Thursday, August 07, 2008

Charter proposes common name

Charter proposes common name
Thursday, August 07, 2008

The draft charter proposes all citizens to be called Fijians
There is a lack of a common national identity and unity as citizens of Fiji according to the draft People's Charter released yesterday.
Beginning with colonial legacy of "divide and rule", and the institutionalisation of communal identities, people have tended to identify more strongly with their religions, ethnicity and by their various communities or provinces than by nationality.
Racially divisive leadership has contributed to the situation and Fiji is now a fractured and fragmented society.
"We have tended to focus on the differences that divide us rather than on our common shared values and interests.
"We must change for our common good, as one nation and as one people, through our shared vision and values for a common national destiny."
The name of our nation will be Fiji and all citizens will be called "Fijian" while the indigenous people i Taukei.
There will be interfaith dialogue and sharing of spiritualities and teaching of the vernacular languages (Vosa Vakaviti and Hindi) in schools to promote multicultural education.
The charter will phase out institutional names that denote racial affiliation.
A National Anthem will be in the three main languages and the flag ceremony to be observed in all schools and important State functions.
There will also be an elimination of racial categorisation in all government records and registers.

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