Friday, December 07, 2007

Coup Untruths

Letter to Editor - 6 Dec 2007, Sir Timoci Tuivaga.

I would earnestly ask Rosalind Pratt, when writing about the grave national crisis in Fiji during May, June 2000, to refrain from rehashing the truths of what actually transpired (FT 1/12).

The records show clearly that the military acted unilaterally of their own volition to abrogate the 1997 Constitution.

No one in the judiciary had any part in it whatsoever.

The difficulty that faced Rosalind is that she relied too much on hearsay information.

As every lawyer knows such reliance is more often than not quite untrustworthy.

Her assertion implicating the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara in the abrogation of the Constitution is most unfortunate because of its blatant inaccuracy.

One must of necessity ask how could she allow her imagination to run wild on such an important matter.

The rest of Rosalind's commentary concerning myself and two other judges was so skewed as to raise the question of her bona fide in levelling criticisms against us.

It is so easy for her to comment on events in whatever way she likes several years afterwards, that is, after the revolutionary dangers and turmoil to which the country was held to ransom had long passed.

Speaking for myself, I believe my role was pivotal in helping the country return to normalcy during one of the darkest periods in Fiji's history.

To those who are unaware of the true situation, may I say once more that in those dark days of our history when the country was on the verge of chaos and anarchy I acted on the premise that regard for the public welfare is the highest law.

Sir Timoci Tuivaga

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