Friday, June 06, 2008

Overseas Trips

Overseas Trips
Letter to Fiji Times - 6 June 2008
IN the current struggle by some families to pay their childrens' bus fares, in order to send them to school, so they can get en education that will prepare them for a chance of a better future, Mrs Bainimarama had to waste taxpayers' money accompanying Mr Bainimarama and his entourage to Rome.
What exactly is Mrs Bainimarama's role in these trips that will bring our children any promise of hope and prosperity in their future, which has been jeopardised by Mr Bainimarama's selfish acts?
None whatsoever, except the fact that Mrs Bainimarama is now enjoying the "luxurious lifestyle" of galavanting the globe because her husband used his guns to grab power and the financial resources that should have been put to better use for our future generation.
How do you sleep at night knowing that some children can't go to school because their parents can't afford their bus fares but you spend thousands of taxpayers' dollars globe-trotting?
Shame on you, Mrs Bainimarama
Ulamila Wragg (Raratonga)
Naomi Roberts (Australia)
Vani Veikoso (Turkey)

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