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UN Boots Out Fiji Troops

Colonel Aziz Mohammed buys a second home while he stays rent free in a government quarters
April 29, 2009

We can confirm that Colonel Aziz Mohammed is the new owner of a second investment home along Flagstaff. Aziz Mohammed’s sudden rise to fame complemented with a bulkier pay-pack was made possible by the 2006 coup. And he is wasting no time in investing his extra cash to build up his net worth. We always like to see people invest wisely to grow their wealth basket but we despise people like Aziz Mohammed and others who have made a killing from stealing taxpayers money for their own selfish get-rich-quick schemes.

It is also understood that Aziz and his family are living in a government quarters in Domain - one of those homes the junta took by force from the Australians.
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Retiring citizens flock to Suva
April 29, 2009
Word from capital Suva is that many 55 years and over who will be retiring from service tomorrow are there to sort out their retirement packages and FNPF monies. As many count down to their last working day tomorrow, the man responsible for this inhumane wholesale retirement decree order has left Fiji’s shores for Indonesia via Korea. It has now emerged that Frank decided to leave the troubled rogue state to avoid the expected pustch from within the ranks who’ve been affected by the 55 years compulsory retirement decree and a possible back-lash from the retirees.

Confirmation of UN’s withdrawal from recruiting Fijian soldiers to their peacekeeping programmes has provoked more tension between tyrant Frank and officers within Fiji’s defence and disciplinary forces. Add to that Fiji’s suspension from the Pacific Forum in a day’s time.
Meanwhile, millions of dollars are expected to shift from the FNPF account to their lump-sum retiring members accounts tomorrow. Some are expected to bank it, buy shares and unit trust, while others will spend it on a broad range of things that is expected to create abit of economic activity there.
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New rule creates thousands of retirees
April 29, 2009
By Michael Hartsell - Global Voices Online
A recent government decree in Fiji orders all civil servants 55 years and older must retire Thursday, April 30. The new rules affect any person working within Fiji’s government, police force and prisons service. Previously, those workers would be employed until turning 60.

The mandate excludes the commissioner of Fiji’s police or prisons or the head of Fiji’s military.
Debate continues on the total number of forced retirees who will leave the workforce on the last day of April. Fiji’s Public Service Commission permanent secretary told the media more than 1600 civil servants will be affected, including 15 doctors, 97 nurses and more than 800 teachers. One blog calculates perhaps 2200 government workers could be out of work. In order to continue necessary services, the government will allow workers with “scarce skills” to be eligible for re-employment on 12-month contracts. Those professions include doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers and other technical officers. A post at Coup Four And A Half, the blog providing the 2200 statistic, reports that the influx of recent retirees could provide liquidity issues for the country’s retirement financial plan, Fiji National Provident Fund.

With the deteriorating economy and rising inflation due to devaluation, it’s expected that most of those retiring will want to withdraw their money all at once, instead of taking the pension scheme under which the calculated percentage of their funds is paid out once a month. The interim regime has publicly stated that all those retiring at the age of 55 should depend on their FNPF savings to sustain them for the rest of their life and cater for the needs of their families.
Sources say it will be interesting to see whether the FNPF allows members to take their money out in a lump-sum.

Raw Fiji News also predicts most retirees will take their money out immediately. The fund’s manager affirmed all retirees will be paid according to their pension options. The new retirement regulations arrive when Fiji’s economy is under strain. It has been hit by the global economic slowdown, hurting the tourist and agriculture industries; the recent devaluation of its currency by 20 percent has raised fears of inflation. On top of that, Moody’s Investor Services downgraded the country’s credit ratings by two notches because of “political instability.”

The Intillentsiya blog argues Fiji’s taxpayers will eventually foot the bill for the mass retirements. Eradicating all those over 55 (with the privileged exceptions of Bainimarama & Teleni) from the face of the civil service is just irrational. Especially as we all know there are no set internal means in existence within the civil service to capture their institutional knowledge of where things are at, upon their departure. It is simply impossible to capture it all within a span of day’s (there are some reports of instant departures) whereas normally institutional knowledge is embedded into organizational procedures and structures. The fact that there will be a helluva lot of extra workloads thrown upon the remaining civil servants to deal with is almost guaranteeing worse off service outcomes to taxpayers. In effect the taxpayers once again bear the brunt of this flawed and illegal decree…

The economic fall0ut of this flawed policy and illegal decree will be severe. Assuming that these 1,000 or so over-55er’s were on a conservatively estimated salary of FJD$30K that essentially boils down to savings of about $30mill from now on. Which is dandy for Bainimarama’s continued illegal empire building.However the other end of the spectrum also means that there is a $30mill LESS floating actively within the economy (goods, services) and it will fall upon the illegal regime to somehow subsidize normal government mandated services.It also means there’s less taxes for collection and therefore even less income for custodians of our national coffers at FIRCA to depend on for next year’s budget.The superannuation custodians FNPF can also expect similar trends.

The retirement regulations are problematic to a few bloggers who point out that Royal Fiji Military Force commander Bainimarama, who turned 55 April 27, has been excluded from them. Tim Selwyn, in a post at the New Zealand-based Tumeke blog, says the forced retirements will allow the government to do away with troublesome army officers. It is no coincidence that Bainimarama turns 55 on 27 April and that he can force any state employee to retire that is 55 just three days later. It may be utter hypocrisy, but it is also a classic Alpha Male move to eliminate the senior ranking rival males - the MO of the bully/thug military man.

The retirement exemptions are the means the military will use to sack the good sorts of government officials that resist - in any way - the “new legal order.” The sorts of people that refused to obey the Commodore the first time around in 2006 and who continued to operate their departments without reference to what they knew was an illegal authority. He had to send troops into some of these offices because the senior civil servants refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of his regime - and the Appeal Court upheld that Bainimarama’s government was and is illegal. These are good people with a genuine ethic of maintaining a first class neutral public service. These people will be forced to retire and the Commodore can move his military men and other pro-regime supporters in - regardless of merit and competence and with no mind for the rule of law.

Earlier this year, Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s interim government fought and won a case against two public sector unions allowing it to reduce the civil servant retirement age from 60 years to 55. A few weeks later, the Supreme Court allowed the two unions to appeal the case, granting a stay in the new rules. The stay was nullified after the country’s president, reacting to a court case questioning the legality of the Bainimarama government, abrogated the constitution, fired the entire judiciary and made himself head-of-state. He then reappointed the Bainimarama government to a five-year mandate.

During the retirement case, the Bainimarama government argued the 55 year rule will free needed cash for the government, allow older civil servants to enter the private sector with new businesses and, more importantly, permit Fiji’s bulging young population a place in the workforce. One analysis showed that Fiji’s private sector has only been able to handle one-half of the new job seekers each year.
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Duvuloco in hospital
April 29, 2009
Politician and General Secretary of the Nationalist Vanua Tako Lavo Party, Iliesa Duvuloco was admitted to hospital last night.
Director Operations SSP Waisea Tabakau confirmed Duvuloco complained of chest pains last night adding he is currently in hospital with police guards.
Duvuloco and five others were taken in over the weekend after they were allegedly distributing pamphlets that breach the Public Emergency Regulation (PER).
The pamphlets to allegedly cause instability were mainly distributed in the rural areas.
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The John Prasad, Sada Reddy & John Sami connection
April 29, 2009
By a blogger
This person, John Prasad, was unemployed (unemployable) for many years in NZ, worked for Rewa Dairy as a milk tester. Been conning people of NZ for many years. Sada Reddy has been trying to get his NZ PR for many years now. Must have shifted a bit of dough to buy house next to rat John Samy
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UN bans Fiji troops
April 28, 2009
UN bans Fiji troops
The United Nations has just announced it will no longer hire Fiji troops for its peacekeeping operations, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says. New Zealand has been pushing for the UN to ban Fijians since Voreqe Bainimarama’s 2006 coup. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said Rudd made the announcement ahead of talks with Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare. Rudd says the UN’s move means important remittances to Fijian military families will now be cut off.

“Through our own interventions with the United Nations and supported by New Zealand and other countries, the United Nations is now not going to engage future or new Fijian troops for new operations,” he said.
The Pacific Islands Forum is set to expel Fiji on Friday and the Commonwealth is considering action.
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Rudd backs move to oust Fiji from Pacific Forum - The Age
April 28, 2009
Rudd backs move to oust Fiji from Pacific forum
Misha Schubert
April 29, 2009

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has vowed to maintain Australia’s “hardline” stance against Fiji’s military dictatorship, as the rogue state heads towards being expelled from the Pacific Islands Forum on Friday. The Prime Minister also signalled plans to seek fresh moves by the United Nations to pressure the regime to return to democracy by cutting the number of Fijian troops already deployed on global peacekeeping missions. Such a move — to come on top of a ban on any new Fijian troops on UN missions — would cut foreign income into Fiji and target the military from within its own ranks. The tough stance was endorsed by Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Michael Somare, in Canberra for annual talks with Mr Rudd, who said Fiji had given its neighbours no option but to suspend it from the forum.

Mr Rudd also questioned Fiji’s membership of the Commonwealth, after its “wholesale assault” on the state by suspending the constitution, the independent judiciary and the free press.
“You cannot sustain within a family of democracies within the Pacific Island Forum or a family of democracies within the Commonwealth a government like that of Fiji which simply treats with contempt the most fundamental democratic institutions and press freedoms of its people,” he said After the bilateral meeting, Mr Rudd honoured the “Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels” — the villagers who helped save the lives of Australian soldiers as they repelled the Japanese advance through the muddy jungles of PNG during the Second World War. Mr Rudd confirmed plans for Australia to print commemorative medallions for those who guided and carried wounded diggers out of harm’s way and “who are so much part and parcel of our ability to prevail in the New Guinea campaign in the darkest days of World War II”. The two leaders also discussed a push to track the effectiveness of Australia’s substantial aid contribution to PNG by using clearer social yardsticks such as infant and maternal mortality and school attendance. They set a goal to lift primary school attendance for Papua New Guinean children from 53 to 70 per cent by 2015.
Moves to establish a national rugby league competition in PNG were also canvassed — including the idea of making participation in training and games conditional on school attendance.
Introducing such conditions has been hailed as a huge success in some remote indigenous communities in Australia, where swimming pools have been used as an incentive to increase school attendance by Aboriginal children.
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Frank off to Indonesia today
April 28, 2009
Frank Bainimarama is side-stepping to Indonesia today. The pressure at home must be getting too much for the coupster to handle. Sources say his trip has been hush hush until now.
Will the mouse play when the cat is away? Or is he running away from a possible uprising?
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Sada Reddy can not dictate terms to commercial banks
April 28, 2009
Reserve Bank of Fiji illegal governor and coup-apologist Sada Reddy better take it easy or else his poor heart will explode on him. Sada, out of all people, should know that he nor Reserve Bank can dictate terms to commercial banks to set-up microfinance units etc. He can mouth it but he doesn’t have the powers to enforce it. So Rada, where the heck is your coup buddy John Prasad, chairman of Fiji Development Bank and PS/CEO for Ministry of Finance? This is the guy you and Frank should be skinning for his non-performance at FDB.

FDB should be focused on locally owned SMEs and agricultural based projects instead of giving away a big chunk of the bank’s loan portfolio to overseas developers who dig in to the shallow local financing pot to finance their multi-million dollars schemes like that controversial misleading advertising Naisoso development crap in Nadi. If they are real investors, they should arrive in Fiji with their offshore financing in place ready to be pumped into the Fijian economy.
Not depend on FDB to finance them taking away the much needed loan funds for micro-finance and agro-based financing local business people desperately need. Why not start with John Prasad’s FDB Sada Reddy? ANZ is doing its part through its rural banking initiative - something FDB nor Reserve Bank have the capacity to do by reaching out to the rural and sometimes the poorest communities in Fiji.
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Mandatory detention for swine flu already happening in Fiji
April 28, 2009
Now that the world is adopting mandatory detention for people suspected with swine flu, take a moment for those innocent Fijians already holed up in various detention centres in Fiji for contracting the Fijian version of the swine/Voreqe flu.
Their detention is of a different kind and parallels well with everyones idea of a pig in a pigsty.
Word from there is that some nationalistic Fijians are still being detained for distributing patriotic leaflets.
They say they’ve been left in their police cells for days now, caged up like pigs.
No report has been forthcoming on what type of care they’ve been given.
We’re also told that Fiji Red Cross personnel were stopped from seeing them for their ration of food, water, blanket, clothing.
And there you go tourists wanting to go to Fiji - think again, you might come back with Voreqe’s double dose of swine flu.
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Auzy federal government handouts to SDL and FLP
April 28, 2009
The Australian auditor general’s report has exposed how Qarase’s SDL and Chaudhry’s FLP parties received assistance from the Australian Federal government.
“Before the 2006 Fijian elections, and ultimately a military coup, Labor, then in Opposition, directed $76,823 to the Fijian Labor Party, of which $45,000 was spent on the travel, accommodation and expenses of the three Australian party members sent there to help.”
“The Liberal Party last year hosted a member of Fiji’s SDL Party in Canberra, after two previous visits were blocked, despite ongoing diplomatic tensions in the region. “
Read it here,,25402334-2702,00.html
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Shaista Shameem was not the first choice for FHRC top job
April 28, 2009
Raw Fiji News has obtained the minutes of the Fiji Human Rights Commission which records that the champion of inhuman rights after December 2006 coup had applied for the post of director of the FHRC late but was still interviewed at the insistence of one of the human rights commissioner.
The job had been earmarked for another coup apologist Makareta Waqavonovono, now a magistrate in the Solomons but it went to Shaista at the end of the day – thank god it did – for it exposes the real bush lawyer of a woman she is in Fiji, with the other bush lawyer – Adolf Sayed Khaiyum, who had been (and one is still advising) the swine pig - Vore-qe!.
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Push to block Fiji from UN peacekeeping - Sydney Morning Herald
April 28, 2009
Push to block Fiji from UN peacekeeping
Jonathan Pearlman Foreign Affairs Correspondent
April 29, 2009

THE Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, says the United Nations should look at punishing Fiji’s military rulers by further limiting the involvement of its soldiers in peacekeeping forces - a move that would seriously damage the country’s economy.
Australia and New Zealand have been leading efforts to pressure Fiji’s interim government over its recent abrogation of the constitution and crackdown on the media and the judiciary.
The country’s military ruler, Frank Bainimarama, seized power in a bloodless coup in 2006 and has backed away from earlier plans to hold elections this year.
Mr Rudd discussed the crackdown at a meeting in Canberra yesterday with Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare. The two agreed to press ahead with efforts to suspend Fiji from the Pacific Islands Forum. “Australia’s position is hardline,” Mr Rudd said. “You cannot sustain within a family of democracies [such as] the Pacific Island Forum or the Commonwealth a government like that of Fiji which simply treats with contempt the most fundamental democratic institutions and press freedoms.
“Through our interventions with the United Nations, supported by New Zealand and other countries, the UN now is not going to engage future Fijian troops for new operations. There is a question which now arises as to whether there should be a further tightening on top of that.”
Fiji’s economy is heavily reliant on UN payments for peacekeeping contributions and remittances from soldiers abroad. About 600 soldiers serve as peacekeepers in Lebanon, Iraq, East Timor and in the Sinai.
Fiji’s interim government dismissed claims it would not be allowed to provide further peacekeepers, saying the UN had not taken action against other countries that have had coups.
“Precedents have been set, like Pakistan, Thailand, all these are very big troop contributing countries to the UN, so what are they talking about?” a government spokesman, Neumi Leweni, told the news website Fijilive. Continued…
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Swine flu pandemic to hit Fiji again?
April 28, 2009
1918 was the last time swine flu pandemic hit Fiji.
Reports say it killed 14% of Fiji’s total population then.
Fast forward to 2009 and Fiji is hit again by a more severe form of swine (Vore-Qe means double portion of pig i.e pig-pig or swine-swine) flu.
This time, it doesn’t hit just 14% or 112,000 of Fiji’s population.
It has hit all the 800,000 fiji islanders with no one spared.
Will the flu down the bastard swine too?
Yes, please!
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Something ….. in Fijian
April 28, 2009
By itaukei
RFN, kerekere post this mada.
Sa totoka dina na nomudou ‘uniform’ ena kena yani vakamatau. ‘Smooth’ dina oilei! Na nomudou ‘badge’ ni ‘rank’ qai dromodromo tavatava (stripe ga mai, oilei!), totoka vakaoti (keimami sega ga ni kila na kena i balebale- kerea mo dou vosoti keimami kina na lewe ni vanua ena neimami ‘ignorance’). Ena gauna dou vakarautaki kemudou kina ena nomudou ‘press release’ keimami sa dau vakalukalu ga, ka so na marama era wainidivi- so era coro sara- taki kemudou, ena kena dravia vinaka na balumudou (bai veitarataravi na aftershave ena mataka edai- rugby lotion tiko vei iko, tiko vei iko sega vei au!), tawase vinaka tu na se ni ua qai ubi toka e delana e dua nai sala drokadroka, vulavula vinaka tale tu na bati - uu! iiiiiii!. Ia ena gauna ga dou dolava kina na gusumudou e dau yali na ‘magic of the moment’ ka ratou ‘propel’ taki lesu mai ki vuravura o ratou na marama ya (o ratou nanuma sara la ni ratou sa tu mai ‘heaven’). Vaka me kune votu mai na nomudou ulukau kei na nomudou vuli vaka vo. Na leqa gona ni tamata era lecava na Kalou ka ra ciqoma na vakatevoro kei nai vakavuvuli vou eso. Sa wele ko Batibasaga sa keimami qai sara yaloyalo na lewe ni vanua. Da sa tiko qo ena ‘Part 10’, ia e vaka tiko ga na ‘Part 1’. E sega ni veisau nai talanoa. Tekivu- ulukau, ‘The End’- ulukau. O kemudou na Military Council bavulu. Tekivu ena bavulu, cava talega ena bavulu. Au sa kerea mo dou lesu mai vei Jisu. Dou kua ni vakalialiai kemudou. Dau kaya o ira na gone ni RKS- ‘iko sega ni lialia boy’.
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Warning to Frank Bainimarama & Co!
April 28, 2009
By Sayalaeke
Members of the true Disciplined Services would like to warn all those with bodyguards in power right now of what transpired when people in power descrate what is most dear to us. The 1997 constitution and its provisions. Some of your security details are handled by members of this group but have not been ordered to act. Especially know it all AG - remember that when you sleep all the time. Indira Ghandi descrated what was so dear to her bodyguards ,Beant Singh shot her three times using his side-arm and Satwant Singh fired twenty-two rounds, using a Sten submachine gun. Both Sikhs. Those boys protecting you are all I-Taukei and law abiding citizens who respect the rule of LAW.
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Frank Bainimarama has no power unless the people say so
April 28, 2009
By buddhaa747
My octogenarian mentor shared a secret with me more than a decade ago, that opened my eyes to the absolute importance of a single word, which brought profound changes as a result of its mastery.
We discussed what this word really meant and how our understanding of it, impacts on our interaction with others in our everyday life, be it with our spouse, our children, our neighbor, our boss, our workmates, our chiefs, prime-minister, president and government.
It was the often used but misunderstood word namely, POWER.
POWER he said was merely a PERCEPTION of the MIND.Whether someone is more powerful or less powerful than you, all depends on whether YOU PERCEIVE IT TO BE, in YOUR OWN MIND.
It is the CONTROL over your OWN MIND that DETERMINES FOR YOU whether or not someone is more powerful then you.
Frank Bainimarama only exists to the extent that you give him control over your mind and perceive him to be the prime minister of Fiji.
If you do not give him your power by not acknowledging his existence, by not participating in the Peoples Charter, Electoral Reforms or anything else that he will come up with, then the SILENT ECHO’s of our school halls, church halls, villages and conference venues will MANIFEST in OUR REALITY, that Frank Bainimarama has NO POWER unless the PEOPLE SAY SO.
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Back to the drawing board yet again!
April 28, 2009
By ulukaukau
Our former lawful Foreign Affairs Minister, Kaliopate Tavola, way back in March 2003 had this to say to Australia after smart sanctions were lifted against Fiji for the 2000 coup-de-tat paving the way for Fiji’s restoration to the Commonwealth of Nations.
“I would like to submit that our bilateral process, if I may be forgiven for saying so, is still idling in low gear. It needs to shift to a higher gear. It needs a new philosophy. It needs a re-assessment of priorities, a re-focusing on new objectives, new values, new alignments and new targets”
In 2009 it seems like de-ja-vu all over again and we are back to the drawing board, with even more proposed reviews, reforms, restructure, etc. Have we all gone mad like Frank?
This is the job of a democratically elected government, under our 1997 Constitution, including shall I dare to use the word re again, reform of our electoral system.
The only difference is that this time we are headed by a Psycho Uneducated Navy wannabe Army Dictator, the only original imitation Commander of an Army world over that ran away from his own fortress, Pathetic!!
We ought to include his name together with all his medals in the world genius book of record, for biggest wanker.
And no we do not want our Suva foreshore to look like Dubai, Qatar, Adis-Ababa nor Triad City.
Stop all this bullshit and return to your barracks, you have just made a mockery of our country and its peoples.
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Sada Reddy promises no more devaluation amidst rumours of another devaluation
April 28, 2009
Talks of another devaluation is rife in the business circle in Fiji.
This comes on the same day when RBF governor, Sada Reddy, announced on Fiji radio that there will be no more devaluation.
Some say Sada Reddy is poised to devalue Fiji’s weak dollar by another 30%.
This rumour has prompted Reserve Bank of Fiji to send out a late evening press release saying how Fii’s depleting foreign reserves stock has instantly been neutralized by Sada Reddy’s 20% devalution a few days ago.
While it sounds very promising, Sada Reddy has not quite explained the volume of deferred payment he and the business community are holding back on, which could have also contributed to the spike in foreign reserves.
A copy of RBF’s press statement flung our way titled, “Devaluation has brought about immediate improvement on foreign reserves and liquidity” was no doubt a rushed job.
One can easily pick out that it was a reactionary press statement.
The graphs over-layed the written content of the statement leaving it hanging and open to all sorts of interpretation by its readers, including all the media outlets.
The graph shows that between 15th April devaluation to 28th April, Sada Reddy has managed to raise foreign reserves from $441 million to $591 million, up by $150million within 13 days.
Very impressive indeed by all means, unfortunately at whose cost?
The peoples - who else?
It’s the people of Fiji who will have to carry the cost of increased cost of living without any corresponding increase in their COLA.
And who caused all these misery?
It all started with Frank on December 6th 2006 and only got worse during the current world recession.
So Rada, tell the truth, explain to the people how you got your fantastic result.
Is it for real or is it another cooked-up figure you manipulated while stocking up on euros, pounds, US$, gold etc before April 15th.
And tell them how much deferred payment you’ve held back on.

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