Friday, April 03, 2009

Driti warns critics

Sai Comments:
- Every time Driti opens his mouth, one can just about see fire and brimstone of arrogance, that can only be borne by someone who is bereft of any understanding of the lunacy of his position, let alone in trying to warn others about criticising him or the position of his colleagues in the military. Does Driti not realise that the action of the military in overthrowing an elected and mandated government goes against all the accepted norms of self governance, where the citizens freely choose who their government should be? The problem is that Driti, Voreqe and others simply lack the courage to test their position or mandate with the people of Fiji to see if they ever could secure a decimal point levl of support. The word for them is that their time in prison draws ever closer as time goes by and as the people of Fiji continue to suffer under their misrule and arrogance. No wonder Driti is lashing out left, right and centre with threats jsut like a cornered rat.

Driti warns critics
By SAKIASI NAWAIKAMA - Friday, April 03, 2009

LAND Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti says entrepreneur and Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party member Mere Samisoni should stop her public outburst against the interim Government. Col Driti, in a statement released by the Ministry of Information, accused Mrs Samisoni as one of the prominent business people who supported rebels at the Parliament House in 2000.
Mrs Samisoni said she had explained her involvement to Col Driti when she was taken to the military camp for interrogation in 2006 which he accepted.
"They needed someone to take their food in because they could come out and they paid for it. I was trusted on both sides and was allowed in and out."
"When I was taken up in 2006 he (Col Driti) was happy with that and he accepted my position.
"I have a small family company and they would never allow money to be used in a coup."
Col Driti said Mrs Samisoni's plight for a quick return to democracy was utterly preposterous and hypocritical.
"Apparently personalities like her, in our society are the ones that we, the interim Government and the military, are up against since their civilian backed coup of May 2000.
"It should be made clear to everyone that the December 5, 2006 clean up campaign was a counter coup over which the same adversaries from 2000 were fighting us, and are still doing so, even up to the present.
"With that I reiterate, but this time more emphatically, that the SDL, NFP and certain NGOs must stop their negative or destructive criticisms about the interim Government."
Col Driti said they would be excluded from the political dialogue if they don't stop their criticism.

Shut up or you’ll get kicked out: Driti - 03/04/2009

With a week to go for the next political dialogue forum, the Military's Land Force Commander has sent out another warning to the SDL, NFP and certain NGO's that they will be kicked out of the forum.Colonel Pita Driti said he is taking this step because the attack against the military and the interim government is continuing.There is an audio file attached to this story.

Colonel Driti is now concerned about the SDL's Mere Samisoni, who he said is calling for democracy now although she supported the May 2000 coup.There is an audio file attached to this story. However businesswoman and SDL party’s Mere Samisoni said she is doing nothing wrong.There is an audio file attached to this story. Samisoni also stresses that she never supported the 2000 coup and never supplied food to the coup supporters in parliament. She said the food was only delivered to them which they bought.

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