Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rewa wants PM to honour election promise

Rewa wants PM to honour election promise - 10/29/2008

A paramount chief says the province can only hope the results of the political forum dialogue will now take the country forward to a more stable future.
Rewa chief Ro Temumu Kepa yesterday said in reaction to the outcome of Monday’s meeting that the entire province wanted was for the interim government to take the country to election early next year.

“One of the avenues which would bring out political stability and an improvement in the ailing economy is if the elections is carried out as promised in the Tonga meeting by the interim Prime Minister,” Ro Temumu said.

W0hile she commended the initiative by the 14 political parties to engage in dialogue with the interim regime, Ro Temumu said people in villages could only hope for a bright future.

The paramount chief said once there was political stability then other national issues would fall into place like employment opportunities, better living standards, to name a few.

Ro Temumu said from a rural environment perspective they had made their views known that they wanted to support whatever the interim government was advocating to bring about a good future. However, the province still stands by its no support on the charter.

Ro Temumu said as long as the charter was administered by the current leadership, the province would not submit to it.

She added that it would have been different if the proposed charter was being pushed forward by a democratically elected government.

“All we want is for the interim government to uphold their promise to have the elections in March next year. This will also put a stop to sanctions imposed by neighbouring countries,” Ro Temumu added.

The Rewa chief is a member of the country’s largest indigenous political party, the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party.

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