Sunday, June 08, 2008

Crime Coordination Centre to Move Out of Fiji

Sai's Comment:
-Kinivuai is spot on about this move to relocate this office away from Suva. It is a sad commentary on the unstable situation in Fiji and no soothing comments from the interim regime will mask the impact. The office has been relocated because of the ongoing political instability and uncertainity resulting from the illegal takeover of democratically elected governments. Other regional institutions could also be relocated unless the illegal regime and all its hangers-on return Fiji immediately to democratic rule. Fiji's loss has become Samoa's gain. When will the illegal regime in Fiji wake up to the fast gathering dark clouds over Fiji's prospects and its peoples.

Crime Coordination Centre to Move Out of Fiji - 08/06/2008
The Pacific Transnational Crime Coordination Centre has decided to move out of Fiji after four years in the country because of its political uncertainty.ABC Radio reports that Assistant Commissioner with the Australian Federal Police, Tim Morris said its Board of Management decided it had to be moved because of the ongoing instability surrounding Fiji.When contacted today Fiji's Interim Defence Minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau only said that he is unaware of the move and will comment once he has been briefed.However, the SDL say this latest move does not augur well for Fiji's international relations and it is a great loss to Fiji.SDL National Director, Peceli Kinivuwai said this should be a lesson to be learnt for the Interim Government.The Transnational Crime Network coordinates the efforts of Pacific Island nations, in fighting crimes which affect all of them, including money laundering, human trafficking, drugs enforcement and customs law enforcement.The new centre has now been opened in Apia, Samoa.

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