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Letter to Fiji Times - 1 Feb 2008

Chaudhry's influence

It seems every Cabinet decision is influenced by Mahendra Chaudhry.

It is a sad day for the indigenous race. Bainimarama will regret what he has done. The tagi ni vanua will bite him slowly. Bainimarama must know that Fijian souls are crying and dying in villages.

Their silence will bring suffering to Bainimarama and his kawa.

Maika Moroca, secretary of the FLPs Fijian wing is quiet. Maybe he feels the problem with the FLP-army-led government.

We read that Ratu Enele Tabuwaitui replaced Mr Moroca, so Mr Moroca will probably spend time with the Qaranivalu because he is the qase ni vale.

The proposed land issue will be Bainimaramas downfall and I wont be surprised that Fijians in the FLP will withdraw their support.

Time will tell who will win the 2009 election.

Ratu Emosi
Tailevu North

Transparent corruption

HOW many groups, committees or teams do we need to lift the country out of the abyss of human-made and natural disasters we have suffered since December 5, 2006?

We have a government with 12 ministers and 19 permanent secretaries.

We have 17 government departments with their structural objectives and mission led by a director such as the Department of Land and Surveys.

Then there is the NCBBF and the National Task Team and three working groups which will help the team.

According to the media, one working group will address priority topics in the area of growing the economy and also focus on clarifying the roles of government, private sector and civil society in their effort to achieve stronger economic growth, greater equity and sustainability.

One group will focus on developing the financial sector and the third will focus on the development of resource-based sectors.

How will the groups produce anything effective and worthwhile for the country?

Dont we have government ministers and their PS and directors doing their job?

As we mentioned, the financial resources and effort put into these committees, groups and teams is a waste of financial resources.

For Bainimarama and his administration to say that the last democratic government practised corrupt practices which bled the country of its finance, we wonder where the money is coming from to pay for people in the committees to achieve their work?

The woes of human-made and natural disasters are on us and citizens will need government financial assistance.

Are they getting it? Will they receive it? It remains to be seen.

This is not about moving forward any more, it is about getting our priorities right and it means one thing get the democratic process moving now.

Commit yourself to the election process and you will be surprised how much support you will receive from people as opposed to lack of it for the charter.

At the moment, the word being thrown around is looking more like transparent corruption and we are sick of it.

Naomi Roberts Ragogo
Ulamila Wragg

Free society

ROSALIND Pratt (FT 30/1) claimed we are transitting from a truly free society to a half-pie truly free society.

This is a gross misconception on her part about Fijis democracy.

Very briefly, the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and his Alliance Party ruled for more than two decades after Independence because their manifesto looked after all races in Fiji or, as Ms Pratt referred to, this multiracial paradise.

Sitiveni Rabukas coup in 1987, as Ms Pratt rightly puts it, was about the defence of a system of traditional authority that was believed to define the Taukei (indigenous people).

Simply put, it thwarted the efforts of the Alliance party, divided the two major races and conceived into the political front what we refer to today as raced-based politics.

Mahendra Chaudhry and his Labour coalition government came into power in 1999 and was ousted prematurely because the two major races were poles apart and political parties continued to aggravate the race problem.

Laisenia Qarase was called in after the 2000 coup as interim PM on the understanding that he would get the two major races together.

He convinced those who chose him, formed the SDL party, won the election, turned around and went against those who chose him. Mr Qarases manifesto worsened the situation in trying to get to a truly free society.

Ms Pratt went on to say that it did not make sense to me. If it is not broken, do not fix it. I say to Ms Pratt that it is hard for her to feel what is happening in Fiji if she is barking from the Land Down Under.

Ms Pratt and others like her, who are interested in the political affairs of the country from abroad, continue to insist that as long as Fiji is under the democratic process, they are happy. Nonsense! You owe all the races who decide to remain in Fiji an apology.

We, who are feeling the heat in Fiji, need Fiji to change into a country where all races live in harmony and work together for her betterment. We can only do that if non-racist people are elected into Cabinet and government systems tighten-up to avoid corrupt practices.

Isireli Tawake

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