Monday, October 13, 2008

Call for early election

Call for early election
By DORINE NARAYAN - Monday, October 13, 2008

THE two national teachers' bodies, in reaction to Thursday's court ruling say the overthrow of any elected government cannot be accepted as correct.
Both the teachers unions would like to elections take place as soon as possible.
The High Court ruling was in favour of the interim regime.
It upheld the decisions made by the President after the December coup including granting of immunity to the interim Prime Minister and the soldiers involved in the overthrow of the Qarase government.
Fiji Teachers Union general secretary Agni Deo Singh they were not legal experts to comment on the judgment but they believe in democracy.
"Now that the court has ruled in favour of the interim Government, we believe we need to work together and must have elections as soon as possible. It would be better to work together as one nation," said Mr Singh.
Fijian Teachers Association general secretary Maika Namudu said it was unbelievable to his ears coming to know that coups can be legal.
Mr Namudu said it was a confusing situation.
"Lot of people including me are confused because it is unbelievable to know a coup can be legalised. It seems that now anyone here can go head and be responsible for a coup and then get away with it because it is legal," Mr Namudu said.
"What has happened is totally opposite to what the People's Charter are preaching about.
I don't think things will be bright in future for Fiji but I wish the interim regime all the best to make Fiji return to democracy," said Mr Namudu.

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