Sunday, July 27, 2008

Army support ‘key for Charter’

Army support ‘key for Charter’
27 JUL 2008

The National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) says eradicating Fiji’s so-called coup culture is a shared responsibility at national level.

But it believes one of the strengths of the proposed Peoples Charter is the fact that it has the support of the military.

NCBBF Technical and Support Services head John Samy says a key pillar of the charter process is human security, “a concept broader than the traditional hard security that the RFMF knows very well”.

Samy was responding to Fijilive queries, in particular whether the Peoples Charter process can end the country’s so-called coup culture.

“The Peoples Charter therefore will bring the RFMF closer to the people,” he said.

“It will mean the RFMF will be committed not to allow itself ever again to be used to enforce coups against elected governments.

“It should also be recognised that it is not only the RFMF that has been linked to or responsible for investigating and executing coups in Fiji since 1987.

“There are some people outside of RFMF who have played an active, even lead role, in executing coups.”

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