Saturday, April 11, 2009

Other Diplomats May Go

Work with me or leave, warns PM - 11/4/2009

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama warned foreign diplomats that they could be expelled if they work against the State.

Mr Bainimarama said diplomats could face the same treatment as the Australian and New Zealand High Commissioners.
He said Fiji will continue to maintain its sovereignty.

Mr Bainimarama yesterday issued a notice to the two High Commissioners to leave the country before 6pm tonight. He said the government will ensure they react not to the interest of the two governments, but for the people of Fiji.
"Especially for these two countries who have never given any assistance to our country," said Mr Bainimarama.
Mr Bainimarama said the same can also be done to any diplomat who wishes to go against Fiji and its people.
"I can accept their ban on me and my senior officers given the personalization of matters," he said.

"But why punish those individuals both Fijians and non-Fijians who join the judiciary?
He said those Fijians from the private sector have wanted to contribute to a better, progressive and modern Fiji by way of joining Boards or statutory organisations.

He said the action by the Australia and New Zealand is not only a short sighted policy but it constitutes an attempt to sabotage national building, economy strengthening and the modernising efforts.

He said when the Rudd and Key Governments came to power, he believed that Fiji would encounter enlightened thinking and policies based on friendship and understanding.

"Unfortunately, it has not happened," Mr Bainimarama said.

"Instead all we have had is their heads of missions refusing to engage with government and engaging only with those Fijians who have a political interest in holding Fiji back.

"We are a safe destination and the people of Fiji are the most hospitable in the world.
"I wish to declare that my Government fully supports the Chief Justice.

"We will always ensure that his independence and that of his judges remain unassailable."

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