Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FICAC Under Attack

FICAC brands Chaudhry arrogant
Last updated 5/27/2008

Sai Comment:
-FICAC is merely sowing what is sowed. It was ilegally established and it is no wonder it's mandate and worth is now being questioned. The only irony in Rajend's current scrap with FICAC is the fact that he and his father are known supporters of the current illegal regime that established it!!!

It is arrogant of Rajendra Chaudary to call for the scrapping of the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.
FICAC spokeswoman Maraia Vavaitamana said Mr Chaudary was arrogant and his comments are questionable as he had been praising the commission last year.
“Rajendra Chaudhry’s comments are not only arrogant in nature but are also questionable as it was only last year that he was full of praise for the very institution that he is now trying to ridicule,” she said.
“It was expected that Rajendra Chaudhry was going to launch a media circus to try and justify why FICAC should be scrapped.”
Ms Vavaitamana said Mr Chaudary was entitled to his opinions but he had targeted and attacked individuals in FICAC and this showed a lack of ethics and professionalism in his attitude.
“FICAC respects media freedom and believes that Rajendra Chaudhry is entitled to making his opinions heard through any form of media,’’ she said.
“However, when Rajendra Chaudhry begins to target and attack individuals in FICAC, he appears to be on a downward spiral in terms of ethics and professionalism.”
She said FICAC was mandated to fight corruption and people should try and support it in its genuine efforts to fight corruption.
Ms Vavaitamana said FICAC had received more then 3000 complaints since it started its work 14 months ago and this showed that people in Fiji has confidence in the commission.

I’m an Adult: Rajendra Chaudhry - www.fijivillage.com
Suva Lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry said he does not need to speak to his family before making public statements as he is an adult and he has his rights under the Constitution to express his opinions.

Chaudhry while commenting on Interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama's call this morning for Chaudhry to discuss the issues first with his family Chaudhry said that he is a taxpayer and quite capable of making statements before discussing it with his family.

Chaudhry is now saying it is inappropriate for Commodore Bainimarama to comment on FICAC and protect the Interim Attorney General.

After calls by Chaudhry to scrap FICAC, Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama said earlier today he was concerned at Chaudhry's criticism of FICAC.

While, speaking in Fijian, Bainimarama said it is better for Rajendra Chaudhry to discuss the issues first with his family.

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