Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Methodist Church calls for fast

Church calls for fast


The largest Christian denomination in the country yesterday called on its followers, as well as its international partners, to observe a month of fasting and prayer in July.
The month-long fast and prayers is for peace and an early return to democratic rule.

The Methodist Church also urged the interim government to ensure that election is held in March next year.

Social Services Department secretary and Methodist Church Think Tank leader Reverend Manasa Lasaro said it was essential the church played its part in taking the nation forward.

“For its part the church will ask its divisions Fiji-wide, as well as its international partners, for God’s guidance in giving the nation visionary, compassionate, God-fearing leaders,” he said.

He said the church was very concerned that since December 2006, there had been so much suffering; with rapid increases in the cost of living, stagnant wages and high unemployment.

“It is distressing that more than half of the nation now live below the poverty line,’’ he said.

“We plead with the leaders of the interim government and other political leaders to now get together and agree on a solution to take us forward.”

He said the church’s Standing Committee meeting last week had decided to adopt certain recommendations from its think tank.

“While these have reaffirmed the stance of the church to uphold the rule of law, the constitution, and an early return to elected democratic governance, there is need for healing and reconciliation,’’ he said.

“Therefore, the church will advocate the establishment of a truth and reconciliation commission after the general elections, towards national reconciliation, forgiveness, and the granting of amnesty in a legal, transparent manner.”

The committee also gave its full support to political dialogue outside the charter process between leaders of the interim government and other political leaders towards an early political settlement to the problems affecting our nation.

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