Monday, September 29, 2008

Qarase expresses concern over delay of treason case

Qarase expresses concern over delay of treason case


Ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase has expressed serious concern about the extremely long delay in the delivery of the judgment in the High Court case - Laisenia Qarase & Others vs JV Bainimarama & Others.
The case refers to the military coup of December 5, 2006 and some of the key actions taken afterwards by the authorities.

The case had sought a number of declarations from the High Court, including a declaration that the military takeover of Government was illegal and that the appointment of the Interim regime was also illegal and that the SDL led government ousted on December 2006 was still the lawful government.

The High Court trial was completed about mid- March this year and more than six months have elapsed but no judgment has been delivered yet. In the similar case of Chandrika Prasad and others Vs the interim government of 2001 the court judgement was delivered about three weeks from the conclusion of the trial.

Mr Qarase said the very long delay was not only unreasonable but quite unjust.

“Jutsice delayed is justice denied, so the saying goes. The delay reflects badly on the efficiency of the judiciary. The delay is also adding to the perception that the interim government may be interfering in the independence of the judiciary on this and other high profile cases before the courts,” he said.

Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum had said as a former Prime Minister Mr Qarase should be well aware that the courts should not be interfered and that the matter was before the courts.

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