Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reveal CRW killers, woman tells army

Last updated 5/26/2008

The military is withholding vital information to identify those involved in the killing of the four counter revolutionary warfare (CRW) soldiers in November 2000.
Ana Kalounivale wife of the late Selesitino Kalounivale, told the Fiji Sun, the information relayed in court during her compensation claim confirmed that her beloved husband died while in military custody.
She said in the court hearing last April before magistrate Ajmal Gulab Khan, it was confirmed that after a 30 minute briefing with the military Commander, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, Mr Kalounivale was taken to a local police station on the Commander's order. He was later taken from the station by four or five soldiers.
Witnesses who were working in a building next door told the court that they saw the soldiers and later heard Mr Kalounivale crying out for help as he was driven away in a military vehicle According to the judgment of Magistrate Khan, "He was on the floor of the van and bystanders could hear swearing, hitting with rifle butts and kicking at the back of the tray.
Mrs Kalounivale said the court was also told that her late husband was again taken to the hospital at about midnight dead for his body to be kept in the morgue.
She said if only the military could tell where her husband's body was taken from the camp and who handed the body to be taken to the hospital that would be enough to identify the culprits behind the killing.
The post mortem report confirmed Mr Kalounivale died from injuries sustained from the camp.
The cause of death revealed in court was found to be - "multiple blunt force injuries including head injuries with subdural haemorrhage."
Mrs Kalounivale said the missing information here was those involved in the brutal act that led to the death of her late husband.
Once that information was established, then the one that gave the order could be easily identified.
The mother of four said the military was not cooperative enough during the course of investigation and the missing links were hard to put together.
She said the investigation should be carried out independently and a court order must be issued to the military to fully cooperate.
Interim Minister for Defense Ratu Epeli Ganilau said he as unaware of the case but would call for an investigation if he received complaints from the families involved.
Mrs Kalounivale welcomed the statement and said she would personally ask for an audience with Ratu Epeli to give her version of the story about the cruel death of her late husband.
No comments could be obtained from the military.

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