Monday, September 29, 2008

Election promise keep changing

Election promise keep changing


The decision on whether elections would be held next year has changed many times, says Fiji Island Council of Trade Union General Secretary Attar Singh.
Commenting on the statement that Fiji would not hold election in March next year, Mr Singh said, “Since May 2008 the rhetoric has changed numerous times clearly indicating that elections will not be held anytime soon. Even the proposed President’s Dialogue Forum for political leaders to find a way forward seems unlikely.”

He said despite the lack of support, the Charter public consultation programme has been extended to mid December this year.

“This is a blatant abuse of taxpayers funds given the two High Court rulings from Justice Gates in 2001 that an interim or caretaker administration cannot use public funds to carry out reform work,” he said. Parliamentary democracy, constitutional rule and cabinet government are the pillars of a free and just society. When democracy talks those in authority and mandated with governing the country have to listen other wise they are removed from power through the ballot box. That is how democracy works.”

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