Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bose Ni Turaga

Unpublished letter to Fiji Times; December 2008

Dear Sir

Bose ni Turaga

The meeting this week of the Bose ni Turaga can only be regarded as an act of desperation by the interim regime.

For Bainimarama to bring the chiefs to his safe abode, look after them, and show them how snipers operate, in order to extract legitimacy for his misrule is nothing but stupidity in the extreme.

It is clear from those of us overseas and in Fiji that he is trying to implement a "divide and rule" approach to his regime.

I have one word for him and his cronies, especially those underqualified military personnell now in the Fiji civil service, such an approach often ends in disaster.

The choice for them is leave the running of the civil service to those trained and qualified for it. Otherwise, the pretense and intellectual ineptitude they bring will show up in the end.

Running a civil service is more than insisting on your own brand of twisted logic and philosophy. It takes more than being a military band sergeant like Leweni, or a disowned son of cakaudrove as the prison commisoner.

Fiji deserves better and only an elected government with a qualified and professional civil service can provide that.

Sai Lealea

Unpublished letter to Fiji Times; December 2008

Dear Sir

8 Rebel Cakaudrove Chiefs

The eight cakaudrove chiefs who went against the wishes of the Turaga Bale Tui Cakau not to attend the Bose ni Turaga should be ashamed of themselves.

In prechristian Fiji, they and their vassals would be destined for the lovo for disobeying their High Chief.

One good thing though is that the peolpe who they purport to represent now know their true colours as naked sympathisers of the regime that usurped a democratically elected government.

Cakaudrove people can now brand these eight chiefs with the disdain and contempt they deserve.

Proud people of Cakaudrove will make sure these renegade chiefs live to regret the slight they have committed on our courageous High Chief.

Sai Lealea

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