Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Illegal PM wants SDL out of election

Illegal PM wants SDL out of election
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Sai Comment:
-Here we go again!! Voreqe shooting his mouth off without thinking. To even think what he and his cronies want to do is incredible yet we have come to expect from him as a confused, arrogant and unprincopled leader. When will Fiji be rid of him and his illegal regime?? It is he and the military that should be dealt to by a democratically elected government so not to interfere in the running of government ever in Fiji in the future. So roll on 2009 Elections please.

The ousted Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenivanua party will not be allowed to contest next year’s general election.Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday revealed in a radio interview that the interim government and military would do everything in its power to ensure that SDL does not contest the election.
He said the vision of the interim government and military on the People’s Charter were clear and that he maintained what he had said last week that the election would not take place if the people did not support the Charter.
Cdre Bainimarama said he had the feeling that ousted Prime Minister Laisesnia Qarase was poorly advised into thinking that he was still important.
He said people who rejected the charter should tell government what is wrong with the charter and citing the illegality of government was no use.
“We need to come together on the charter before elections can take place,” he said.
Cdre Bainimarama’s comments follow a resolution made by the SDL at its recent annual general meeting that the National Council for Building a Better Fiji has no authority under the constitution to undertake such work.
“And similarly its charter has no authority to bind future governments elected by the people with their mandate to govern in accordance with Fiji constitution,” the party stated.
The SDL also stated that in light of its illegality, its overwhelming rejection by the majority of the people of Fiji and its expensive operation including its technical support unit and consultants that the council be immediately dismantled and its resources be re-directed to other pressing priorities.
The SDL is also concerned with the assault on the Great Council of Chiefs by the interim administration as reflected in the recent changes made to the GCC’s regulations as gazetted recently.

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