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Meda Tokona na Vuaviritaki ni Matanitu nei Voreqe

Parmesh Chand and his vindictive plot to down Qarase’s think-tank man Martin Darveniza and Tabua Investment
April 27, 2009 E-mails from Parmesh Chand to his former boss against Martin Darveniza of Tabua Investments
Martin Darveniza, the former chief executive of Tabua Investments Ltd, responsible for the overall development of Denarau Island, and who left Fiji last year after 20 years with the company, was to be subjected to an investigation in the foreseeable future, according to a leaked e-mail obtained by Raw Fiji News team.The e-mail, dated 2 June 2008, and obtained by RFN, was forwarded by Parmesh Chand to Bainimarama. Chand was then principal private secretary, and is now Permanent Secretary/CEO of the Public Service Commission. In the e-mail, Mr Chand writes to his illegal boss: “Prime Minister, Sir, these contacts would be very important if ever there is an investigation on Martin Darveniza – PC”.
Mr Chand was forwarding an e-mail, dated 10 May 2008 and headed “Contacts”, from the president of Australia/Fiji Business Council, R.G. (Bob) Lyon, who had written as follows: “Hi Parmesh, Here are the contacts in relation to that matter we discussed.”
Although the e-mail is silent on the “matter discussed”, Mr Lyon, the former chairman of the ANZ Bank Pacific region, gave the names and e-mail addresses of the following persons as useful contacts: Radisson- Graeme Woodley; Paul Adams; Golf Terrace Apartments - Ross Porter; Sheraton Denarau Villas - Ian Rodwell and lawyer (Nadi) – Peter Lowing. Mr Adams is a property developer of Carrus Corporation in Tauranga, New Zealand.
Mr Porter was president of the Australia-Fiji Business Council.
Ian Rodwell is the founder of the Adcorp Marketing Communications Group, and is also chairman of Denarau Villas Limited (Fiji) in conjunction with Sheraton Hotels in Fiji.
Tabua Investments Ltd carried out the development of all residential areas on Denarau Island. The company is owned by BIL Ltd out of Singapore and has been involved with Denarau Island since 1996. Since its involvement, the company has successfully developed the Sheraton Denarau Villas project and several residential precincts.
Mr Lyon is presently the non-executive chairman of ANZ’s Pacific business, and is based on Denarau, and President of Australia/Fiji Business Council. During the debate of the controversial Qoliqoli Bill, Mr Darvineza was quoted as saying the following: “Some people believe that efforts should be made to dissuade government from proceeding, but they have made it very clear they will proceed with this, and this needs to be recognised. Too often in the past operators and developers stood in one corner and resource owners stood in the other. I believe the way forward is to bring them together. It’s very imperative that such a broad-based programme is undertaken. We have to bring the two minds together.” In 2003, Mr Darveniza was on deposed Prime Minister Mr Qarase’s “Think Tank Advisory Group”, which also included Radike Qereqeretabua, Y P Reddy, Mahendra Patel and Jesoni Vitusagavulu.
RFN has learnt that Fiji TV was working on the story and when it contacted Bob Lyon and Pramesh Chand for comments, Teleni’s goons were sent to Fiji TV, who took the reporter to the Central Police Station and an IT expert searched through the reporter’s computer but couldn’t find anything – the thugs forgot that there are one hundred thousand ways to skin a cat.
Fiji TV was forced to abandon the story from Parmesh Chand and his goons – Our day will come, Bob, Chand and others!!!!!!
Mainstream media and blogs now reporting on Iliesa Duvuloco and friends arrest
April 27, 2009
We are happy to see that reports on Duvuloco’s gang is now being told on mainstream and blogstream media.
Could this be an incident that can snowball into something Frank can not handle?
It could very well be!
Never discount peoples power!
They are beginning to move and they are moving boldly not fearing arrest.
Something’s up in Fiji!
We can smell it from here!
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The Seventh Day Adventist Church marched today - can the Methodist Church march?
April 27, 2009
It’s good to see a precedence being set by the new order regime.
They allowed the Seventh Day Adventist Church to march through downtown Suva today - more than 1,000 of them.
They marched to mark something important in their religion calendar and why not, it’s their right to do just that.
O.k, now that Teleni has supported today’s march as one of its invited guest who shouted out loud from the podium at Sukuna Park, will he continue to extend such a gesture to the dominant Methodist Church if they wish to hold a similar kinda’ march? With Teleni as guest?
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Fiji sawmillers unfairly attacked for trying to protect their industry
April 27, 2009
By a blogger
Two sawmillers attacked within a week means something is cooking against the sawmillers who showed might against NLTB. Who is doing this? Is it the NLTB driven or the Government muscles trying to threaten people who ask for their understanding?
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Lies, damn lies and Shaista Shameem
April 27, 2009
In a recent posting, one commentator wanted to know why I had suddenly singled out Shaista Shameem for severe criticism. Well, isn’t it obvious – she became the most high profile Talibanistic champion to sanction human rights violations in post-coup Fiji, whatever was her motives? She issued more fatwas and launched relentless jihad against those who opposed the thuggish Bainimarama than any other coup apologist.She had instilled terror and fright even in newsrooms, with newspaper editors apprehensive to publish anything from me at one point. They feared she might dispatch the Military Council goons and boot boys to thump the press corp. She created the agenda for the final censorship and death of press freedom in the country – with the publication of that inquiry into the Fiji media.She abused the Fiji Human Rights Commission website to post “vile and filth” against me and others who questioned her credentials as human rights commissioner. She even endorsed the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution by a treasonous Fijian high chief and illegal President Ratu Josefa Iloilo.Put it simply, she failed us and the country by supporting Frank Bainimarama and his goons in low and high places. She thought she was the female incarnate of Ayatollah Khomeini in post-coup Fiji. When I exposed the $2million thief Mahendra Chaudhry’s loot in a Sydney bank, she claimed that I was abusing the thief’s human rights – the right to steal from his own people.There are other examples to which I will return to in another item. We must not be fooled by her – Dog eats dog, as she once remarked to me. Well, let her chew on the bones she had hurled to the military goons and others, taking Fiji to where we are today – what goes around comes around.If she is a true defender of human rights, SHE should defy the public emergency decrees, and SPEAK OUT. As the great Burmese dissident and detainee of the brutal military junta in Burma, the fearless Aung San Suu Kyi once remarked: “Fear is not the natural state of civilized peoples.”
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Australian High Commission abandoned us says Justice Hickie - Fiji says, you didn’t qualify in the first place to sit on High Court
April 27, 2009
By islandboy57
The Australian, April 2008THE federal Government has been accused of ignoring concerns about the welfare of Australian expatriate judges in Fiji who were sacked by that country’s military Government.Sacked Fiji High Court judge Thomas Hickie, who returned to Australia on Friday, accused the Government of allowing its political stance against Fiji’s military-backed Government to cause “a lapse in its duty to Australian citizens”.He said the Australian embassy in Fiji was aware of concerns about the welfare of Australian judges, but took no action to check on the safety of most of them after President Josefa Iloilo sacked the judiciary and tore up the Constitution on April 10.“The Australian embassy never contacted us to check whether we were OK,” Mr Hickie said.“They might not have agreed with us being there, but they should have engaged with us.”Mr Hickie, who accepted judicial office in Fiji in March last year, said the embassy had long been against Australian lawyers taking judicial positions after Frank Bainimarama’s coup of December 2006.
Bloggers! Only last year Hickie was bashing his own Aussie Govt:Judges whinge over lack of invitesFiji Times, Thursday, December 11, 2008IGNORANCE of the role of judges has led the diplomatic and elite cocktail circuit to snub the bench, High Court judge Justice Thomas Hickie revealed.He further said overseas critics and non-government organisations were not paying enough attention to real issues facing the public like access to water and electricity yet had the gall to criticise the judiciary.He said it was it was unfortunate that NGOs in Fiji were not required, as in some other countries, to disclose their sources of income.“And there have been some strange things going on in Fiji and some of the funding as you can read in my judgment Heffernan v Byrne, May 2008,” Justice Hickie said while addressing the 14th annual prosecutors conference at Shangri La’s Fijian Resort and Spa in Cuvu, Sigatoka.“While there is no proper water or dreadful sanitary conditions in villages, we have some very political NGOs and overseas critics lecturing the judiciary. Oh, Please!” he remarked.“Meanwhile, we are getting on with it. To quote Sun Bear: ‘If your philosophy doesn’t grow corn, then I don’t want to hear it’,” Justice Hickie said.“This is when Fiji needs friends. It needs men and women prepared to step forward and work hard. Not drinking pina coladas by the poolside of some resort.“It is very easy to come and be a judge in the good times when the judiciary is the flavour of the month for the diplomatic and NGO set.”“Apparently it was invitations and functions nearly every other week pre-December 2006.“Since December 2006 it has been a total blackout,” he said.“And guess what? We couldn’t care less. We are not here for the parties.”Justice Hickie questioned whether the ongoing overseas criticisms were neo-colonialism in another form.“The judicial system has undergone three inspections but our critics want more? If they are going to lecture about the rule of law, what about res judicata?He said judges must remain independent of political conflicts and controversies and unlike the media, NGOs and various overseas bodies, they could not take a political position.“And if we want to talk about separation of powers, what about the law and order elections in Australia over the past two decades and the cap on personal injury cases?”
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Message to iliesa Duvuloco & others
April 27, 2009
By islandboy57
To Iliesa Duvuloco & others still, remember:
“I shall be honored to go to jail. Under a dictatorship, the detention cell is a place of honor,”….Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago (Philippines) May 2001

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