Friday, October 10, 2008

Fiji must return to democracy, says Goff

Fiji must return to democracy, says Goff - 10/10/2008

Fiji must return to democratic rule, says New Zealand Minister for Foreign Affairs Phil Goff.
Speaking to Radio Tarana following the constitutional judgment handed down yesterday, Mr Goff said "the government hasn't had a chance to consider the decision but it is fair to say that the weight of opinion right across the world, the forum, the commonwealth, the United Nations, India, the United States and the European Commission is that Fiji must move back to constitutional and democratic governance."

"We'll be working closely with the Fiji interim government in the Ministerial Contact Group visit in late November to press the press the Fijian interim government to that level," he said.

"We'd also like of course to have an all inclusive dialogue in Fiji between all sectors of Fijian society to try to arrive at a consensus for Fiji's future. I think that consensus is necessary if we are to avoid a coup mentality for the future of Fiji and if we are to get a constitutional arrangement that all sectors in Fiji feel comfortable with."

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