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Fiji Military Regime Terrorising & Suppressing Citizens

We expect Digicel, the independently owned mobile phone company to offer alternative communication packages for the people of Fiji as FINTEL, Telecom, Vodafone, Connect companies who are partly or wholly owned by “government” faces censorship and possible black-out by the regime.
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Military at Vatuwaqa FINTEL station
April 14, 2009
We can report that the military are at the Vatuwaqa FINTEL station where the underground southern cross cable where connectivity and termination for Fiji to the globe all happens.
And insiders say there is a war of words going on between Frank’s regime and the UK based Cable and Wireless, the other 49% shareholder of FINTEL with the 51% owned by the people of Fiji via its government.
We can also report here that complaints have been sent directly to Vodafone head office in UK demanding that Fiji Vodafone customers have been compromised by their CEO and pro-coup Aslam Khan.
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Journos barred from government building
April 14, 2009
Sources say journalists were chased away from the vicinity of the Suva government buildings that houses the court rooms and the tyrant’s office.
They say that people there have resorted to their mobiles, videos and cameras to do the talking.
We expect some i-witness pictures to pop up on blogs and overseas media soon.
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Kudos to women’s crisis centre
April 14, 2009
Kudos to the brave members of the Women’s Crisis Centre who turned up to support lawyers peaceful protest earlier this morning.
We are told that the Edwina Kotoisuva led team were there at the Suva courthouse to show their support for the lawyers.
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A lull in Fiji
April 14, 2009
People our sources spoke to say there is a feeling of uneasiness and insecurity that seem to be gripping Fiji today.
Many people have given the sickie excuse not to turn up to work while some parents have kept their children from school today.
In capital Suva, they say that the atmosphere there is one that can be classified as “fearful” with a feeling that something bad is likely to happen.
There is a lull, which nature teaches us is a sign to prepare for the worse.
We think Iloilo Frank & Co. have over stretched their luck this time and shit will happen - that’s for sure!
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Kudos to all the lawyers and peoples who protested today
April 14, 2009
We want to say kudos to Imrana’s group of lawyers and friends who protested outside of Suva court house today.
We have been told that the military police are now after Imrana and her group.
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Isikeli Mataitoga scared to take up CJ’s position
April 14, 2009
Word from within is that the military regime is still without a Chief Justice.
The man they had earmarked to replace Anthony Gates, Judge Isikeli Mataitoga, is said to be petrified with the idea now.
He can see the treasonous life-time jail sentence tag dangling with the job offer.
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Military lawyers take treasonous oaths
April 14, 2009
All the military lawyers have been told to swear allegiance to the new illegal order.
And with that treasonous oath, they have been allocated key judicial positions in a desperate attempt to breath life into the military dictatorship so-called judiciary system.
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Frank orders to cut off all internet access
April 14, 2009
We have been advised that tyrant Frank has ordered FINTEL, Vodafone, Kidanet, Connect and other ISPs in Fiji to close their internet operations.
We are told that this advice was given to Frank by his vodafone advicer and vodafone CEO, Aslam Khan.
Aslam Khan is hubbie to that controversial Judge Shameem.
Aslam is a well known coup apologist who was appointed by the illegal regime to be one of their reps in the Air Pacific board of directors.
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Military police take over BP service stations
April 13, 2009
Military police personnel, some plain clothed and others in uniform, have moved into BP service stations under the guise that they are protecting it from possible civil unrest.
However, we can confirm that they have posted their people at the fuel pumps to provide them with fuel for their planned counter-attack against the impending civil disorder.
It is understood that the regime is already claiming ownership from the pending Sales & Purchase agreement that FHL has with BP South West Pacific.
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Sada Reddy takes over from Save Narube
April 13, 2009
Sada Reddy, RBF’s deputy governor has now taken over from Save Narube, whom we can confirm has been officially given his marching order by the military regime before being released awhile ago.
Reddy is a pro-regime man whom we had reported on many threads ago.
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Imrana Tuisolia leads lawyer protest
April 13, 2009
Latest from juntawood is that well known human rights defender, Imrana Tuisolia, led a group of lawyers this morning to boycott Iloilo and Frank’s illegal order to abrogate the 1997 constitution.
It is not clear how many attended but it is understood that there were a good number of lawyers who showed up to lend their support before returning to their offices.
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Suva city in a somber mood
April 13, 2009
Reports from Suva reveal that the capital city has started off very slowly today with some shops closed.
The most obvious office closure is Suva’s otherwise busy court house with not many activities happening at downtown Suva.
They say people are glued to their internet and radio australia FM92.7 to get their news updates.
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Court houses closed
April 13, 2009
All court houses across Fiji are reported closed.
The Suva court house is still heavily guarded by the military police.
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Plain clothed military police move into commercial banks
April 13, 2009
There are indications that all commercial banks will close following the coup at Reserve Bank of Fiji earlier today.
Our sources also report that plain clothed military police have entered all the main Suva branches of ANZ, Westpac and Colonial Bank to watch the activities at the banks.
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Respect democratic rule of law
April 13, 2009
By Rajnalu
It is interesting, when you reflect on Rabuka’s political life , he basically started out on an ‘indigenous only’ platform to usurp the democratic leadership back in 1987.
However, during the course of his political life, he began to preach an inclusive message moving away from the ‘indigenous only’ platform. All the key Indian leaders of that time, including some of the big-time Indian business corporate giants began to rally behind Rabuka. He became the ‘darling’ of some of the key elites.
Unfortunately for Rabuka and his SVT party, his move was cleverly interpreted or ‘mis-interpreted by the SDL (depending on what point of view you hold) as a sell-out. The result, of course revealed a terrible loss at the polls for Rabuka and SVT, that year.
Truth be told, these words, like “inclusive” or “exclusive” and what-nots, have become buzz words in the political arena in Fiji but it’s real meaning has been lost along the way.
The reality is that Indians and Fijians do get along well and live well together – way more than politicians and political parties across the board like to give it credit. Fiji in its own way has always been an inclusive society in our own definition of the word.
Now fast forward to the lead up to the 2006 coup and you see Bainimarama coming to the political fore-front with an inclusive message – this ‘inclusive’ message following the 2006 coup had many citizens in Fiji and abroad, coming out in support of this ‘new Fiji vision’ by Frank. He essentially became the ‘darling’ of the elite and ‘pronounced savior’ for those who disliked what SDL stood for!!
Everyone got all caught in the emotion of what this vision could represent for them. I believe this has caused many to put aside their moral principles for a dose of this emotional frenzy.
Of course, I cannot deny that there are many across all races of our community who feel justified by this coup to support Frank all the way.
There are some who have placed their trust on Frank’s shoulders to help restore their pride and integrity and whatever else they feel they lost way back in 1987 or 2000. They have been driven by emotion to stand for Frank and his lot.
This same emotion was evident with the Taukei movement in 1987 and I witnessed it at Parliament grounds during the Speight takeover. The events of 2006 up till now are no different. Whatever feelings people might hold as support for the 2006 coup and the 2009 abrogation, I do not believe it is a true representative of the feelings of the nation overall.
It only represents an emotive feeling but not their principles.
That is why I feel confident that the people of Fiji will put aside all emotion and dig deeper to rediscover their principles (if they feel they lost it) and stand up for their love of the law.
We can make the 1997 constitution work for us – we just have to give it the time it deserves. If it requires amendments, then do so – but in the setting of Parliament where it ought to be rightfully judged on its ability to serve the nation well.
In the spirit of Easter, let’s stand with the Fiji Law Society and help resurrect the 1997 Constitution by supporting our lawyers, our judges and the people appointed to uphold the law of the land for the benefit of the people.
The reality out there is many out there just want to live their lives in peace. They want just enjoy their time with family and friends. We all just want to work on our dreams and achieve our goals. Some of us might be poor for all our lives. Some however might make it rich. Some might have land, whereas some will never have land at all, some will have a house, some will rent for the rest of their lives, some will earn better than most, whilst others might not earn at all. Some will see the importance of voting; others will care not to, etc, etc.
All in all – our shared innermost desire is to live in peace and harmony where the democratic rule of law is respected.
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DPP boss Naigulevu under house arrest
April 13, 2009
Department of Publuc Prosecution, Mr Naigulevu, is also under house arrest.
Our sources confirmed just awhile ago that the military police moved in on him early this morning.
They say phone calls made to his house and his mobile were left unanswered.
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Filimoni Jitoko house arrest
April 13, 2009
We can confirm that Filimoni Jitoko is under house arrest since last night.
No persons are allowed into the property with the military police guarding the entrance and its vicinity.
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More on Fiji’s situation
April 13, 2009
By vorenibai
OVERSEAS journalists covering Fiji’s political crisis have been ordered out of the country as the military-led regime tightened its control on the beseiged news media, Pacnews reports.
ABC Television journalist and veteran Pacific commentator Sean Dorney, together with New Zealand’s TV 3 channel crew — reporter Sia Aston and cameraman Matt Smith — were taken in by the authorities in the capital at around midday today.
All three were called up by Ministry of Information officials and told to report to the Ministry headquarters.
When they did, they were told that Immigration officers would escort them to the Nadi International Airport for their flights home.
Australian and New Zealand High Commissions consular officers who were allowed to see Dorney, Aston and Smith said the three were fine and have been told that they would be driven to the airport on the island’s west coast.
Earlier, Dorney said that when he was summoned to the Information Ministry at around 10am today, he was told that the government was unhappy with his reporting of the political crisis.
He was also told he would have to be deported.
He was then allowed to return to his hotel to pack his belongings and wait for Immigration officials.
“At the hotel I received a call from the same ministry official who wanted to know whether I would agree to return home voluntarily,” said Dorney.
“But I told them that I was sent here to cover the event and I would not return voluntarily.”
At around 1.30pm just as Dorney sat down for lunch with some local colleagues at the hotel restaurant, he was again called to report to the Information Ministry.
When he did, his phones and hired vehicle key were seized and he was told to prepare to travel to Nadi.
An Australian High Commission consular officer later turned up at the ministry to deliver to Dorney his luggage including his television equipment.
Also this afternoon, authorities called in Fiji Sun’s publisher Peter Lomas and senior journalist Maika Bolatiki.
It is believed the meeting was to do with the newspaper’s front page story today in which Lomas announced that the paper would no longer publish political stories, be they favourable or not favourable to the new government.
In its page one story today, Lomas had said that in the current situation, journalists could not meet the Fiji Media Council’s code of ethics requirements.
“When it comes to reporting fairly on politics, journalists were severely restricted by the most recent directive from the government,” the Fiji Sun reported Lomas as saying.
Today, the Rupert Mudoch newspaper the Fiji Times removed the blanks from its pages to indicate stories that have been spiked by the government censors.
Newspaper publisher Anne Fussell, editor-in-chief Netani Rika and company lawyer Richard Naidu were summoned before Ministry of Information permanent secretary Major Neumi Leweni on Sunday to explain the blanks on their pages.
It now appears that like the Fiji Sun, the Fiji Times have also refused to publish any political stories.National television, Fiji One, has reportedly done the same.
Meanwhile, the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) has called on the new Fiji government to “leave the media alone to continue to perform its role of information dissemination to the people of Fiji and the region.”
PINA president Joseph Ealedona, of Papua New Guinea, says the actions are deplorable and an indication of a desperate regime that have no respect for the rule of law and democracy.
“While I am yet to get a full briefing from the PINA secretariat in Fiji, the news reports coming out of Fiji indicate heavy censorship of news in relation to the political development in the country,” said Ealedona in a statement.
“PINA calls on all rational thinking governments to put a stop to this blatant act of ignoring the norms of good governance and censoring of the media and to take immediate action to pull Fiji into line.
“PINA also calls on the interim government to immediately remove its security force presence in newsrooms and to stop its censoring of news items.
“The free and peace loving people of Fiji are being silenced by the barrel of the gun and by taking control of the news media and banning news on events taking place and against the regime shows a serious move on the part of the interim government to take back its people to the dark ages.” Pacnews Online, 14/04/09

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