Monday, October 13, 2008

Military boards vessel for Lau

Military boards vessel for Lau - 10/13/2008

Military officials travelled on board the MV Pulupaki to attend the 100th anniversary of the Ratu Finau Secondary School on the island of Lau.
Pulupaki operations manager Raivalita Uluilakeba confirmed this yesterday.
Since there was lack of shipping services provided to the Lau group for the past two months, the Lau Provincial Council Chairman, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara had brought in the MV Pulupaki from Tonga to assist passengers travelling to and fro Lau.
“Ratu Tevita was very concerned about the shipping services to and from the Lau Province.
“For the past two months people have been stranded on the islands because of this problem,” said Mr Uluilakeba. “So, Ratu Tevita has brought this boat from Tonga to assist and serve the people of Lau.
“The boat came into the port on Monday and this is the first trip it is making out of the port since it has come into the country.
“Ratu Tevita has shares in the boat company and I cannot mention the amount he has paid.”
He said Ratu Tevita had promised his people at the Lau Provincial meeting that he would improve shipping services for the Lau group.
He said this boat was a saviour and sign of hope for the many people who wanted to travel to Lau and the outer islands as many individuals were still stranded on the islands a result of the poor shipping services.
It is believed the military has hired the boat for the voyage.
The boat’s first stop over is at Moala Island and will then sail to Lakeba at 10pm t night.
The boat carries a maximum of 800 passengers and travels at 14 to 15 knots and will arrive at Narain Jetty at 6am on Thursday.
Travelling with military officials on the voyage is the Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration, Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

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