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Frank's Days Running Out

Warning letter sent to Frank today
April 14, 2009
We are told that a group of ex-military top brass sent a letter today telling Frank that he has come to the end of his dictatorial journey.It is reported that the letter was signed by all of them.Sources say that these ex-military people have challenged Frank to take them in if he wants to and that they were willing to die as real soldiers protecting the best interest of the people if it comes to that.They also stated that Frank has brought shame to the RFMF institution and Fiji as a nation and that he can not carry on the way he is.“Since you have chosen to live by the sword, you should be prepared to die by the sword”, the letter said.
Narube turn down Minister of Finance role
April 14, 2009
Latest from our Fiji sources is that Savenaca Narube, the ousted governor of Reserve Bank, was offered the role of Minister Finance by Frank but Narube turned it down.These sources say that an open invitation was then given to Narube to choose whichever ministerial portfolio he’d love to take up but Narube flatly refused saying that his principles does not allow him to swear allegiance to a military regime that not only usurped a democratically elected government but also abrogated Fiji’s constitution (not yet fellas and keep that registered in your brains).They say that it was because of Narube’s stubborness refusing Frank’s many carrots dangled before him that really pissed the coupster off, hence, his directive that Narube be sacked and to move out from the bank’s residential property in Tamavua. Great stuff Narube for sticking to your good principles!
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Another mayhem looms
April 14, 2009

Aiyaz Khaiyum is expected to announce his new line up of illegal judges and magistrates.
We don’t doubt at all that there are some men and women who honestly believe that Frank and Aiyaz will be able to pull this one through for donkeys years, hence, their unrelenting commitment to go with their flow.
That’s fine - this world is all about choices and it is only fair that they are allowed to exercise those personal choices.
But expect another pandemonium when these unlawful judges and magistrates take to the court houses.
We believe that a good number of lawyers and their well informed clients will not allow their cases to be heard by these bunch of lawbreakers.
And fair enough too.
So what then Khaiyum?
You obviously will have a clause forcing people to accept these false judges and magistrates or else face losing the case.
But that kind of approach Khaiyum will only birth a new kind of enemy for your fictitous state.
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Hypocritical Aiyaz Khaiyum and his exploitation of Fiji media before censorship
April 14, 2009
By islandboy57Bloggers! We have managed to get access to the private e-mails of that treasonous wannabe Attorney-General Khaiyum. So don’t panic! Like our moles in the FHRC got hold of her partner in crime Shaista, we can tell you that Khaiyum had used the media to attack the regime’s critics.From the private e-mails we can tell you that he had disclosed to Victor Lal that the Government had issued a directive that the law firms of Munro Leys and Howards were not to be given work by any Government department and or Government controlled entity.Victor Lal has confirmed to us that the e-mails to him from Khaiyum are authentic. “I know Munros is feeling the pinch as one of their partners wants to meet up with me when I get back to discuss the matter. The argument that their staff will lose jobs is superfluous because those persons will easily get snapped up by those firms which will now be given instructions,” Khaiyum wrote to Victor Lal from Hong Kong in an e-mail dated 11 June 2007.Khaiyum added: “It should also be noted that the hourly rates of good law firms in Australia, such as Minter Ellison which has done a lot of work in Fiji are most times cheaper than what is charged by Munros/Howards, in particular when Government and related entities are charged. Rather ironically Graham, I was told, was complaining to LawAsia Exco about the fact that Howards no longer gets Government contract while in the same breath he stated that he did not recognise it. The irony was not lost on some of the Exco members. ” Khaiyum had worked for Minter Ellison in Sydney some ten years ago.
So don’t despair bloggers! Victor Lal, please disclose to us what you have on these coupsters, so we can begin to prepare the cells in Naboro.
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Another reason why Narube was stood down
April 14, 2009
By islandboy57
We hear the goons wanted Narube to print money like the bankrupt Zimbabwe but the MAN stood up to them.
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The 3 appeals judges who ruled Frank’s military regime illegal said on their ABC radio interview yesterday that ex-Chief Justice, Anthony Gates, is a man of intergrity, honour, and without bias.
While we agree that Gates has those attributes which he succulently expressed during the ruling of the Chandrika Prasad case, the same couldn’t be said in his Qarase vs Iloilo Frank & Co. high court ruling legitimizing the usurpation of a democratically elected functioning government.
Something happened to Gates in the period after the Chandrika Prasad case and his high court ruling that just didn’t sit well with peoples spirit-man.
We accept that Gates is also an imperfect man just like the rest of us but given his position of authority, much was required off him that called for an extraordinary wisdom that went beyond the man-made constitution and rule of law that was there for him to base his judgments from.
He stuck to that principle in the Chandrika Prasad case which gave him much prominence and respect from all of us but as we had said, something twicked.
But having said all that, we still think that Anthony Gates did the right thing by stepping down as soon as his CJ oath to Iloilo was ruled illegal by the 3 appeals judges.
That decision to resign confirms that Gates has accepted the repercussion of his choices and if he has repented from that, sure we will forgive him.
But that again is all entirely up to him to reflect on.
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Aiyaz Khaiyum still weaving his dung yarn
April 14, 2009
One of Fiji’s most hated and targeted man, Aiyaz Khaiyum, is soo obsessed with his bull dung weaving that he continues to name-drop the people of Fiji as if they are mindless robotic machines wired up to accept all his deceitful lies.
Speaking to Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, he said, “The people of Fiji do not want to hold elections for the sake of holding elections to satisfy Australia and New Zealand, if the credibility of the elections are in doubt … Because [Fiji has] a commander of the military forces who is also a prime minister does not make it a military dictatorship.”
May we beg to differ Aiyaz.
We say, irrespective of which electoral reform you and Frank are claiming to be working on, only two possible outcomes are there for the two of you:
1. You will not see that day because of obvious reasons i.e you’ll either be in prison or 10 foot under.
2. The people of Fiji you referring to will vote in a political party you won’t like.
Therefore Aiyaz, it is not about the electoral system or anything else for that matter - all this is about you guys trying to dodge life behind bars.
That is as clear as daylight!
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Dear independent bloggers,
I wish you all the very best in continuing to spread news to the world of developments in Fiji. I hope that the sentiments below from the former Law Council of Australia President Mr W Ross Ray QC to the Fiji Law Society Annual Convention in July 2008 provide some inspiration and hope for you.
How prophetic those words seem now.
I particularly hope that his words provide inspiration and comfort to Mr Naidu and all members of the Fiji legal profession and judiciary, the international legal profession stands behind them.
I have attached a copy and link to the speech:
“Lawyers and Bar Associations cannot protect the Rule of Law through public advocacy alone.
Unless the Rule of Law is clearly enshrined in, and safeguarded by the law, society has no means under the law to seek to enforce the principles of equality and justice protected by the Rule of Law.
The role of lawyers is to promote and defend the law in order that that society is equipped with the laws – the tools – to maintain the Rule of Law as a foundation for a just and equitable society.
More succinctly and in the words of Marcus Tullius Cicero; whose words have been studied by advocates for over 2 000 years:“We are slaves of the law so that we may be able to be free.”
There can be – no – greater – purpose.”
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Edwin Nand expected to be released today
April 14, 2009
Fiji TV One journalist, who slept at the Suva Central Police Station cell for the 2nd night last night is expected to be released later today.
The brave Edwin Nand, who like some of his detained peers before him, is said to be ok and coping with the harsh environment he is in.
We can also report that Fiji TV external lawyers, Munroe Leys, were refused from seeing Edwin Nand yesterday, neither were his family members and friends.
The order remains that only the Fiji TV lawyer, Waqanita, be the only other person apart from the police officers, that Nand can have contact with.
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Somebody said ….
April 14, 2009
By somebody
Im not surprised Fiji is heading down the same slope as Zimbabwe now, A well proven track that unfortunately only impacts the people in the end
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We can’t help but continue to praise Dorsama Naidu for offering himself as the lamb on behalf of Fiji’s disjointed, self-serving and cowardly, back-stabbing Fiji Law Society lawyer members.
From the information we’ve gathered so far, we are told that the expected 100+ lawyers Naidu was relying on to show Fiji and the world that Fiji’s lawyers uphold the living 1996 constitution as supreme law, only about 20 lawyers in Suva and Nadi/Lautoka turned up.
The Suva gathering attracted lawyers like Imrana Tuisolia, Bose, Qionibaravi and a few others while the Lautoka one had Dorsami Naidu, Tupou Draunidalo and again, a few others.
We are proud though that these few brave lawyers stuck their necks out to the oath they had given and were not disillusioned by the lack of support from their peers.
When two or three stand in agreement on the upholding of Fiji’s supreme law, who can break their spirit?
Together with the likes of Graham Leung, Richard Naidu, and others, these selected few brave men and women knew they were up for possible arrest and possible torture but their spirit directed them to continue fighting for the truth -showing and telling it like it is without fear in a peaceful respectable manner.
And these few lawyers have created history today with their names remembered as those very few who stood up to make a difference for the future generation of Fiji.
Not even the full of excuses, politically biased, don’t rock the boat cowards but wait when all is set then start chasing after clients money again kinda lawyers, are the ones we have no time for - and Fiji has lots of them who fall under this category, unfortunately.
So where exactly were they when their source of professional identity, the judiciary and the legal fraternity, was being raped?
Where was the solidarity they were supposed to demonstrate as role models to the Fijian communities?
Didn’t Fiji get to where it is today because some legal fart warts (you know who) decided to twist and turn the interpretation of the constitution into some elusive fairy tale precepts that completely put Frank on a permanent dull-witted state of mind?
Now, Fiji and the world have witnessed first hand how much faith and trust they can put in their Fiji lawyers - not much really considering the lack of faith and trust these lawyers have for their own professional bible, the constitution, which they base their arguments and counter-arguments on all these friggin years, but something which they have found not worthy of protecting today.
Something is definetely wrong somewhere with these lawyers.
Perhaps it is indeed a good time for all Fiji lawyers to take time out for self-reflection to determine what exactly it is you guys are there for?
If your answer doesn’t have the constitution in it, then you are definitely in the wrong profession.

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