Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Common name for all

Common name for all
Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A COMMON name for all Fiji citizens will be included in the draft copy of the People's Charter, says National Council for Building a Better Fiji Technical and Support Secretariat head John Samy.

He said the common name (Fijian) was one of the recommendations by the national task team three that deals with social, cultural, identity and national building.

"As highlighted by Lorrine Tevi, there were a lot of recommendations made," he said.

"One of it was a need for a common name, which the council has agreed to and that will be included in the draft charter to be taken to the people."

Mr Samy said discussions on the draft copy of the People's Charter would begin today.

He said the national team met yesterday to go through the reports of the task teams.

"After coffee break (afternoon), they will receive the state of the nation and economy report," he said.

"Tomorrow (today), they will discuss it but before they break today they will get a copy of the draft charter and that will be discussed today."

Mr Samy said the draft copy of the charter would be based on the 12 most important issues.

"If you look at all the recommendations that came through the national task teams, we went through a process of getting people to say out of all of these recommendations what were the most important so we then grouped them by topics," he said.

"There were a series of consultations that have been going on for some time where people in different focus were going through this like a multi-voting exercise, through a process where there was a broad base conversion on what are the 12 most important things. The draft was written with that as a basis."

Mr Samy said 40 per cent of the council members were involved in the various focus group discussions in the preparations of the draft and a number of them worked on it.

"Those who were not involved in these retreats and focus groups who will be seeing it for the first time may have some comments to make so that will be discussed," he said.

"The secretariat has to be prepared for whatever comes through and so by the end of tomorrow (today) it will remain a draft when it is taken to the people of Fiji.

"On Wednesday we hope to give it to the media in the briefing then we have to put it together properly."

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