Saturday, July 19, 2008

Military Rotting the System in Fiji

Army officers paid outstanding leave
18 JULY 2008

The Fiji military has clarified that its officers now working in Government departments have been paid leave owed them including the army commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama who was paid $184, 740.Bainimarama has leave owed to him since 1978.Military Chief of Staff, Colonel Mohammed Aziz confirmed this to Fijilive saying it has been normal practice for staff of the Fiji military who have held positions in Government to be paid leave.“It is true that officers holding positions in Government were also paid the same benefits as the Commodore because they deserve it.”No names were confirmed but Colonel Aziz said that more than 20 officers currently serving in Government received similar treatment. “I don’t know what the fuss is all about because this has been a normal practice since 1978 and also applied to high ranking officers in the past,” he said referring to an article in a local daily today."This is a malicious act by certain media outlets to put the Commodore down.“It was a personal conversation between the reporter and I. I wasn’t expecting this to be publicised."Besides everyone is entitled to what he or she is owed and in this case the Commodore has every right to what is owed to him.”The report said the amount paid to the commander was reached after his basic salary of $263.77 was multiplied by 698 days.His service allowance came to $3832.02, duty allowance was $23,013.92, gratuity for a year was $24,069 and for another 10 months it was $20,057.50.

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