Sunday, June 08, 2008

SDL vows to retain policies

Sai's Comment:
- For the life of me I just can't fathom the absurdity and naivety by those labelling policies and programmes directed at indigenous Fijians as racist. NZ had long developed policies directed at "closing the gaps" and "reducing inequalities" between maori, pacific peoples and the rest of the population and this is consistent with the positive discrimination provisions of its human rights legislation. What is wrong with addressing such inequalities in Fiji where it exists for native Fijians AND where it can be demonstrated! I thought this was how the affirmative policies of the Qarase regime was designed and implemented. Ongoing review and monitoring would in turn ensure if it was meeting the intended needs. The key would be As long as the policies were directed at addressing "needs" and not merely responding to "rights" .
SDL vows to retain policies - 6/7/2008
A political party will introduce policies to ensure the interests of the indigenous people if it wins the March 2009 election.
The Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party said when it returned to power it would make sure that policies concerning matters close to the Fijian people’s hearts were put in place. But party national director Peceli Kinivuwai said this did not mean changes could not me made if some people felt there was a need to amend these policies.
“If someone comes up to us and tells us that our policies are racist or divisive only then can we consider adjusting it,” he said.
“We will ensure the interests of the indigenous people are protected and the interests of other ethnic groups in the country are equally protected.”

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