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Illegalties escalate in Fiji

Fiji youth group members still intimidated
April 21, 2009
By a YPCN member
The bullies from the military still continue to intimidate young people in this country from speaking their mind. Members of the Young Peoples Concerned Network have continuously been visited by the man in GREEN. Members of the network have either been visited by the military in the early hours of the morning, and have also had their cars windows smashed.
I mean seriously what do they want to achieve by doing that? If they think that they will break the spirit of the network to continue to work against a demonic and violent government than they have another thing coming.
We the Young Peoples Concerned Network will continue to lobby for a return to parliamentary democracy, and will not be wavered by the intimidating tactics by the BULLIES IN GREEN.
Read more about it here http://discombobulatedbubu.blogspot.com/2009/04/fiji-military-intimidates-peaceful.html
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Saying nothing is worse than not saying anything at all!
April 21, 2009
By radiolucas
I suspect that the point is that saying nothing is worse than not saying something that undermine’s Frank & Co’s propaganda - posting suggestions that Driti should do something may be helpful as it may force Frank & Co’s hand.
The alternative, do nothing, is worse. The longer Fiji is left in the hands of these cretins, the worse a mess they will make AND the more they will get used to being in a position of absolute power.
They need to be exorcised sooner, rather than later. People forget that Mugabe was a military hero before becoming a despot. The sad thing is that we may be headed down the same proverbial toilet with Frank & Co.
It makes you want to just leave the country and come back in ten years after he has died - but the damage he is causing and the fear that he will hurt people we love means that we can’t do that.
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Open letter to Pita Driti
April 21, 2009
Dear Pita,
This is the TIME to regain your self respect, to put the PAST behind you and to REDEEM yourself from the bonds of SLAVERY in which Frank has placed you.
You can REWRITE your blemished military and personal record by leading your men, as a TRUE MILITARY OFFICER would, against the tyrant who is fast losing his mind and losing his country.
REMEMBER - the Chinese don’t offer free lunches. We cannot afford to have Frank sell our homeland to anyone.
Tucake, Pita! Liutaki keitou! Nanuma na neitou vanua kei neitou kalou! Me KUDRU na vanua!
Kevaka e sega, keidaru na sota ga e na vanua ni gunu yaqona e na makete levu i Suva ni daru na yacova na yabaki 55!!!!
The Oracle
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The i-taukei should begin the insurrection
April 21, 2009
By The Oracle
It would indeed be counter productive to let Frank & Co continue without being challenged. Should we allow the new Legal Order to continue there is no gaurantee that Frank will not turn Fiji into his own private Kingdom with him as Overlord - the new GOD!!
Attempts were made to compromise. Political parties (the major ones at least) were willing to sit and talk with Frank to help force a new way forward. Frank, however, keeps changing his camouflage - so much so that it is now confusing his own support group - the Fiji military.
While calls have been made for Driti to step in, we must not forget that he was the mastermind behind the strong-arm tactics introduced immediately after the 2006 take-over. When a soldier flexes his muscles as Driti did then, it is usually indicative of shortcomings elsewhere whithin his physique. In Driti’s case it’s called courage — he doesn’t have the balls to go against Frank because he’s not sure of his own backing from the rank and file.
The only real way forward is for the -i-taukei to stand up and say enough is enough. Erect roadblocks, stage protest marches - even if it means skirmishes with the police/army, begin relating Frank’s treasonous acts to the multitudes - especially kai-vata/tau-vu in the military. The other races in Fiji can’t instigate these things because it would be used against them to fuel i-taukei anger. However, if the i-taukei began the insurrection, other races would join in because there will then be a common cause.
We cannot, to use Christopher Pryde’s words,”bury our heads in the sand” and try to block out all that’s happened since April 10, 2009. We need to move forward - all we need is a rallying point - someone or some people to take the lead. So long as the person is not associated in any way with the existing political parties.
As for appointments - all those who supported Frank since 2006 will get the nod again and yes, Anthony Gates will return as CJ and Shameem as a High Court judge. They might still have friends around, but they have no credibility among their peers and have no where else to go to pre-occupy themselves except to the posts they so freely accepted following December 2006.
Me yavala na vanua!!
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Security Council, UN rights experts urge restoration of constitutional law in Fiji
April 21, 2009
The Security Council and two human rights experts today joined Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other United Nations figures in voicing deep concern over the abrogation of Fiji’s constitution, the sacking of its judiciary and the imposition of press restrictions.
The South Pacific archipelago’s unelected executive fired the judges, set a longer time frame for parliamentary election and declared a public emergency on 10 April, following a court ruling that declared the interim leadership unconstitutional.
“It is a step backwards and needs restoration of the democracy process that Fiji has been undertaking, in cooperation with regional and international partners as well as the United Nations,” Ambassador Claude Heller of Mexico, which holds the April presidency of the Security Council, told the press this afternoon.
Supporting Mr. Ban’s approach to the matter, members of the Council expressed hope that Fiji will resume “steadfast” progress towards democracy and that fair elections will be held at the soonest possible time.
The island chain has suffered prolonged internal tensions between its indigenous Fijian and Indo-Fijian communities, and had four coups since 1987. Commodore Josaia V. Bainimarama, who serves as Prime Minister, came to power in a coup in December 2006, sparking criticism from the UN at the time.
Also today, the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Leandro Despouy, and the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Frank La Rue, strongly condemned the suspension of rights in Fiji.
They urged Fiji’s authorities to restore the rule of law by immediately reinstating the judiciary and ending the restrictions placed on the rights to freedom of expression and assembly.
“The respect of the independence of the judiciary and freedom of expression are fundamental pillars of the rule of law and democracy,” said the joint statement of the two experts, who report to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council in an independent and unpaid capacity.
“Judges play a fundamental role in protecting human rights during states of emergency. It is crucial that the judiciary is immediately re-established,” said Mr. Despouy, maintaining that such states of emergency must be strictly limited.
He added that there have been deportations of foreign journalists and arbitrary arrests of others, with yet others summoned by the Ministry of information and warned to restrict the content of their reporting. “Special Procedures of the United Nations Human Rights Council as well as other neutral international observers should be allowed to visit the country in order to ensure the respect of the human rights of the population.”
He has requested on several occasions that the Interim Government of Fiji allow him to undertake an official visit to the country, with no response as yet.
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We say, ‘Face it Pyrde, it’s a fact you gonna end up in a slummy Fijian prison farm’
April 21, 2009
‘Face it, it’s a fact’ Pryde
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 - adopted from Fijian Broadcasting Commission

People can bury their heads in the sand and wish that things were otherwise but the fact remains that the President has acted to abrogate the Constitution and establish a new legal order.That’s the word of re-appointed Solicitor General Christopher Pryde.
RFN says - Not so fast Pyrde! The show ain’t over yet until the fat lady sings. Don’t start discounting the power of the people. Those native Fijians can be bad mate - don’t forget them fallas used to roast and eat people (hint hint).
He says there is no getting away from that fact.
RFN says - You can say that again Pryde! And the fact of the matter is that the fact you referring to is not legit.Fullstop. The slammer becons for you bro!
Pryde says what is important now is for Fiji to be kept on track and assisted to a restoration of the rule of law.
RFN says - Oh yeah, Fiji will most definitely get back on track but only when thieves and lawbreakers like you Pryde are in your orange khaki prison uniform chowing down dhal soup with cockroach leg as flavor.
He adds the reappointment of people, including lawyers, to government positions and judges to the judiciary is an important part of that process without which, the road will be longer and rockier. RFN says - Hehehe, yep,yep,yep, the road is longer and rockier with all of you guys counting down to your life-long terms in Naboro jail. You’ve all just committed treason mate and you not gonna like the view from your cell.
The former New Zealand lawyer Christopher Pryde was re-appointed by the President - pursuant to the State Services Decree 2009.
RFN says - Oh sorry bro, we missed the party didn’t we? But then again, nah, we don’t wanna join you cause you people too high shot. We’ll stick to our grog bowl and mangoe skin yaar!
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Aiyaz Khaiyum wanna sell Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH)
April 21, 2009
By fijiinsider
Fiji Telco Giant ATHL, the holding company for Telecom Fiji, Vodafone and Connect Internet is tipped to be sold by the illegal new order by no other than Aiyaz Khaiyum to a UAE consortium.
ATHL represents 49.5% of the total market capitalisation on the local stock exchange.
Unconfirmed reports suggest that the government’s shareholding in the company will be acquired by an consortium at a heavily discounted price.
The off-market transfer is likely to occur as soon as the illegal regime appoints the rest of their line up.
Sources within the Board and Management have denied any knowledge of the sale.
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Tapped phones and e-mail intercepting order of the day in Fiji
April 21, 2009
Apparently, people in Fiji are still complaining about their phones being tapped and emails intercepted eventhough telecommmunication giants like Telecom Fiji and Vodafone continue to deny it.
Read it at http://fijitoday.wordpress.com
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A legal eagle’s thoughts on how to zero in on Fiji law bankruptcy
April 21, 2009
Thoroughly enjoy your blog about the situation in Fiji and the access for all to voice opinions in a free and democratic manner. My concern is regarding reverse propaganda. If you espouse to promote the support for return to democracy, would you mind if I asked you what that means to you? With respect, I also detest the manner in which the executive of Fiji has been hijacked however the return to the usual is counterproductive no? In that I mean, wasn’t it not long ago that Fiji welcomed the administration of the Commodore? Now when things aren’t going our way, we want another military chief to take over? D’Oh! This will not only create much of the same same but incremental in what will become sequels in the same movie scripts to follow Fiji forever. The dilemma is if General Pita comes into the picture, then the process starts again. How long do you think before he sees “corruption” and sets out to clean it out?Would it not be more productive for the parties, executive, judiciary, and parliamentarians to hold informal talks on how to return country to normality? We can see that this current line of action and reaction by Frank and co is not going to work in the short term. Frank needs to contact senior Australian barristers (i have some names) to discuss the next step. The NZers are hopeless and nothing more than money grubbing parasites. McCoy and his NZ mates are lightweights and not worth the money paid to them. The solicitor general is another Kiwi who is totally inexperienced and not very articulately smart. They would be the ones lobbying PM Key to send troops. I would arrest all of them and try them for unconscionable and misrepresentation of Fiji government. Before jailing them, I would ask they return their law degrees to the Weetbix box in which they got them from.We know now that Fiji needs Fijians to come together in unity to resolve this problem. Frank knows this but what he doesn’t know is – how to do it. If we continue to ridicule and write nasty things about him and others, this will only lead to defensive attitudes which could then lead to more serious acts of desperation by those in Frank’s company who are one sandwich short of a toolbox. I guess it is better than the Kiwi lawyers who are one QC short of a picnic basket.If Frank asked me for advice, I would tell him to implement the above asap. Then call me for further discussion. Of course, my invoice will follow but that the beauty of democracy…it relies on capitalism for survival.
Long live Fiji democracy.- Dr Mago
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Fiji’s new order judiciary and magistracy compromised
April 21, 2009
Without doubt, Fiji’s new order judiciary and magistracy is already compromised.
The fact that they have or will swear allegiance and give their oath to a man who claims to have annuled Fiji’s 1997 constitution is more than enough evidence to prove without doubt that these individuals don’t respect the rule of law they’re supposed to be representing.
So who exactly do these people think they are to dictate to the Fiji people how to suck their eggs when theirs is already proven to be a rotten one?
These members of the new order judiciary and magistracy should be very very careful.
The majority in that island state are not with them on their lawbreaking new order mission, therefore, they should be accepting to the fact that they’re inviting harm onto themselves and they must not complain but accept a bloody messy fate if it does come to that.
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Anthony Gates in Fiji - is he the new order CJ?
April 21, 2009
A source ( a very good buddy friend of the illegal CJ) who claimed met/had dinner with Anthony Gates last night wanted to confirm that Gates is in Fiji.
So will Gates take up his CJ job again?
It’s kinda looking more likely now.
Obviously, like Christopher Pryde and the rest of them, their profession is already smeared with poo following that Appeals court judgment ruling their appointment by Iloilo as illegal.
Now, they will be so consumed in trying to twink off their illegality, and what better way to do it then to recognize Iloilo’s efforts in trying to abrogate the 1997 constitution.
Yes fellas, the big wigged kahunas are beginning to unmask themselves now and they are wining and dining to map out the perfect plan in conning the Fijians into their bluff.
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Christopher Pryde defies all to take his treasonous oath
April 21, 2009
This Christchurch chap from New Zealand, Christopher Pryde, can be easily mistaken as one of those weird looking creatures in the film Lord of the Rings.
Most part of that film was shot at his Christchurch backyard anyway so Pryde can be excused for thinking that he is in that fantasy world while in juntawood.
This is the man who ran out of words when his counter argument for a stay order at the Qarase vs Frank & Co.s appeals court hearing was flung back at him by the three judges.
His face was red and his voice loud but shaky as he threw his weak trump card down.
Now that he is officially back with the new order crowd, one can easily predict what to expect from this clown Pryde - he will be back with a more vengeful and vindictive heart.
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Lautoka mill stops logging/sawmilling native logs
April 20, 2009
Designtech Sawmill situated at 40 Bouwalu St, Lautoka has yesterday halted all logging operation after their logging license was not renewed by NLTB.
The company has totally withdrawn from native logging and has given up after numerous requests it has been making to deaf ears in Government.
The American owner has expressed deep concerns saying it is time to wrap up his investments as the victimization by directives given by Alipate Qetaki the General Manager of NLTB is costing everyone losses.
The Government is in dire need of foreign revenue and the closure of the mills native logging operation means the market it was servicing for so long is now lost.
Fiji is losing foreign revenue and no one is there to help the dying timber industry for which only Alipate Qetaki is responsible and Government is not doing anything about it.
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Fiji Water lays off staff
April 20, 2009
More Fiji Water staff are being laid off as of today as things get worse in juntawood.
Here is a related prior posting we did in early March:
By Silwitness
Will the administration help the poor 120 people at the Fiji Water plant in Fiji who are losing their jobs? They’ve layed off a lot of their staff here in the states - seehttp://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/jan2009/db20090130_552851.htm?chan=rss_topDiscussed_ssi_5
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Aiyaz Khaiyum in deep shit at Suva Private Hospital
April 20, 2009
Well, well,well, the scheming, the conniving, the conning and the pressure of having to continue building his castle of lies has catapulted in a burnt-out Aiyaz Khaiyum.
We had earlier reported how his bodyguards have to play a dual role of being male nurses for Khaiyum after they reported having to run him to hospital every so often.
The guy suffers from very bad ulcer condition and with the mental pressure and fear that is upon him now, his health will surely be under so much stress.
We say, slowly slowly catching dah sick monkies!
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Hello are the judges and the CJ home?
April 20, 2009
Fiji’s upper judiciary is still empty as we blog.
Sources say there ain’t no sign of life at the big wigged kahunas hole.
Aiyaz Khaiyum is reported to be still in his scheming and decree-scribing marathon that runs late into the night with the occassional love chat breaks to his two birds in Nadi.
Judge Hickie and humpty dumpty Heffernan, the elections commissioner were spotted at the JJ’s on the Park chatting over some drinks some days ago, and we’re told just awhile ago that Hickie has now left Fiji back to Australia.
China-doll Jocelyn Scutt has not been seen mucking around in her stiletto today, probably satisfied with the dog-whistles she received from some neigbouring construction workers near her Duncan Road home yesterday.
As for Anthony Gates, his neigbours at Alladayce Road in Domain say only policemen guard his house with no sign of Gates since Easter Friday.
He is probably doing voluntary work in Sri Lanka like he used to do many moons ago.
But so far, our Fiji sources are jokingly saying that the CJ and the judges are still flipping their coins to decide whether to be conned by Aiyaz or lose their job for a little while.
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Ratu Bill tells Aust & NZ like it is
April 20, 2009
By Ratu Bill
This ( in response to China’s chequebook diplomacy) is what Aust and NZ and other “white man” countries should have thought of eons ago. They restrict access to their countries to us and deny us the opportunity to be seasonal workers. They treat us as if we were still living in the Colonial days. Now they jump up and down when China comes along trying to improve our lot with chequebook diplomacy. The way things stand at the moment for Fiji, beggars can’t be choosers. So if NZ and Aust can’t help the average citizen here improve their lot, we say bugger off boys! Any form of assistance right is welcome if it boosts our ailing economy, helps put food on the table, creates jobs etc., At the end of the day, the average joe is more concerned about his family’s welfare than the power struggle going on n the upper echelons of govt.
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China’s chequebook diplomacy in Fiji under fire - Sydney Morning Herald
April 20, 2009
China’s ‘chequebook diplomacy’ in Fiji under fire

Jonathan Pearlman Foreign Affairs Correspondent
April 21, 2009

AUSTRALIA has been pressing China to curb its support for Fiji over concerns that Beijing is propping up the military regime by supplying hundreds of millions of dollars in aid.
Diplomats in Canberra and Beijing are understood to have raised the situation in Fiji with Chinese officials. Officials are concerned that China’s support for Fiji is undermining efforts to put diplomatic and economic pressure on the regime.
China has become a big donor across the Pacific, mainly as part of its diplomatic offensive to prevent more states from recognising Taiwan as an independent state.
In defiance of calls to boycott the regime, China has boosted aid to Fiji since a coup by the military commander, Frank Bainimarama, which has crippled the economy and led to drastic falls in tourism and foreign investment. Australia and New Zealand have led regional efforts to pressure the regime to restore democracy, including imposing sanctions and travel bans and restricting aid.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has confirmed it has raised concerns with China after recent moves by the regime to extend its hold on power by dissolving the constitution, sacking senior public servants, declaring a 30-day state of emergency and censoring the media.

“Australia continues to encourage China to play a constructive role in the Pacific islands region, and is keeping China fully advised of our concerns about the very negative recent developments in Fiji,” a spokeswoman said. “Australia engages in regular dialogue with China, and other donors, in support of effective development co-ordination in the Pacific islands region.”
A Lowy Institute analyst, Fergus Hanson, said China’s “chequebook diplomacy” had resulted in a sevenfold increase in pledged aid to Fiji since the coup, from $US23 million in 2006 to $US160 million in 2007.
“The main reason for the aid is competition with Taiwan,” Mr Hanson said. “Efforts to undermine the regime are in turn being undermined by China’s efforts to support it. China makes the case that it gives the aid without strings attached and without regard to domestic politics - but by coming in quite dramatically with such a big aid program, it is playing politics.”
Australia and New Zealand have been leading a diplomatic push across the region to isolate Fiji by suspending it from the Commonwealth and the Pacific Islands Forum, which said this year the regime should prepare for elections by May 1.
The Government is understood to have written to the forum outlining its belief that Fiji should be suspended - a response to a letter by the forum chairman, Toke Talagi, requesting the views of regional leaders.
Commodore Bainimarama, who wants electoral changes that he believes will end discrimination against Fiji’s ethnic Indian minority, had said he would hold elections this year but has put back the deadline to 2014
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Our heroes - we salute these five for taking a principled stand!
April 20, 2009
These are the heroes and true champions of the new Fiji that will soon rise.
They are ladies and gentleman who we consider are still legal magistrates and have stuck to the premise that the Fiji’s 1997 consititution heart is still beating.
These are heroic citizens of Fiji who deserve all the praises for standing by their ethics and what their spirit-man is telling them is the truth, nothing but the truth.
We say, thank you to:
1. Shafiullah Khan2. Naomi Matanitobua3. Vani Ravono4. Laisa Laveti5. Josaia Waqavolavola
It won’t be long now folks when you will be back at the bench that you rightfully deserve.
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Pita Driti gains monumental public support to oust Frank and follow appeals court judgment
April 20, 2009
By helavaboy
For a true son of fiji Pita Driti should answer to the cries and sufferings of every fijian cause right now they need some stability

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