Wednesday, October 08, 2008

2006 coup case: Court has a verdict

2006 coup case: Court has a verdict - 08/10/2008

Seven months on, the much-awaited court ruling on the legality or otherwise of the 2006 coup will be delivered by the High Court tomorrow.Lawyers in the case were notified of the latest development this morning.Lead plaintiff, deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, who has consistently expressed concern at the “unnecessary delay” told Fijilive today that based on the precedent on the Chandrika Prasad case after the 2000 coup, he is expecting a ruling in their favour.Qarase and members of his multi-party Government have asked the court to make several declarations, including the legality or otherwise of his December 5, 2006 ousting by the military, and other ensuing events such as the appointment of the interim regime.It is understood that several legal actions, either before the court or yet to be filed, are waiting on the decision of the High Court tomorrow. “This is a very important case. All the peopled are waiting for it,” said Qarase.The three-member High Court judges, led by acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates, will deliver their ruling at 9.30am at the High Court in Suva.

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