Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SDL warns of poverty

SDL warns of poverty
27 MAY 2008 - www.fijilive.com

Fiji’s former ruling party has warned that the country could plunge further into a state of poverty if the interim Government continues to ignore the ever-increasing food and fuel prices.

SDL party leader Laisenia Qarase said Fiji needs to make crucial decisions by taking the country back to democracy as soon as possible before the situation turns ugly.

Qarase said government should now realize that running a country is not an easy task as they have done this illegally.

“You will not get the support of the people or the support of the international community if you do things illegally and they should realize now that whatever they have been trying to expose to the people has not materialized.”

He said the government should now take the country back to elections as people are beginning to suffer a great deal.

“It’s apparent that some major shops and factories have closed their doors because they feel that they are not safe in Fiji.”

“With the ever rising food and fuel prices, the interim government has done nothing to rectify this problem.”

“There are a lot of opportunities out there for them to take but they continue to ignore this.”

He said that this has direct impact on the ordinary citizens of the nation.

Meanwhile he has promised that the SDL party will rescue the nation from the brink of disaster if it wins the next elections in May next year.

During the party’s annual general assembly in Suva last week, Qarase promised that the party will do everything it can to salvage everything that was lost in the last three

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