Monday, October 27, 2008

Adi Samanunu lauds political dialogue

Adi Samanunu lauds political dialogue - 27/10/2008
One of Fiji’s high ranking chiefs has labeled the interim Prime Minister’s invitation to dialogue with leaders of political parties “the best move by the interim Government since 5/12”.In a statement released today, Adi Samanunu Cakobau, a descendent of the powerful Cakobau dynasty, said Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama’s Leaders’ Dialogue “has come about through the power of prayers and fasting". "The Lord has given us an opening through the political forum and I urge all leaders to go with an open mind and engage in dialogue for the betterment of Fiji and all its people," she said. Adi Samanunu said that "We the Kai Viti are a distinct people whose culture, heritage and other resources are not protected anywhere else in the world – and needs to be protected in Fiji for our future generations”. “We live side-by-side with our fellow Indian, Part-European, European, Chinese, and Melanesian Fiji Islanders who have made Fiji their home. “As ‘i taukei ni vanua’, we the Fijian people must provide opportunities for our fellow Fiji Islanders to develop to their fullest potential. Ideally, our diverse society should be one where we preserve our cultural, social and religious identities." She added "I hope that out of this political dialogue, when Fiji returns to a democratic framework of governance, such opportunities can be shared and encouraged, to celebrate our diversity."She added that "Internationally, the idea of trying to remove all racial differences is considered outdated and backward. Instead cultural and ethnic diversity is now, and rightly so, celebrated and respected – whilst at the same time recognising the special place that the indigenous people occupy as affirmed by the United Nations approval of the Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous People in September, 2007”.Adi Samanunu concluded by "encouraging our people to undertake more prayers and fasting to ensure the dialogue is fruitful in returning Fiji to Parliamentary Democracy".

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