Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fiji Judiciary is Illegal

Sai's Comment:
A sad but accurate statement on the current state of the Fiji Judiciary. Tui Savu's observation is widely shared in Fiji and beyond.

Which is Witch

The recent appointees of Justices Nazhat Shameem; Jocelyn Scutt; John Byrne; Daniel Gounder; Davendra Pathik & Daniel Gounder to the Fiji Court of Appeal makes a mockery of the independence of the judiciary in Fiji.

Justice Byrne’s comments that ‘for the first time in Fiji’s history, this court begins to look represented. For this session and at least the April session, the court will consist only of puisne judges of the High Court’ is highly commendable, but does he and/or his fellow appointees truly expect the majority of Fijians and the world to accept their appointments are indeed legal and lawful?

If so, then dream on…..

Tui Savu.

Townsville. QLD.

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