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Now an Illegal Vice President for Fiji- What a Shame

Fabulous rebuttal to pro-coup Graham Davies
April 17, 2009

GRAHAM Davis (”Dealing with the dictator”, Features, 16/4) must be naive indeed to believe Frank Bainimarama’s cover story for seizing complete power in Fiji. All Fiji’s coups have been justified by appeals to a greater good-the protection of “indigenous rights” in the case of the 1987 and 2000 coups, “national security” in the case of the army’s intervention in 2000, and “good governance” in 2006. The label may change but underneath lie the ambitions of individuals and groups who want power and are not willing to wait for the cumbersome process of democracy to get it. What evidence is there that Bainimarama has any democratic instincts at all? He has systematically purged the Fiji Military Forces of constitutionalist officers, demanding they pledge an oath of personal loyalty to him and dismissing those who refuse. He never accepted the authority of the democratically elected government when there was one, and overthrew it by force in the end. He has comprehensively militarised the governing of Fiji, sacking civilians in favour of military officers in most key positions of the Fiji public service. He heads a military that consistently overspends its budget by tens of millions of dollars, draining Fiji of vital public resources. And, last year, he awarded himself Fijian $184,740 in back pay dating to 1978.
Now he has muzzled the free media, blocked the FM transmission of Radio Australia, dismissed the entire judiciary of the country so that he can appoint pliable judges, and sacked the able and well-regarded Governor of the Reserve Bank Savenaca Narube, a man who did much to keep the Fiji economy afloat through earlier crises. One fears for the future of the Fiji economy under a military leader who cannot abide opinions different from his own. Davis is right to say that Fiji ought to have a new electoral system in which race plays no part. But how can we believe that there will be an election held in Fiji under any electoral system? And, if Bainimarama is such a democrat at heart, why do the people of Fiji have to wait five years for that election to happen? The truth is that Bainimarama is a disaster for Fiji.
Stewart FirthBright, Vic
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Shaista Shameem gets the boot
April 17, 2009
By Ulukaukau
The Honorable (NOT) Shaista Social Studies Doctorate Shameem has been terminated and has handed over the keys to her green Rexton four wheel drive funded by the EU. Maleka.
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Mary Chapman caught on camera
April 17, 2009
Mary Chapman, the former Secretary General of the Fiji Parliament who was sacked by Frank’s regime has been captured by the cameras giving a congratulatory kiss to the pretend Vice President Epeli Nailatikau at the Nasese white house.
Rumours abound that she has offered to serve under the fuzzy new order.
What she was doing there is pretty much conclusive from the picture and she looked completely at ease, not bothered by the presence of the local media which could be a tell-tale sign that she wants the world to know which side she is on.
And we say again, slowly slowly catching monkies!
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Fiji still without a judiciary
April 17, 2009
Sources from juntawood say it is unlikely that a swearing in of an unlawful CJ, Judges, and Magistrates will happen today.
They confirm that condemnation from their offshore counterparts may have dampened some opportunists ready to take the deadly poisonous oath.
A press statement released by the International Commission of Jurists we posted a few threads away would have immediately crushed some spirits today.
And then there’s the weekend coming up - shit can happen!
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The China/India Foreign Policy Dilemna
April 17, 2009
By UlukaukauIt is pathetic that the Chinese and Indian representative in Fiji attended the swearing in of an illegal vice president. As for Malaysia well that’s just Taliban isn’t it, and PNG must of course being there for the free chow. If China and India are sincere in supporting Frank’s illegal regime then it should immediately and unequivocally pledge unconditional funding inter-alia for the following:• All funding necessary for the achievement by 2015 of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in Fiji,• All funding necessary for the electoral reforms and conduct of a free and fair election in Fiji• €$60,000,000 (FJD $175,000,000) to replace the European Union funding for sugar reforms• Guarantee that they will buy 100% of surplus sugar production thereafter at a minimum preferential price or a certain percentage above market price whichever is higher• Free (not concessional) access to the Fijis clothing and footwear industry• Guarantee the Fiji Dollar and act as its Lender of Last Resort• Include Fiji as an adopted state of the Asian Monetary Fund to be established imminently
If it cannot do all of the above as a minimum then the masi-polo is as futile as the Fiji Chinese and Indian community’s complicity and indifference ever since they arrived in Fiji of the general welfare of Fiji as a Nation.
I ask the Chinese and Indian governments to put their money where their mouth is if they intent on replacing Australia, New-Zealand, USA, and the Euro zone in the Pacific hub, if they intend not to then they should have the diplomatic decency to stand as one with the rest of the International Democratic Community.
With Power comes Responsibility, use your newly acknowledged position in the world diligently and think of the ordinary people of Fiji.
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Our apologies to the Japanese government and people
April 17, 2009
Please be advised that the Japanese ambassador to Fiji did not attend the swearing in for the illegal VP Epeli Nailatikau.
The five ambassadors who attended were from:
1. China
2. India
3. Malaysia
4. Papua New Guinea
5. Kiribati
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Fijians must fight for democracy - Leung
April 17, 2009
Friday, 17 April 2009 - The Australian Financial Review – James Eyers
The rule of law in Fiji needs to be restored by Fijians and Australian lawyers looking to assist should stay at home, the former president of the Fiji Law Society and current council member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, Graham Leung, has warned.

Mr Leung said the rule of law was “under siege and is being systematically undermined by the country’s military rulers daily”.
“Ultimately, the battle to restore the rule of law must be fought and won in Fiji by ordinary Fiji citizens,” he dais from the troubled islands this week.
“We can not expect our neighbours to bat for us if we are unwilling ourselves to stand up and reclaim our democracy. Fijians need to get out of the mindset that Canberra or Wellington or London will solve our problems”.
He said Australia could assist “by telling lawyers looking for a bit of fame and fortune to avoid Fiji like the plague. The last thing we need are carpetbaggers and opportunistic lawyers ready to pack their bags, jump onto a plane and give comfort to military usurpers. That is not in Fiji’s interest . Keep them at home.”
Following a judgment by Fiji’s Court of Appeal last Thursday that the 2006 coup of military leader Frank Bainimarama was illegal, President Josefa Iloilo scrapped the constitution, sacked all judges and judiciary officials and reappointed Commodore Bainimarama for five more years.
Mr Leung said Fiji was “on the edge of a precipice and no one can predict what’s around the corner”.
“When you have one coup, that is an aberration. But when a country experiences five coups, that is a recipe for disaster,” he said. Following the expulsion of ABC report Sean Dorney and a reporter and cameraman from New Zealand, Mr Leung said there was no evidence that the censorship of the media would cease after the press had been “muzzled into silence”.
“The military regime is bent on ensuring that the world is prevented from following their shenanigans. It’s surprising that with their vision for building a true democracy, the country’s wannabe leaders can’t stomach criticism and freedom of expression. Obviously it tells you how little they understand about democratic values and principles”.
When asked whether he feared for his own safety, Mr Leung said it was “always at the back of his mind that I could be summoned to the army barracks. That’s not going to stop me from calling it as I see it. I’m philosophical about the future and my own fate.”
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International Commission of Jurists condemn events in Fiji
April 17, 2009
The International Commission of Jurists say Fiji government should respect the rule of law by ending emergency, restoring constitution and judges and holding timely elections.
Read it here
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Fears of mutiny in Fiji
April 17, 2009
Ex-landforce commander, Jone Baledrokadroka’s warnings on an impending mutiny
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Ready. Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.
April 17, 2009
Basic Survival Supply Kit for Revolution: -1. Water for drinking and sanitation (Fill tap water into empty Coke/Fiji water bottles) 2. Food including Tin Fish/Meat & Maggie Noodles (at least a three-day supply) 3. Can opener, Paper cup, plate and matches 4. Battery-powered Radio/Torch 5. First aid kit – (Ask Red Cross/St Johns Ambulance)6. Plastic bags, Toilet paper and toothbrush/paste for personal sanitation 7. Warm Jacket and Bennie or Sleeping bag/warm blanket8. Spare Change of Clothes and Shoes/Flops9. Waka, Basin, Grog Cloth, Bilo & Kavuru 10. Panadol and Medication if you have a health issue
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A military insider very close to Frank Bainimarama spills all
April 17, 2009
1. Why is Commander acting like this, is this the kind of commander you will expect from a military leader?

The appointment of Voreqe came as a surprise to all military senior officers. However in hindsight, there had been an intensive campaign by Voreqe & his supporters for him to be the commander. There had been numerous articles all of which had the same theme – to argue publicly that all the other senior officers should not be appointed commander RFMF because of reasons which were very flimsy. However all these articles began to suggest that perhaps the best candidate should be Voreqe. These media articles raised eyebrows in the military and those who were following developments in the lead up to the change in command. No one took these articles seriously because never in the history of RFMF has any senior officer campaigned for the position of the commander RFMF in the media.

At the same time the [then] commander RFMF Brigadier Ratu Epeli Ganilau, it should be remembered, was already campaigning — whilst still in uniform — for his political ambitions. The SVT government [which lost to Labour Party's Mahendra Chaudhry in 1999 polls] had tasked Brigadier Ian Thorpe [past RFMF commander] to investigate the commander for fraud and abuse of office. It appears that the report found him guilty especially for abusing public funds including the Regimental fund. Ironically the Minister for Home Affairs, in the Chaudhary government, Joji Uluinakauvadra refused to release the report to the public because according to him it was against the interest of national security.

When [Commander] Ganilau was conducting his campaign from the military there were numerous incidents of abuse where military and naval resources were used for his personal benefits. For instance, navy boats were used to ferry soldiers to Taveuni to build cattle farms, yaqona [kava] & dalo [taro]. These were all geared for the upcoming elections. It appeared that at the time that there was earnest efforts being made to make Ganilau look like a man of his people.

When you look at Voreqe’s qualifications and experience – he should NEVER have been the commander RFMF. The only reason he became commander was the political manouvering by Ganilau and those who were behind him in the formation of the VLV party (Christian Democrat Party). They saw Voreqe as someone who is weak, ambitious, and could be manipulated to cover up Ganilau’s tracks and back the VLV if they came into power. Because Ganilau saw himself as the next Prime Minister of Fiji.

Why is he acting like this
The agenda went wrong when the Labour Party won the election [in 1999] and Ganilau did not win his seat. The Labour and VLV Coalition left the nation in a great dilemma. This was the first Indian led government and the only non Labour elements were members of Ganilau’s party. The behaviour of the government left everyone including the [then]President (Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara) in difficult situation. As Fijians agitated against the government Voreqe repeatedly assured the nation that there will be “NO COUP”. However it appears that his own intelligence network including that of Lt. Col. [Viliame] Seruvakula was giving him information that a coup was being planned. Based on information he had been given by Seruvakula and others Voreqe had ordered preparations to counter any coup attempt. According to the ‘Evan’s Report’ Seruvakula had informed him that there will be a coup.[Evan's report named after fiji army officer that led an investigation of officers' involvement in the coup of 2000.]
Voreqe’s actions in the immediate period before the coup is difficult to understand.

In spite of Voreqe being given all the information he decides to be away in Norway at the most crucial time. The President, Ratu Mara had questioned the wisdom of his decision to leave the country at this time but he assured the President that all is under control. (I suspect that this is either part of his character weakness in not facing up to his responsibilities or part of his personal tactics of letting others put their life at risk for him.) When the coup happened, the officers that remained in command of the RFMF steered the crisis in such a way as to:
(a) avoid bloodshed
b) negotiate for a peaceful resolution
(c) cut off the rebels from their supporters
(d) expose the rebels as a bunch of racist amateurs and opportunists

Voreqe was not in control of the situation right throughout. He had agreed a deal for power sharing with George Speight but the senior officers at the time refused to recognise this and told him to forget about it (all the officers who undermined his deal with Speight has since been hounded out of the military – the main ones being BrigadierWaqanisau [Fiji's former ambassador in China] & Lt. Col.[Filipo] Tarakinikini) [now a UNDP security analyst].

One thing that shocked those who were close to Voreqe was how arrogant he had become after he assumed the executive authority of the country. He refused to convene the Bose Levu Vakaturaga [GCC- Great Council of Chiefs] in spite of repeated requests by delegations from the GCC. It appeared that he wanted to retain executive authority of the country for as long as he could while quite oblivious to the suffering of the people and the siege that the rebels had slowly tightened around the whole of Fiji to isolate Suva. Voreqe reluctantly gave back the executive authority to the GCC after he was virtually told by Lt. Col.Tarakinikini during talks with a high powered delegation from the Naitasiri province.

The Military Council had decided that there was going to be an interim civilian administration made up of technocrats to take the country back to elections and constitutional rule. [Late] Savenaca Siwatibau [revered economist, former Governor of Fiji Reserve Bank and was Vice Chancellor of University of South Pacific when he died in 2003] was the Military Council’s choice for Prime Minister. Ratu Epeli Nailatikau [former parliament speaker] was to be his deputy. However Siwatibau declined.

At this point the Military Council decided that Qarase was to be the Prime Minster and Ratu Epeli Nailatikau remains his deputy. It must be emphasised that Qarase was chosen by the military council NOT by Voreqe. He was chosen because of his well known success and accomplishment in his own field and he was seen by the military council as the best Fijian around to lead the nation.

At the end of the crisis Voreqe I believe was a very bitter man. He had clearly been exposed as weak and the success of the resolution of the crisis was because of the senior officers who were around him at that time. Incidentally the BBC had assessed him in the early days of the coup as a very weak leader and his leadership and command will soon bechallenged by his senior officers.
Voreqe is living with lots of contradictions and cannot figure out a way of extricating himself out of his command negligence and failures that led to the coup.

He has tried to destroy all the competent senior officers who advised him throughout the crisis. He is frustrated that he has yet to deliver to those who appointed him to the job. The way Voreqe is behaving does not surprise me. He did not go through the proper selection for officer candidates. The selection process consists of physical, mental, emotional and psychological profiling of all candidates. Any candidate who fails the psychological profiling fails no matter how good he or she is in the other areas.

Psychological stability is the ONLY quality that an officer cannot do without.
What psychologists look for is a character who can be entrusted with the means of violence of the nation state. A psychologically unstable character can potentially misuse the weapons of the nation that are left in his trust and even threatening the state itself.
Voreqe enlisted as a ordinary seaman in the Navy and through the influence of his [late] father and [late] Commander Stan Brown [Voreqe replaced him as navy commander] was slipped through the net and to the surprise of those in the Navy was commissioned and even given higher seniority than those Naval officers who went abroad for proper officer training to recognised Naval institutions in New Zealand, Australia and England.

The way Voreqe is behaving now is no different from the way he was in the Navy. But somehow Commander Stan Brown kept on promoting him. Voreqe only did one stint on overseas operational deployment. That was to the MFO Sinai. He was repatriated on disciplinary grounds.
Ironically the current Navy Commander who is his brother in law (wife’s brother) was also repatriated from the Sinai on disciplinary grounds.
2. Some say the commander now surrounds himself with officers who are “yes men,” suckers. Is this why RFMF keep losing its senior, highly qualified officers?
The officers who are advising him now cannot be compared with the group that was around him during the coup. The present spokesman was a bandsman and like Voreqe never went through proper officer selection and does not have any clue about what being an officer is all about. Let alone the position of the military in a democratic state.

[Navy Captain Esala] Teleni was the last commanding officer of the infamous Army Auxilliary Unit [a commercial shipping and food marketing company established by Major General Sitiveni Rabuka after the first coup of 1987] which was disbanded for the corruption and incompetence of its officers and men. He inexplicably was never made to answer for his command failure and incompetence. [Col Pita] Driti [Commander, Land Force] again is another weak character and is a bit of a joke, very convenient for Voreqe. Whilst it may be true that some officers have left because of victimisation from Voreqe, the fact is they are also marketable internationally.

3. What is the way out of this impasse?
Everybody knows the answer to that - remove Voreqe and his stoogers and it will be done!
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Ballu Khan finally speaks condemning Frank
April 17, 2009
Please click on this URL to view Ballu Khan’s amazing interview with TVNZ live on the breakfast show this morning, Friday 17 April 2009.
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Unions in PNG urge Pacific workers to pressure Fiji
April 17, 2009
Unions in PNG urge Pacific workers to pressure FijiLiam Fox, Port MoresbyLast Updated: -2 hours -12 minutes agoTrade unionists in Papua New Guinea are calling for region-wide industrial action to put pressure on Fiji’s military-led government.
PNG’s Trade Union Congress has written to unions across the South Pacific urging waterfront workers to boycott the handling of cargo to and from Fiji,
In Fiji, where an interim government has been reinstated by the President, but all judges sacked and the constitution annulled after judicial upheaval last week.
Congress president Michael Malabag says the move would also put pressure on PNG’s government to take a tougher stance on the issue.
He said: “The situation cannot be accepted or tolerated any longer and I believe the PNG government should play a more significant role.”
Unlike Australia and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea has not condemned the situation in Fiji.
PNG’s Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare has expressed regret and concerns that recent developments could prompt Fiji’s aid donors to withdraw assistance.
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No Trustees at the Unit Trust of Fiji
April 17, 2009
We (trustees) had requested for a handover on Wednesday, 15 April 2009, 4pm, Fiji Time, to one of the new appointed (civil servant) trustees and have cancelled our insurance with effect from end of business that day after informing that person that we will no longer be responsible for any matters relating to the Trust after that date. Up to now we are still waiting for the handover to be effected, effectively meaning that the Unit Trust of Fiji, has no Trustees as this is posted. This is another breach of the Unit Trust Act which states that at all times there should be a Manager and a Trustee for each unit trust set up in Fiji. After the resignation of one of the Trustees in mid March (giving notice until 15 April 2009) to join her spouse overseas, we had been advising all related parties of the vacuum there was and the need to appoint a replacement for the individual trustee that had resigned so that the work of the Trustees can continue as normal.

We did not receive any response until we were informed that our appointment had been revoked and we had been retired from the Trust as trustees and that new trustees (civil servants, giving Government total control of the Trust) had been appointed.
But as advised we are still waiting for the handover to be done and there is a huge risk that things/transactions undertaken by the Trust will not be covered as we have terminated our insurance with effect from end of business, Wednesday, 15 April 2009.
We have been advised that unit holders, those that have invested in the Trust, have started to call the Manager’s (at Downtown Boulevard) and turn up to sell their units.
A number of other issues that we had been raising with the Manager remained outstanding by 15 April 2009.
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Let them all come out then kaboom!
April 17, 2009
We think resistance will intensify and move in after key legal eagle coup apologists go to the Nasese white house to roost, then kaboom!
The coup parasites have been coming out openly one at a time since december 5th 2006.
The real brains and coup masterminders wigged ones are about to remove their mask for all to see ….. yaay!
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Evil succeeds when good men do nothing
April 17, 2009
By Mark Manning

Well , I’ve heard a lot about the brave warriors of Fiji , but now I understand why the men there wear a skirt !It’s just an excuse to dress up in drag really , isn’t it ?Now we wait for a leader and wait and wait and wait !It’s time the citizens of Fiji got off their sorry fat arses and stopped being like scared little children and fight for your bloody freedom .Frank only has the power you give him.Remember , Evil succeeds when good men do nothing . Now , I hear everyone praying to God to intervene , and frankly , I find it just a little sacrilegious to keep expecting God to intervene when your all sitting on your arses praying and crying .The Lord gave you men balls and testosterone for a reason and you women should reject your sons and family who support this regime and deny your partners sex and not make their meals when they come home .How many bloody signs do you Fijians need from God , he has made several earthquakes in the region , flooding in Nadi , a volcano off your shores , the world recession , stopped the sugar cane subsidy from the E.U. , decreased Tourism , devalued the Fiji Dollar by 20% , drowned several men woman and children , burnt people on a bus trip to a funeral ( no disrespect to the dead ) and many other signs .Now where is your Faith ?God wants you to get angry and march in the streets .What is fearF=FalseE=ExpectationsA=AppearingR=RealFalse Expectations Appearing RealIf Frank lays one hand on one civilian or soldier , he knows that it’s him that will be going to prison and that all hell will break lose .Fijians have to understand , your on your own , and only you can stop this evil spreading and these mad men effing up your country , your future and your children’s future and your children’s Children’s future .Your destiny , short term and long term , is in your hands .
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The 2006 coup wigged ones shadowy figures please hands up
April 17, 2009
The release of the Administration of Justice Decree no 9 brings with it a line-up of legal eagles who will confirm themselves as 2006 coup supporters.
The “real” them will soon be revealed as we await their swearing in.
Slowly, slowly catching monkies!
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Epeli Nailatikau the back door man
April 17, 2009
By voresara
Nailatikau is a loser. He could not even contest an election but always got in through the back door. Useless I say.
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China, India, Malaysia,PNG, Kiribati ambassadors attendance at Nailatikau’s illegal swearing in dangerous
April 17, 2009
The decision made by certain ambassadors to attend the illegal swearing in of Epeli Nailatikau as Fiji’s purported Vice President confirms to many law-abiding Fiji citizens that these countries China, Malaysia, India, Kiribati and Papua New Guinea have joined in Frank’s illegal bandwagon.
Ambassadors are representatives of the state they come from and the presence of these four individuals at the Nasese white house is a subtle combined diplomatic message by these Asian countries and PNG to the Fiji people, Australia, New Zealand, US, Britain and EU i.e they approve Frank’s coup and the subsequent claimed abrogation of Fiji’s supreme law.
We believe these five countries have clearly shown their disrespect for Fiji’s rule of law and should be condemned for it in its strongest possible term. It might be an idea that these four countries ask Frank to beef up security at their respective embassies and residences to avoid any possible backlash from rogue elements.
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Frank’s regime can’t find credible judges and magistrates
April 16, 2009
Frank and Aiyaz are having trouble convincing existing judges and magistrates to swear oath under their new order. Members of Fiji’s judiciary know it is a death warrant that will see them serving a life-time sentence in the harsh confines of Naboro jail, just outside of capital Suva.
We can report that all expatriate judges will not take the oath thereby losing their judicial appointment in Fiji which they are not very concerned about. One Alofa Seruvatu is said to have agreed to be re-engaged as a magistrate. She’s understood to be a very close friend of Koila Nailatikau, the claimed VP’s wife. Alofa Seruvatu is a solicitor from PNG married to a Fijian

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