Monday, October 08, 2007

Prophecy for Fiji


Prophecy for Fiji given by Ropate Kuruduadua, Kinoya

I am of the view that prophecy is still to come and that before the joy, we are all going through a mourning process.....a time of despair and goref, of helplessness and weakness because our national rights have been violeated, our freedoms violated, our democratically elected government violated. But the Holy Book does say that JOY always comes in the MORNING!
That morning is yet in the horizon.....

"There will be great great joy
Never has happened in Fiji before
people will be rebaptised Dancing in the spirit, over & over joyed
People will dance in the spirit with unspeakble joy
Healing & reconciliation
Hugs of joy....never has happened in Fiji before
And there will never be anything like it again in the future
This will be a climax of joy
Joy of the whole nation
Whole nation of belivers
Brokeness in spirit and soul will be healed
People will just flow in the spirit
Days and days of unspeakable joy
Reconciliation of clans, households families
Never has there been anything like it before in the entire history
Men and women will jump and shout for joy....
Just sheer joy, joy of release
Joy of salvation, joy of liberation
God was indeed with them all the time
God saw them, saw their cry, their tears
He thought of them, he remembered them.
Hencame on the scene for them
To show them that He wants them to know Him
To be happy, to have fullness of joy
To know the truth
To know His name
To be Born Again
To depart from foolishness, from fear
To know that they are loved
To know the truth , to obey , to be blessed
For their God to be honoured
That people may know, that Jehovah he is God
That Jehovah came, that Jesus came
He that was and is will be
The Lord Jesus Christ
The Alpha, the Omega
The beginning and the end
The all in all, The Lord Jesus Christ
The Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
The Lord of all, The Lord of Lords, The Lord Jesus
Praise be to His name! Praise be to His name!

Forever, forever, forever, Amen and Amen!

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