Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stop criticisms - Driti

Sai Comment:
-Driti's statement must not be taken seriously as by his own words and the deeds of the RFMF in staging the 2006 coup has done more to tarnish the proud image and standing of the Fiji military than the criticisms of Qarase and the SDL party. Yet Driti is so clouded and distorted in his thinking that he does not even realise this. The place of the RFMF is now questionable due to the acts of Driti and others. Fiji must now downsize the military significantly and beef up the Police force as the main law and order institution. Fiji has no enemies to worry about being invaded-or is Driti thinking of an invasion by a flotilla of paddled canoes from neighbouring tuvalu and Kiribati as the Samoan PM suggested! Ridding the RFMF of people such as Driti, Voreqe, Leweni and others will be a good start as part of modernising it into a much much smaller and leaner ready reaction outfit than the current bloated, badly led and nakedly political outfit.
Stop criticisms - Driti
Publish date/time: 10/03/2009

The Land Force Commander of the RFMF Colonel Pita Driti has suggested to former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and SDL spokesperson Ted Young to refrain from criticizing the Fiji Military Force.

Colonel Driti said apart from the destructive and rather shallow criticisms, they must understand that the contribution of the RFMF to the nation in itself out weighs all of our contributions, including the SDL's.

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This comes after numerous calls by the SDL and other political parties for the RFMF to investigate certain allegations against members of the RFMF and in relation to the Army Commander's leave payout.

When contacted this afternoon, Qarase said he has not seen the statement and would rather not comment on it at this stage.


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