Monday, June 02, 2008

Judge silent over Europe trip

Judge silent over Europe trip
Last updated 6/2/2008

High court judge Justice Jocelyn Scutt said she would not talk to the media regarding her upcoming trip to London and Greece.
It is believed that she has been invited in her personal capacity and for her expertise in the field of women’s issues.
When approached by the Fiji Sun yesterday Justice Scutt said she would not make any comments to the media.
She has been invited to speak at the International Federation of Women against Fundamentalism and Inequality conference in London this month and at a conference in Athens which is organised by the Greek League of Women’s Rights on June 14.
Women’s organisations in the country are lobbying with their international partners to try and stop her from speaking at the meetings.
Pacific Centre for Public Integrity executive Angie Heffernan wrote to the respective organisations inviting Justice Scutt to try and get them to withdraw their invitations.
The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre said there were women in Fiji well-versed in development issues facing women who could have been invited to make the presentation.
Centre coordinator Shamima Ali said the judge did not have the mandate of the women in the country to speak on issues faced by them in an international arena.
Justice Scutt will speak on women’s issues in Fiji and Australia.
The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement said it was “inappropriate” for a person appointed by the interim government to go and speak on behalf of women.

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