Monday, July 21, 2008

Koroi Idiotic comment touches nerve

Koroi comment touches nerve
Monday, July 21, 2008

THE Fiji Public Service Association says it was shocked at comments by the Labour party president that the civil service lacked culture of prudence.

FPSA general secretary Rajeshwar Singh said comments by FLP president Jokapeci Koroi were uncalled for. He said Ms Koroi did not know what she was talking about and that the FLP had lost the plot.

"She doesn't understand contracts and what she is talking about is totally unrelated to party issues," said Mr Singh.

"We are flabbergasted by the comments by Mrs Koroi. Workers of this country have been betrayed by the party that was formed by workers and her comments is heart-breaking.

"Mrs Koroi must realise that morale in the civil service is an all-time low because of the treatment dished out by the interim Government."

Mr Singh was reacting to comments by Ms Koroi that the civil service had become lazy and non responsive to the demands of the nation and needed a shake-up.

She said she agreed with the interim Government to cut the size of the civil service.

Ms Koroi had said that civil servants should be recruited on merit. We must set our target of reducing the civil service progressively so that it stands at 70 percent of its current levels in three years.

"I must further emphasize the need to have strict and clearly defined powers with respect to the employment of civil servants-all civil servants must be on three yearly renewable contracts with the right of the state to summarily terminate on grounds of indiscipline, theft, racial remarks and non performance."

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