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Fiji Opposition to Illegal regime grows

NZ considers tougher sanctions on Fiji - SBS TV World News Australia
April 19, 2009
19 April 2009 03:53:05 PM Source: AAP

New Zealand is considering strengthening sanctions against Fiji but won’t impose tourism and trade restrictions, Foreign Minister Murray McCully says.

The situation in Fiji is “pretty bad”, and self-appointed prime minister Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama has effectively declared himself dictator for life, Mr McCully said on New Zealand’s TV One’s Q&A program.
“Sacking the judges, clamping down on personal freedoms, media freedoms, it doesn’t get much worse than that,” he said.
“That’s a traditional mould for a military dictator and it hasn’t had a happy ending anywhere in the world.”
Fiji’s President Ratu Iloilo scrapped Fiji’s constitution and fired the judiciary earlier this month after three Appeal Court judges ruled the military takeover in 2006 was illegal.
Cdre Bainimarama was reappointed prime minister and immediately issued decrees which included media censorship and immunity from prosecution for soldiers.
He says he won’t hold elections until reforms have been implemented to change the system, and the timeline has been extended to 2014.
The Pacific Island Forum, the Commonwealth and the European Union are urging Cdre Bainimarama to return Fiji to democratic rule but the military leader has so far ignored them.
Mr McCully said the situation should not be seen as a contest to make Fiji hold elections.
“We can’t make them have elections and we actually can’t stop them wrecking their economy either if that’s what they’re intent on doing, and that appears to be the case,” he said.
“What we can do is make it clear that the international community is there to lend a hand … they’re not ready to be helped at the moment, we’re just going to have to let them work it out.”
Mr McCully said there was more New Zealand could do in terms of sanctions, which were imposed by the previous Labour government soon after the bloodless coup.
“We’ll fine tune our sanctions regime as we talk to other countries,” he said.
“There are some things we could do, perhaps toughen up on the sanctions that target members of the regime or their families.”
He said restricting the freedom of New Zealanders to travel to or trade with Fiji would make the Government no better than the Fijian regime.
Mr McCully has previously said targeting Fiji’s tourism industry would hurt ordinary Fijians.
The sanctions that are in place affect travel to New Zealand, and transit through it, by members of the regime, its officials and their families.
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Baledrokadroka warns Frank his time is up
April 19, 2009

Last Updated: 3 hours 56 minutes ago
The Fiji community in Sydney has condemned the abrogration of Fiji’s constitution and launched an international campaign to restore democracy in their homeland.
A highly charged meeting of the Fiji community issued what it calls the Sydney Declaration condemning the abrogration of the 1997 constitution and calling on coup leader Frank Bainimarama to respect the Court of Appeal’s recommendation that a neutral government be appointed to take Fiji to immediate elections.
Fiji’s former Land Forces Commander Jone Baledrokadroka said the Bainimarama regime is illegal.
“We tell Bainimarama your day is up,” he said to applause. “The writing is on the wall.”
The former land forces chief said non-violent action and tougher sanctions are needed to bring the Fiji government to its knees.
The Sydney meeting endorsed a plan to set up an overseas movement for democracy.
The movement plans to establish branches in other Australian cities and in New Zealand, Britain and the United
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Sydney Fijians call for tougher sanctions - ABC Radio Australia news
April 19, 2009
Last Updated: 1 hour 50 minutes ago
Fijians living in Australia have called on the Federal Government to take tough action over the imposition of military rule in Fiji.
Fiji’s President Ratu Josefa Iloilo scrapped the constitution and sacked the judges last week and the country is now being run under emergency rule.
At a community meeting in Sydney last night, organisers say 200 people expressed their dismay at the political developments.
The meeting’s organiser Usaia Waqatairewa says the group resolved to lobby the Australian Government to do more.
“So the feeling and the emotion on the floor yesterday was that we have to do something we have to up the sanctions we have to hit them where it hurts most through financial means, through travel means, through travel bans - you know economic trade bans - no more smart bans - we have to give total sanctions,” he said.
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Aiyaz’s decree pushes Frank & Co’s term to 10 years
April 19, 2009
An interesting, detailed analysis on Aiyaz Khaiyum’s illegal state services decree right here
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UN supports raping of constitutional democracy in Fiji
April 19, 2009
By Hopefiji We say that the United Nations need to be disbanded and we would support a different international model that is NOT run by a bunch of hypocrites who use the UN to ply their little political games around the world. The UN has not served it’s purpose - contrary to upholding democracy, human rights the rule of law and freedom - it has become a playground for manipulative governments and idle brained pencil pushing self important civil servants, who squander millions of tax payers funds grandstanding. We say that yes….that Fiji can only be set free by her people from within, BUT we also say that to do that we must have a fighting chance to get there. We say that the reason that we have an entrenched military dictatorship is because the UN has consistently refused to help us weaken the military beast. We say that the UN have actively supported and strengthened the Fiji military beast and by extension its military regime. We say that the UN is the oxygen for baini and his dictator regime, and that the Richard Dictus the former UN Rep was a coup supporter and played a significant role in keeping the UN weak on Fiji…he was renting Gates home and he and his wife were close friends with key members of the regime. We say that the UN has failed the people of Fiji, and that when blood is shed, that this will be on heads of the UN We say that UN must act immediately to send Fijian soldiers and police officers home from any UN peacekeeping missions. We Say that we will not sleep, nor slumber and that we will relentless pursue the UN until they heed our cry. We say that we will expose the UN until it has no credibility left in the region. We Say, YES WE Will, YES WE CAN!!
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The judiciary under Adolf Sayed Khaiyum - Hitler re-visited
April 19, 2009
By islandboy57
On March 23, 1933, what has gone down in German history as the “Enabling Act” made Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany, freed of all legislative and constitutional constraints. One of the most dramatic consequences was in the judicial arena. Under the Weimar Constitution judges were independent, subject only to the law, protected from arbitrary removal and bound at least in theory by Article 109 to safeguard equality before the law.In fact, in the Reichstag terrorist case, while the court convicted van der Lubbe of the crime (who was executed), three other defendants, all communists, were acquitted, which infuriated Hitler and Goering. Within a month, the Nazis had transferred jurisdiction over treason cases from the Supreme Court to a new People’s Court, which, soon became the most dreaded tribunal in the land.It consisted of two professional judges and five others chosen from among party officials, the S.S. and the armed forces, thus giving the latter a majority vote. There was no appeal from its decisions or sentences and usually its sessions were held in camera. Occasionally, however, for propaganda purposes when relatively light sentences were to be given, the foreign correspondents were invited to attend.One of the Reichstag terrorist defendants, who had angered Goering during the trial with a severe cross-examination of Goering, did not benefit from his acquittal.The German communist leader was immediately taken into “protective custody,” where he remained until his death during the second war. In addition to the People’s Court, which handled treason cases, the Nazis also set up the Special Court, which handled cases of political crimes or “insidious attacks against the government.” These courts consisted of three judges, who invariably had to be trusted party members, without a jury.A Nazi prosecutor had the choice of bringing action in such cases before either an ordinary court or the Special Court, and invariably he chose the latter, for obvious reasons. Defense lawyers before this court, as before the Volksgerichtshof, had to be approved by Nazi officials. Sometimes even if they were approved they fared badly. Thus the lawyers who attempted to represent the widow of Dr. Klausener, the Catholic Action leader murdered in the Blood Purge, in her suit for damages against the State were whisked off to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where they were kept until they formally withdrew the action.Even lenient treatment by the Special Court was no guarantee for the defendant, however, as Pastor Martin Niemoeller discovered when he was acquitted of major political charges and sentenced to time served for minor charges. Leaving the courtroom, Niemoeller was taken into custody by the Gestapo and taken to a concentration camp. The Nazis also implemented a legal concept called Schutzhaft or “protective custody” which enabled them to arrest and incarcerate people without charging them with a crime.Protective custody did not protect a man from possible harm, as it did in more civilized countries. It punished him by putting him behind barbed wire.On August 2, 1934, the title of president was abolished. Hitler’s title became Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor. Not surprisingly, he used the initial four-year “temporary” grant of emergency powers that had been given to him by the Enabling Act to consolidate his omnipotent control over the entire country.So, the people of Fiji, WAKE UP to STOP Adolf Sayed-Khaiyum and all others running your life under comatose Iloilo.
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Power to the people
April 19, 2009
By ulukaukau
As Frank and his illegal regime lay their heads to rest after their Sunday feasting and wine drinking and as opportunist continue to connive, gloat and dream of their overnight fame, wealth and power, with their single malt and cigars, we ought to spare a thought for all our fellow citizens who are homeless, hungry, suffering terminal illness, unemployed/redundant, lonely, terrified and/or terrorized.
In the end, the delay in restoring the 1997 Constitution, democracy, the rule of law and the three pillars of our state via the Constitution and the judgment of our Court of Appeal has affected the most vulnerable and marginalized in our society, the poor. While the whole world is stimulating their economies, Frank & Co have effectively drowned ours in the Pacific Ocean.
The pretence of a ‘Clean Up’, the ‘Peoples Charter’, the ‘Electoral Reforms’ etc and the sabotage of our domestic financial system using the peoples money (FNPF, UTOF, FHL, HFC etc) to rotate via worthless Government Bonds issued by RBF to fund an illegal governments ad hoc policies administered by the Finance Ministry, is nothing short of scandalous. This is just history repeating itself, only with a bigger piggy bank than that of the Army Regimental Funds.
Prior to the Global Financial Crisis, Fiji was classified second last (the last being Zimbabwe) in a UN Economic Survey, this is shameful!! I am quite sure that rating has fallen to the bottom of the pit now (justified in the irony of RBFs Economic Indicator Charts on its website utilizing post crisis data).
With the shallowness of our domestic financial markets, the fragility of our international reserves, the tempering with our native lands (the last straw) and the impending sale of Fijian sovereignty to China/India for military ambitions/funding collateral respectively, is nothing more then a clear and present danger to the national security of our Pacific rim trading partners and for that matter, the Americas in our fragile multi-polar world.
The triads are as worse as the Taliban’s. There will be an increase in trans-national crimes on an unprecedented scale. This threat is exacerbated by the Al Qaeda elements who have shamelessly and contrary to their oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the rule of law usurped and abused that duty. All these elements indeed crystallize into the perfect storm.
For obvious reasons, it would be in the illegal Governments favor for civil unrest to unfold utilizing the flawed race card cum land grab citing that despicable thief Chaudary’s India connection.This would indeed justify the prolonging of martial law which is just what they want.
The way I see it, the Triads and al Qaeda, fueled the ambitions of a few failed manic bipolar Commanders (who were to be charged for treason/murder/embezzlement but for the 2006 coup), to pursue their own global political aims irrespective of the cost to the people of Fiji. As usual, the accompanying naïve opportunist jumped on board so that the ORDINARY FIJIAN will suffer.
The opportunity cost, in social terms, for this insanity and diversion of limited dwindling soon to be entirely evaporated resources, is the absolute failure of our public housing, social welfare, health care, education, public utilities and infrastructure, with the poorest and most isolated people being effectively forgotten.
A rich man does not need the government to provide any of these things, but a poor man relies solely on such services. Why are we waiting?
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If no man objects wrong and no man rebels wrong, those wrongs would last forever
April 19, 2009
By blood4dove
Victor Lal in his Guns in Lautoka-Silent Menace article said
“I am sure the same applies today – except it will be the native Fijians who will be repeating the above lines. And unlike the Indo-Fijians, the i-taukei through their kith and kin has access to the Fiji army’s armoury.
The Indo-Fijians and other disgruntled Fijians, or more precisely Kahan and a close circle of his ‘men’, proved how easy it was to get the arms – all that was needed was the will to overthrow an oppressive regime.The now abrogated 1997 Constitution averted a bloodbath in paradise.
I know that Pita is reading this.
“As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs, and if no man objected and no man rebelled, those wrongs would last forever.”
Those are the words of Clarence Darrow an American Lawyer, Speaker and Writer.
We are running out of time..stand up and be a man!!!Our forefathers shed blood in the solomon and Malaya, and Middle East for freedom..How can a un-qualified commodore going to change the way we see the Fiji Military Force??? I’m so ashamed that more half of the man in my extended family are in the army..
Just ignite the fire Pita..the people will stand beside you..
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Is Mr Qarase up to it?
April 19, 2009
By noblesavagelondoni
I am scratching my head to see what is particularly fabulous about Mr Firth’s disagreement with Mr Davis’ article.
Apart from the usual (and useless) academic rant about the death of democracy it fails to understand the basic thrust of Mr Davis’ cricism about the level of debate on this issue - such as the opinions expressed by Mr Firth. Fiji’s options are not between the evil military dictator and the good democrat Mr Qarase. Without repeating the observations Mr Davis makes about Mr Qarase’s democratic credentials, Mr Q is no democrat and so there is little point in clamouring for his return.
Fiji’s future lies in developing some democratic maturity so that bad/unpopular governments (inlcuding that of Mr Qarase) can be replaced without resort to the gun. That cannot be acheived by facilitating the return of the ghastly Qarase which any election today will guarantee.
Therein lies the immaturity of the current debate wot Mr Davis sort to highlight.
The rot ofcourse set in after the 1987 coup. Perhaps, looking at the thing practically, it does need a strong man with the right stated intentions to set Fiji on the right course (note nautical reference) - because Mr Qarase aint up to it.
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Australian Fijians aim at crippling Frank & Co.
April 19, 2009
By Solivakasama Worldwide Movement on
Congratuations to Sydney. They plan to demonstrate within two weeks and march through Sydney. Our reps reported back that the venue (last night’s Sydney meeting) was standing room only and had full TV coverage from SBS TV, ABC TV and TV One of New Zealand plus radio coverage from Radio Australia. Watch the evening news for full coverage today. ABC actually reported live from the venue yesterday and on reps said he received a text message while the meeting was on saying they could see him on TV in the evening news.
SVWM wish to clarify that while the ban on Air Pacific and blanket economic ban proposed here would probably cause the common people to suffer we need to realise here that we must knock out this regime very quickly and in order to do that we must cut off the means that ensure the continued survival of this illegal dictorship and the common people should be prepared to sacrifice short term for long term gains.
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Sydney Fiji Democracy & Freedom Movement meeting a success
April 19, 2009


Public Consultation Meeting at Yagoona, NSW, 2199 on Saturday the 18th of April 2009.

Resolution passed:

1. That a Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement be formed;

2. That a executive steering committee be formed consisting of a President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary;

3. That the President be Mr Usaia Peter Waqatairewa, the Secretary be *** and the Treasurer be *********;

4. That the executive prepare the registration and meet all other regulatory requirements of the Movement and Open a bank account;

5. That the volunteers that helped Usaia Waqatairewa organise the initial public consultation meeting be retained as steering committee members leading up to the inaugural Annual General Meeting and these include *********

6. That the movement adopt the draft Sydney Declaration for the Restoration of Democracy in Fiji;

7. That the movement move to establish chapters around the major centres of population concentration of Fiji’s People across Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America and the United Kingdom;

8. That the Steering Committee organise a public march and rally in Sydney as son as possible – within two weeks;

9. That the Movement pressure, lobby, demonstrate and apply other means of pressure at the Governments of Australian, New Zealand, and the International Community to:

9.1.1. Increase the level of Trade Sanctions against Fiji, no more smart sanction, apply a blanket ban;

9.1.2. Ban Air Pacific from flying into Australia and New Zealand to cut off the major tourist market from Fiji;

9.1.3. Ban sporting contacts with Fiji, especially the National Rugby team from all future overseas tours;

9.1.4. Ensure that the International Community especially the rest of the Pacific Forum Island Countries and the Republic of South Korea impose identical travel ban for members of the Interim Government and their families and those identified as sympathisers of the Interim Government and their families;

9.1.5. That the Pacific Islands Forum suspend Fiji at its annual leaders meeting in Cairns on the 4th to the 7th of August 2009;

9.1.6. Pressure the Australian Government to lobby the United Nations Secretary general to ban any further peace keeping missions for the Fiji Security Forces (Police and Military) and cancel the existing peace keeping missions. This is the height of hypocrisy where the same Military that has imposed itself as a dictatorship on the people of Fiji is also deployed in other trouble spots of the world to maintain the peace;

9.1.7. Lobby the Bar Associations to advise lawyers not to take up position and be contracted by Fiji’s military government; and

9.1.8. Lobby the Trade & Business Council of Australia - link business and trade interests to the need for having an elected government in place;

10. The Movement also plan to:

10.1.1. demonstrate in front of the Chinese and Indian Embassies in Canberra and highlight to the world their continued bank rolling of the Fiji Military Dictatorship;

10.1.2. Work towards establishing sister chapters around other State Capitals and other parts of regional Australia that have a high concentration of Fiji Islanders, and

10.1.3. Also form Chapters in New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom where there are now well established communities of Fiji islanders abroad that will fight this common cause of bringing an end to the tyranny of leadership gripping Fiji Today.
We are on the move again and all we can say to the tyrants governing Fiji Today, “sa mai yala eke”.
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Pita Driti please salvage the nation, Indians, Fijians and all
April 19, 2009
By Sambhukaka
Pita Driti - “Pita” in Hindi means “father”. Pita, please salvage the nation and Indians who might end up being slaughtered if this thing blows out into an iter-racial debacle. This “creating a race neutral” Fiji and the state the nation is in now could be seen by our Fijian brothers and sisters as an Indian doing. So, please use your powers of dialogue to alter the course.
Pita, now is your turn to play the “father” figure.
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Aiyaz Khaiyum’s rightful bench
April 19, 2009
By Korobaba
The “AG”….huh!! he has not even sat on any bench in a court that I know of. Speaking of benches, maybe the market bench is one place that he will shortly be going to “permanently”.
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Frank’s idealogy disastrous to Indo-Fijians
April 19, 2009
By Sambhukaka
Bainimarama’s actions, based upon his idealogy to make Fiji a race neutral place, can have disastrous effect on Indo-Fijians in that country. Why?
Well, with what is happenning in Fiji, the Fijians will be saying that all this is because of the Indos. In a way that hypothesis isn’t incorrect. What does this lead to? Well, it can lead to an inter-racial uprising and if that happens Fiji will be a sad state of affairs in the Pacific.
So, I urge all involved to think carefully and do the proper thing.
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Fiji ready to hear their mickey mouse judiciary line-up
April 19, 2009
Fiji’s illegitimate AG, Aiyaz Khaiyum, is mesmerized with his belief that the new Fiji sun rises and shines from his behind.
We’ve learnt that the guy has been stuck in his Suvavou House office this weekend making desperate phone calls to his friends from Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and the UK as he scrunges around looking for someone to say yes to his lucrative job offer in Fiji.
We doubt these professionals will consider going to Fiji only to become lean meat in that simmering coup/civil unrest hot pot.
So far, sitting members of the Fijian judiciary have refused to accept swearing an oath under Frank’s new order whipped up by his warped legal advicer, Khaiyum.
Khaiyum has promised the media that he’s gonna make it his business to get some people sworn in as members of the new order judiciary on Monday.
Colonel Aziz Mohammed has been confirmed as having accepted the position of a High Court judge, likewise, one Alofa Seruvate is ok to be re-appointed as a magistrate while Ana Rokomokoti, an ex-military lawyer, is the chief registrar and secretary to the new Judicial Service Commission.
But as far as Aiyaz is concerned, he is ready for another juntawood main feature show where he will pull out his mickey mouse judicial team from his hat tomorrow ready to take up their treasonous oath at that Nasese white house death chamber.
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Iloilo’s wife gives poison of death
April 19, 2009
Iloilo’s fixed-marriage wife, Kavu Seniloli, is said to be very much in the thick of things when it comes to influencing dumbwitted Iloilo to continue trashing Fiji’s rule of law.
Sources say that it is to the Taveuni villager Kavu’s best interest that her half-dead hubbie remain there at the Nasese white house and she’s gonna do everything it takes to keep her 90 years old bugger propped up.
It is understood that Kavu’s children from her previous marriage and their spouses together with their children now live at that palatial white house under Kavu’s insistence.
There were even rumours that Kavu and her hubbie’s permanent secretary, Paula Naceva, are still an item, but we will leave that one churning and processing in the rumour mill as we have not received any credible confirmation from any of our reliable sources.
Anyways, so here we have one Kavu from the whop whop, thrusted into the limelight after she agreed to marry Iloilo out of convenience, but instead of understanding her calling as someone like Queen Esther who was put in the palace for a defining purpose to save the Israelites, Kavu unfortunately has chosen to promote the minority few tyrants who have murdered, violated, oppressed and made life miserable for all the people in Fiji.
Kavu has failed in her role as someone who should have provided moral support with lots of wisdom to her husband.
She forgot why she was put there and instead, got carried away in the novelty of it all.
So how will the future generation remember Kavu?
We think no one will even remember who she was or which hole she crept out from.
She must be an embarrasement and an insult to law-abiding women and girls in Fiji.
Shame on you Kavu and prepare to go back to the whop whops where you truly belong.
More on Kavu here
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Pita Driti - the man who can avert bloodshed in paradise Fiji
April 19, 2009
By blood4dove
Thanks guys..I’ve been reading RAW Fiji NEWS closely ever since the good Friday coup..I believe the Future lies on the hand of Driti and his men. If you reading this Pita..the people of Fiji are relying on you.We are worried on how our children going to survive in this kinda situation.I will certainly told my children that i live at the time of Driti. The man who averted blood shed in paradise.Otherwise..too bad..the people of Fiji will stand up..ONE DAY..its in your hand..

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