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Lying Fiji Oficials about Meeting with Samoa PM

Fiji caught lying about the neighbours
September 7, 2007
By Michael Field

Fiji’s military regime has been caught lying to the public over what its neighbours think of it.
The expose came from Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele who has taken exception to a military government press release from Suva. Coup apologists Ross Ligairi – now Fiji’s military appointed ambassador to the Pacific – and Jone Dakuvula are trekking around the region trying to win friends. In Apia they got an audience with Tuilaepa. Following the meeting they headed back to the bar and concocted a press statement in which they said Samoa was supporting Fiji.
In an extraordinary breech of diplomatic protocol the arrogant men even managed to put words into the Prime Minister’s mouth, having the Samoan leading saying “we will continue to assist as much as we can to further the dialogue process.”
He didn’t say that; Ligairi and Dakuvula made it up.
That is perhaps had enough; but when you represent a government that holds power by the gun, its not surprising.
But Diplomacy 101 would surely tell you that following any bilateral meeting a “joint” statement is made – if anything at all. Tuilaepa’s anger is visible in the typography of his own press statement; he had the word “not” underlined and in bold characters. He says that the discussions were confidential: “(Ligairi) knows very well the message that I asked him to reply back to the Interim Prime Minister. It was not what was reported in the Interim Government’s media release.
It is interesting to note also that Ligairi and Dakuvula managed to get their reference to the Samoan Prime Minister wrong; they referred to him by a minor matai title and not his major one. In fa'a Samoa that is about as insulting as it gets.
Both statements are below.

The Fiji statement
Samoan Prime Minister supports dialogue process
Nov 5, 2008, 17:14
The Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Western Samoa, Hon Tuila'epa, Sailele Malielegaoi is supportive of the political dialogue process as a way forward for Fiji. He also has committed Samoa’s assistance and support to the consensus building process.
“We will continue to assist as much as we can to further the dialogue process,” he said.
Prime Minister Malielegaoi made the comments after being briefed by Fiji’s Roving Ambassador and Special Envoy to the Pacific, H.E Ross Ligairi in Apia today, Wednesday 5/11.
He said that as a member of the Ministerial Contact Group, he was looking forward to further dialogue and discussions with Fiji.
“I’m looking forward also to the special session of the Forum to be held in PNG later this year,” he said. Hon Malielegaoi has faith in the regional process as a mechanism for resolving problems within the region. “Regional matters can be best resolved by member countries,” he said.
In his brief to the Prime Minister of Samoa, H.E Ross Ligairi said that the positive outcome of the political parties meeting with the Interim Prime Minister was important for Fiji as it strives for consensus building through dialogue. “We need understanding and support from all partners in the region and internationally to respond positively to this outcome and its subsequent processes culminating with the President’s Political Dialogue Forum (PPDF); and hopefully firm commitments on Fiji’s return to parliamentary rule,” he said.
H.E Ligairi also briefed the officials on the vision in the Peoples Charter as a considered way forward for Fiji and the processes undertaken so far including the level of public support.
H.E Ligairi is accompanied by Mr Jone Dakuvula from the Technical and Support Secretariat of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

The Samoa statement

Apia, SamoaTelephone : (685) 63222 ext 746, 747, 748, (685) 24799, (685) 26397Fax : (685) 26322 Email:
Press Release 06 November 2008
The Prime Minister of Samoa Hon. Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi has expressed disappointment with a press statement put out by Fiji’s Interim Government reporting on his meeting with Fiji’s special envoy Mr Ross Ligairi accompanied by an official of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

“The request of the Interim Government was for the special envoy to provide an update on recent political developments in Fiji and I accepted the visit on this basis. It is unacceptable that Fiji’s Interim Government has seen fit to put out a Media Statement that attributed views and even quoted what I was supposed to have said from a meeting that I considered to be confidential. The Special Envoy knows very well the message that I asked him to relay back to the Interim Prime Minister. It was not what was reported in the Interim Government’s media release.

I hope the special envoy has conveyed my message which out of normal respect between leaders of the Pacific is not to be conveyed through the media. I do however intend to personally inform the Interim Prime Minister when I next have an opportunity to meet him. I will also inform the other Pacific Leaders when we meet to discuss developments in Fiji”.

The Prime Minister said that the foregoing is a proper ‘quote’ from him and represents his views.

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