Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Common name

Letter to Fiji Times Editor
- Laisa Vulakoro
Wainadoi, 19 August 2008
Common name
HAS anyone in the NCBBF ever consulted with the other races to determine if they want to be called Fijians?
Do the Rotumans want to be called Fijians?
I think before this aspect of the Charter is finalised, why not find out for sure just who actually wants to be called a Fijian.
I am an indigenous Fijian and am very proud of it. I am sure that all the other races that live in Fiji Indian, Chinese, European, Pacific Islander and all the various mixes are equally proud of their own identity.
So why the change.
We are all Fiji Islanders.
This so-called People's Charter seems to be anything but a document representing the views of the people.
The mere fact that there is passionate opposition to it means that it is not at all representative of the consensus of the people.
The points raised in it need to be discussed but anyone who speaks against it is subjected to intimidation and threats of police or military action.
This document speaks about unity, love, God and freedom of the people.
Let the people be heard, that is if you are really genuine in your objectives.

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