Friday, July 11, 2008

Fiji Lawyers to take action against SG Pryde

Lawyers to take action against Pryde - 7/9/2008

The Fiji Law Society is considering taking further legal action on the decision by the High Court to allow Solicitor-General Christopher Pryde to practise law in Fiji.
Acting Chief Justice Anthony Gates had ruled in favour of Mr Pryde on Tuesday and admitted him to the Fiji bar despite the FLS’s continuous objections in the past few months.

Society president Isireli Fa said they were aware of the ruling by Justice Gates but they still maintained that his appointment was unconstitutional.

“This issue is still alive before the courts and the Fiji Law Society in the further action it is considering and other action that it has before the court will want this matter decided.

“Mr Pryde’s admission is not an indication that his appointment is constitutional. That issue is still alive and is yet to be decided by the courts.”

Mr Pryde, a New Zealander was appointed by the Judiciaries Service Commission on July 23, 2007 for a period of five years.

The delay of his admittance was a result of an objection from the FLS. However he had been granted temporary admission.

Mr Fa said Justice Gates had made his ruling on the matter that the objections raised by the society were unsustainable.

“The Fiji Law Society is considering further action through the courts on this matter," Mr Fa said.

On an order by Justice Gates that Mr Pryde’s admission is backdated to the date when he would have been admitted, Mr Fa only said “we have no view on this as we had objected to his admission.”

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