Sunday, January 13, 2008

Military council

Tui Savu,
Solomon Islands



Lieutenant Colonel Aziz’s comment that the military council will closely monitor the performance of Fiji’s new interim cabinet ministers and raise their concerns with Bainimarama shows the high level of paranoia within the council.

One would have thought the military council would have carried out all necessary checks before recommending them to Bainimarama in the first place?

However, it seems that all those necessary checks are still not sufficient and continual monitoring will be required for the duration of their interim term.

But those continuing interim ministers, deducing from Lt. Col Aziz’s statement are performing according to their expectations.

Would the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent military council, through their spokesman strategic, Lt Col Aziz please expose the truth to the people of Fiji, which minister was implicated in Victor Lal’s article in the Daily Post for tax evasion?

It’s one thing for Lt Col Aziz to say the military council was looking at ways to stop ‘corrupt individuals’ from standing in the elections, but quite another thing to condone ‘corrupt individuals’ from participating or worse still from continuing as a current interim Cabinet minister.

The military council supports Bainimarama that there will be no elections until the People’s Charter has been adopted.

The Charter according to Bainimarama will stop people like Qarase from lying to the people of Fiji in the future.

Would the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent Military Council, through Lt Col Aziz give an unconditional undertaking to the people of Fiji that the interim cabinet and Bainimarama throughout the previous 12 months have not lied once to the people of Fiji?

Furthermore, what is on many peoples mind, would the military council, through its spokesman strategic Lt Col Aziz reveal the true identities of the composition of the Military Council?

If not, then what are they scared of? This military council which does not have the mandate of the people of Fiji, yet it freely dictates to the people what they can and cannot do, surely cannot be afraid of public scrutiny?

If the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent military council, through their spokesman strategic, Lt Col Aziz will not or cannot honestly answer the three simple questions I have posed above, then it is incompetent and should refrain forthwith from trying to impose high moral standards for the rest of Fiji, which they, the Military Council cannot attain for themselves.

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