife.
“I am hoping that we will remain focused that there is one common enemy and that is the military and their leaders.”
Naidu also has concerns about stability.
“It is very unstable though there appears to be a calm. It is a non-functional society,” he says.
Naidu believes the way out of the mess his country is in is to is appeal to some within the government who may secretly doubt Bainimarama’s master plan.
“Everyone has a conscience and these guys are very concerned otherwise they wouldn’t be closing down the media.”
Others are urging New Zealand tourists to stay away to starve the government of tax dollars, saying it is a necessary sacrifice and one they hope will bring the people of Fiji swiftly back to the ballot box.
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Chaudhry beats Qarase in calling for a speedy return to democracy after April 10th
April 27, 2009
Michael McKenna April 27, 2009

Article from: The Australian
FORMER Fiji prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry yesterday called on military leader Frank Bainimarama to return the South Pacific nation to democracy as the population increasingly suffers rising food prices and worsening social tensions in the face of international isolation.
With Fiji almost guaranteed to be suspended this week from the Pacific Islands Forum, Mr Chaudhry defied a press and political crackdown on dissent to blast Commodore Bainimarama’s “autocratic and dictatorial” leadership after taking power
in a bloodless coup in December 2006.
A finance minister in Commodore Bainimarama’s interim government until August last year, Mr Chaudhry said his former political ally’s refusal to hold elections until 2014 was hurting the population, with the instability driving down the economy and contributing to racial tensions.
Commodore Bainimarama’s anti-elections stance seems certain to confirm Fiji’s suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum. In January, member nations ordered Fiji to set the date for democratic elections by May 1. That deadline edges ever closer and Fiji looks even less likely to meet it now than it did in January.
Mr Chaudhry’s Fiji Labour Party is seeking talks with Commodore Bainimarama to resume negotiations for democratic elections to be held as soon as possible. “We have severe problems over here with the economy, and the dollar has been devalued by 20 per cent,” he told The Australian. “Fiji is a nation that imports a lot of food and people are finding it increasingly difficult to put food on the table. Ordinary people are feeling it, and, of course, there are social tensions. “But we can’t address these issues without restoring political stability, it is now imperative to find a solution.”
Mr Chaudhry and two fellow Labour Party ministers quit the interim Government last year after Commodore Bainimarama went back on a promise to hold elections in Fiji by March, saying he needed more time to reform the nation’s political system and root out corruption.
This month, Commodore Bainimarama went further by repealing the Constitution, before the judiciary was sacked and emergency regulations put in place to control free speech.
Regime censors have been sent into newsrooms to prevent sensitive political stories being published or broadcast.
Mr Chaudhry, a former prime minister who was ousted in the previous 2000 nationalist coup, said he had initially supported Commodore Bainimarama in his push to eradicate race politics in the country. Commodore Bainimarama had accused that government of corruption and implementing racist policies to the detriment of Fiji’s minority ethnic Indian community, which is the Labour Party’s key constituency and support base. But Mr Chaudhry said the dumping of the Constitution and the regime’s latest crackdown on the judiciary and press were worrying for the future of the country.
“The abrogation of the Constitution was tragic and unfortunate,” he said. “We need to get talks, that include (2006 ousted prime minister) Laisenia Qarase, back on track to map out a way back to democracy.”
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9,000 less Aussie tourist to Fiji in Jan, Feb ‘09
April 27, 2009
“Fiji reports sharp downturn.”
“Fiji saw a sharp dip in arrivals from Australia in the first two months of the year with tourism officials blaming the recession and floods.”
“Figures released by Tourism Fiji show 23,285 Australians visited the island in January and February, almost 9,000 fewer than 2008.”
These are the latest words from Tourism Today, a daily tourism e-zine that gives summarised reports on tourist destinations, including Fiji.
So fellas, it is confirmed that Aussie’s and New Zealanders, who make up Fiji’s key tourist markets, are abit weary of Fiji.
Frank has weared them down with his childish tirades they see on their mainstream media, putting them right off from contributing to his self-preservation national kitty.
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Fiji’s defence force members speak out anonymously
April 27, 2009
Dear RFN,
please let them know that we are all RFMF people under voreqe,mara , driti and co. Also we are all experienced senior officers of the Police force under teleni. Also senior and junior Navy officers under Kean. Let them know that we mean business. They should restore the 1997 constitution, or they shall perish.take the former option. We want to restore lost PRIDE ,INTEGRITY and HONESTY in the UNIFORM.
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John Prasad, Fiji’s finance man swindles $0.5 million
April 27, 2009
We’ve been told that John Prasad, now the illegal Permanent Secretary/CEO of Finance helping Frank manage the national kitty swindled $0.5 million from a developer.
The developer is said to have cried foul when John Prasad and his New Zealand partner took off with the money.
John Prasad is said to have warned the developer not to make a fuss out of it or else he will see to it that his Fiji business interests are wiped out.
Meanwhile, John Prasad and his Kiwi business partner continue to provide consultancy works to Fiji’s water reticulation unit at the public works department.
Their company is said to have just received another $50,000 payment instalment authorised by John Prasad himself as PS Finance.
The corruption by Frank’s coup apologists/beneficiaries has brought a bitter taste to Frank’s hollow claims of wanting to rid corruption in Fiji.
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Fiji bloggers can mobilize issues
April 27, 2009
By forwardfiji
Our sovereign rights has citizens of a once Democratic Republic State, has been muzzled by dogmatic paranoia and irrational leadership.
Our votes have been delayed and justice delayed is far from justice in all aspects thereof.
Our blogs can mobilize issues, rekindle weary hands and stimulate proactive political advocacy.
Our blogs shall fill the void and quench the suppression of free press.
lets do away with the Presidency,after all, history has shown that it has effectively entrenched the Military watchdog as a mindless Political party, even without constituent support and without the consent of the people. The same people who buy imports and work hard towards selling our exports…
voreqe…if your blond, youre not only naive, you’re a voreqenarian.Which is a word in itself, meaning everything you want it to be, everytime you read anything that doesn’t make sense.
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Banish Rabuka, banish the evil one
April 27, 2009
By forwardfiji
Our right to vote as citizens of a democratic Republican state has been diminished to blogging, a sad state of affairs to a nation, that was the epitome of paradise…if only they banished Rabuka, for eating the apple…we would have banished the devious one too..
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Aiyaz Khaiyum & Shaista Shameem the biggest mistake since coup 2006
April 27, 2009
By comment8r
Re Shaista: Well said Victor. It would seem that her misappropriation of funds has caused Frank to distance himself from her.
To be critical of the IG’s Counsel in the court of appeal is poor form indeed. If Ms Shameem is such a genius she should have conducted the matter herself. True criminals have a tendency to blame their defence team rather than accept their own culpability.
To say the learned Counsel jettisoned the legal argument that succeeded before Gates is utter rubbish. The legal argument which was the core of her advice to VB was purile to begin with. She is not a good lawyer. She is a figurehead and a pseudo academic.
Don’t worry Victor the cracks are appearing. Her reputation is in the process of being destroyed. She has lost all credibility in the eyes of jurists worldwide. When a standing commission is set up when this sorry mess comes to an end she will have to give an account for her actions. Why was she involved in the first place. Why did VB listen to her poor advice. She is not in the business of practising law. She is an administrator. She has attacked a member of the UK Bar - and lawyers across the world will remember it for a long time.
Who will represent her when the time comes. Who will represent her when she attacks Counsel.
Frank has listened to a non practising lawyer masquerading as a practising constitutional lawyer. That may well be his biggest mistake since December 2006. She may get a practising certificate in Zimbabwe if she does want to practise law. Otherwise she should find a new career.
Why didn’t Frank seek counsel from a practising lawyer. Both the AG and Shameem do not practice. She approaches her law from a pseudo-academic position.

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